Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Battle report Blood Angels vs Eldar

Ok, Eldar vs Blood Angels

I was trying the newest incarnation of my list.

Honor Guard with 2 powers, and chapter banner

5 man assault squad with power
10 man tactical with flamer and lascannon

5 man vet assault with 3 powers

5 death company with jumppacks

2 Furioso dreads in drop pods!!
1 was death company


Devestator with Las, Plas x2 and bolter

My opponent had 3 squads of clowns, 3 squads of pathfinders and Eldrad, oh and 3 wraithlords each with Brightlance and Missle launcher.

We deployed as in the pic. I placed my devs right in the mid first, and he stacked the left side opposite. I didnt worry about his deployment cause i knew he would just move them with Eldrad. I put my Vindi on the left behind a building and split my tac squad into 2 combat squads. The las cannon was on the left supported by the vets and the HG with Dante. The other Combat Squad was behind the Devs and so was the Assault squad. The Dreads came down in pods. I knew assaulting was stupid cause he had decked out harlies with kisses. Sooo, i figured I would try to force him to run into my gunfire and maybe get a squad into his snipers.

Mission, control the center.

Turn one:

I win the die toss and opt to shoot first. I decide to test the armor save of the Pathfinders..and manage to kill two after unloading my Devs and other lascannon on them. I moved my Vets up behind cover on the left. We were playing the new line of sight rules, so they had nothing to hide behind. I just hopped for the best. My turn ended with a couple dead rangers. He fired at me with his rangers and lords. They tore up the vets. Only one managed to live! There was a lot of AP 1 sniper fire, but my guys all got cover saves. NEVER leave yourself in the open against Eldar Snipers!

Turn Two:

Neither of my Dreads come in. :(
The remaining vet managed to find cover on the left and get out of line of sight. I moved my Vindi out from the right and popped smoke. The assault squad and combat squad with flamer move up from the center to take the objecvtive. I decide to try to take down the Lords. I fire on one of them, and manage to deliver 2 wounds with heavy weapons. The lack of my drop pods coming in left my assaulters in a holding pattern. Very little other shooting happened on either part. The rangers fired on my combat squad and knock out another one, and my Death Company decide to leave their cover and charge a squad of snipers...the closest unit visible. My opponent moved up his squad of Harlies knowing the DC would have to charge them... then he waited for them to come.

Turn Three:

Death Company dread is in.. other is not. I drop it right next to a building full of rangers and harlies and eldread. (I proxied a friends dread to try it out) He gets out and flames 5 harlies and Eldrad, killing 2 Harlies. The lone Vet jumped up against that same building hoping to take advantage of the chaos. He would need a 4 on the difficult terrain test to get up to the next level and get the squishy rangers. The vindi moves up again. I had an option of trying for harlies that were about 18" away, or shooting at a squad of Rangers next to a Lord. I chose the rangers. Killed one and wounded the lord as well with a dead on shot. The DC charged the harlies, but were not close enough to assault. They fired and killed one with pistol fire. I moved Dante up to the spot that the lone vet was holding on the left and moved my combat squad with the flamer and assult squad into good cover in the center. I was waiting for him to come and when they got close I would pop out and flame/assault them in the open.. The lone vet got the 4 he needed for difficult terrain and he assault the Ranger squad on the second level. He won combat, of course, and they failed their leadership. He was not able to cut them down but they rolled high for their retreat and ran off the table. That left him sitting alone on level 2. Doom was sure to come for him.

The stinking Eldar moved out his Harlies to shoot and assault the Dread, it did not survive the assault. The other harlies cut down the entire DC with rending hits from their kisses. They rolled a 5 on their massacre, and moved closer to the center...bad mistake for them. Rangers fired at the assault squad in the center and cut them down below scoring. That left me little choice but to jump the survivers out and try to cut down the damn rangers that were fireing on them. Eldrad moved up to the second floor, and charged the lone vet. He didnt last long. The wraithlords popped the Vindicator. With this new line of sight rule, excpect to have your tanks shot up from every angle.. every thing can draw line of sight. :(

Turn 4:

Dread still not in. Dante moved up to follow the vet... however he was not as lucky in the difficult terrain test. He was not able to assault Eldrad. But he called him out to a one on one fight..the stinking Eldar accepted the challenge. MY heavy weapons fire at the lords but fail to wound. My assault squad survivors in the middle jump out and fire at the rangers then assault them, however, they manage to tie combat. The combat squad flamer moved out to attack the harlies.. Bolter fire and Flame cut down the squad to the last clown. They were left exposed though.. The other combat squad is reduced below scoring by Lord fire, my opponent chose to ignore my Devs completely. On his turn, Eldrad assaults Dante. They tie combat though, Iron Halos and Eldar Trickery even out. He used all of his powers, three, to buff himself completely so that he rerolled misses, wounds and killed babies. Dante would find him a little too much to handle.

Turn 5:
Dread comes in. I place him in the center to score. I now have 3 scoring units in the middle, but I chose to jump my honor guard out to shoot up an advancing harly squad. The Devs and the Lascannon fire at and finish off two lords. The surviving combat squad takes cover in the center but not good enough. They will lose a man and fall below scoring. The dread disembarks and hides behind his pod. The last member of the Assault Squad is locked in combat with the ranger squad, and eventually loses! Unbelievable. He was a vet sgt. with a power sword! Oh well, I roll bad. Dante and ELdrad duke it out, but Dante ends up losing. The Eldar Trickery was too much. The Honor Guard assaults the harlies, but are cut down by rends before they can swing their swords.

Turn 6:
I have 2 scoring units in the center. My opponent has 0, but 3 are in range. 2 Harlies, and a Ranger. I shoot up the rangers and he rolls 4 1's!!! They all die. They had a 2 plus save. His shooting reduces one of my squads below scoring leaving me with just a Dread to score. I was helpless to stop his Harlies from getting into the center. He would end up winning by having two Scoring units in the middle to my one.

I think that this is my final change to the list. Dropping Corbulo opened up points for me, I also dropped the Baal Pred and the Company Champion from the HG. I LOVE the Tactical squad since it allows me to break it up into Combat Squads, and gives me another Lascannon to give my opponent something to think about besides the Dev squad. And since they are troops, I can drop them in with a good angle to shoot up enemy tanks after they are placed. The flamer also is a nice help. I can place them to score, or support the devs as a counter assault. I will stay with Dante and his HG, as well as the other assault squad and the DC and the Vets all with jump packs. That is still a devestating combo and something to be feared. The good part is that with a Vindicator and all those heavy weapons on the table, people will easily forget about the real power of my list..the assaulters. They will also see those two huge drop pods on the side and know that something bad is coming.. I love the furioso with the heavy flamers. They suit my style of play, AND are cool! Oh, did I mention effective? They can drop in to contest objectives, and they can flame the crap out of every thing. The vindicator has always been my favorite tank, and with the new template rules coming up where EVERY THING it touches is a hit will make it that much more powerful.

This battle came down to die rolls. I think they were evenly matched opponents and I want to play them again. Be watching for my "How to paint: Space Marines Blood Angels" videos!

Warhammer 40k Space Marines Blood Angels: Codex Rumor Mill?

Bell of Lost Souls has posted these rumors about the upcoming SM codex:

OK people, the dex is back from the printers and it's a real peach! Base rules written Jervis, trimmings written by Matthew Hoggard I think his name is.

The info bellow is 100% taken from a final print new SM dex.

144 pages. (twice he size of the necron dex)
Written by Jervis + Matt
Cover art of Ultramarines
Section for each of the Chapters of Legend (like Eldar Craftworlds in C:Eldar) but without any in-game rules.

General Marine Rules
Combat Squads works as codex Dark angels. 1 Heavy 1 special.
New marine rule, based on Ld, called Comabt tactics.
New Drop pod rule.
Traits dissapear.
Free frag grenades, krak grenades and bolt pistols.

Unit Rules
new techmarine rules has a new option in the form of the thunderfire
Master of the forge, has a conversion beamer.
new land raider variant, called the Redeemer with Str 6 AP3 flamer sponsons and twin linked assault cannon. Sallies like this and the colour section has one in sallies colours.
3 Dread variants. Again sallies seem to favour the new Ironclad Dread which is like a heavy assault/breaching dread. (AV13)
New Veteran rules - Tactical Vets (special ammo like death watch.), and Assault vets (can have jump packs and an assaulted array of nasty CC weapons) can deep strike and assault in the same turn.
Scout bikers will remain.
No two special weapons even for Sallies .
5 man terminator squads 1 heavy.
Commander in terminator armour on a bike or has a jump pack has no bearing on army selection. However special characters do.
Rites of battle is gone. But marine captain get Halos

Special Characters
11 specials which add chapter traits to your army, Calgar, Tigirius, Lysander, Shrike, Kronos, Sicarius, Kantor, Tu'Shan (WTF really hard guy probably the best SM charater in the game but at 200+ points...), Cassius, White Scar guy and scout character, all will have models.

Other Stuff
Drop pod kit looks similar to the forgworld kit but is hollow with seats around the edges and a control table in the middle. Storm bolter come down from the ceiling of the pod when deployed.
Drop pod kit priced about the same as rhino's (£18)
Codex release date is October
Plastic LR redeemer/crusader
Plastic Scout bikers, imaging scouts on scrambler bikes!
Retooled Plastic Land speeder + another new varient which works with scout squads call land speeder storm.
Scouts have helfire heavy bolter rouns but are WS and BS 3 and are still troops
Thunderfire a thuddgun/molemortar cross.
New metal range (I think more metal vets!..... again.... mmmm jump packs!)
New Sicarus now has hair and a beard! *shrugs* go figure!
Razor back has may weapon option, twin heavy bolter, Heavy Flamers, Assault Cannons, Multimelta, Lascannon, and Lascon and twin plasma guns.
New HQ units.

Marines are now what you may call pretty hard!


Master of the forge


Vanguard Vets (tact vets)
??? Vets (assault vets)
Venerable Dreadnought
Iornclad Dreadnought
Techmarines - Thunderfire


Tactical Marines


Drop Pod
Land Speeder Strom (Scouts only)


Assault Marines
Scout Biks
Attack Bikes


Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Redeemer"

~There is talk about the marine special rule being voluntary fallback, and the possibility of veterans being able to deepstrike and charge on the same turn. Wow, voluntary fallback, and the conversion beamer makes their return. Thats a lot of cool stuff in there. More as we get it, and as usual, Caveat Emptor folks.

So, there are some GREAT GREAT things here. LR Redeemer with the flamers on the side.. deep striking and assaulting in same turn!!! Assault Drop pods!!!! Ironclad Dreads. So much great stuff. Maybe we will actually see space marines climb to the top of the heap? I mean, really, at Gamesday 2008, in the top 12 armies, there were no less then 10 Tyranid armies...all pretty much the same. That needs to stop. I will gladly give up Assault Cannons for the nerfing of Genestealers...

So how will this impact your army? In another post, I talked about my options, wether I would build my Blood Angels, or revamp my Black Templars as my new 5th edition Marines. Of COURSE I am sticking with my Angels.. but I might have to try both! :) Opinions?

Gamesday Fun!

Fritz from Fritz 40k and I had some fun at Gamesday 2008. After getting slaughtered by that Nid army, I joined him to go Paint and Take. He globbed some paint on a Nid Grub, and Played around with a skeleton. Fun! I went and snapped some shots of other cool models and got a god pic of me with a full sized Blood Angels banner. Nice. :)

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels battle report Gamesday 2008

Blood Angels vs Tyranids.

At the 2008 Gamesday, I believe 8 of the top 10 armies were tyranids. I got the lucky distinction of playing one of those armies in game 1. This nid army only had 20 genestealers though. The rest were warriors, rippers and blah blah. You get it.

Round 1. We deploy. Most of my squads are holed up on a large piece of terrain on the left side. Most of his stuff is directly opposite. I placed one squad on the far right. I placed my rhino squad as a fast response in the back..ready to go claim an objective or give support if needed. It wouldnt matter.. See the pic above.

I won the toss for turn, and I chose to go first. I was hoping to land some lucky shots and end it quick. I managed to knock out a handful of genestealers. I was hoping I could take care of them, then I might have a chance against the warriors. But that would prove to be the only chance I had at any thing. On his sooting turn, he glanced and DESTROYED BOTH of my tanks. Sigh... it was over.

Round 2. My shooting was insignifigant. My tanks were out and nothing of importance was in range and out of cover. I killed a couple of warriors, lost a guy with a plasma cannon to over heat, and in general, did crap. My drop pod did not come in. He was on me quick, and I managed to fight off this wave of assault with few casaulties..but that would be the last of my chances.

Round 3. It was over. My drop pod came in, lit up a warrior squad with heavy flamer and melta, wounded 1. Drat. It would die quick on my opponents turn. His genestealers were on me, they killed me quick. At the end of the round, I was down to Dante and a few devestators, and about 8 guys on the right flank. He was hardly hurt at all. I called it a game and bowed out of the fight. Dante was about to make a last stand, but I wanted to go see the rest of gamesday. We could have played cat and mouse for an hour, and he would have just beaten me with objectives any way. I think he appreciated the quick victory. Oh well.

Gamesday battle report game 1:

Gamesday 2008!

Well, I brought my Blood Angels to my first major tournament. In three games, I scored only 8 out of 60 points, but that doesn't matter! More on that later. I am sorting the pictures, and working on battle reports. But in the meantime, check out this!

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Blood Angels vs Tau

Today I played a sick Tau army. Sorry no pics today.
Enemy army:
3 Hammerhead tanks with Rail Guns and Smart Missles.
1 stealth suit team with 8 or 10 guys
2 12 man Fire Warrior squads in Transports with burst cannon and gun drones
2 2 man Crisis suit teams with Plasma Rifles and Missle Pods
2 HQ in Crisis Suits
2 seperate Piranha each with gun drones

Blood Angels:
5 man Honor Guard decked as listed in my list
5 man Troops Assault Squad with Power Weapon
5 man troops assault squad with Rhino (Corbulo attaches to this and rides in the rhino)
5 man Veteran Assault with 3 powers
5 man Death Company with jump packs
Furioso with Flamer in Drop Pod
Baal Predator with heavy bolter sponsons
Devastator Squad with 10 men, 2 plasma cannons, 1 las cannon, 1 heavy bolter

My opponent insisted on wizzywig terrain and got choice of side of map, so he sellected the by far superrior deployment for his tanks. He had his stuff divided, with his 3 tanks, 2 troop transports, stealth suits and a team of crisis suits with a commander on the left side of the board, with another commander, a team of suits and 2 piranha on the right. I deployed all of my guys on the right with my DC on the left behind cover. The mission was Take and Hold Gamma.

Round 1:
Opponent wins roll and takes first turn. He fires all that he can, and explodes my Rhino, and kills 2 marines. He chose to take the template gun on his hammerheads and gave me saves rather then use the solid shot. My marines were exposed with the destroyed rhino and he would have taken out at least 3 with the solids... Opponent shooting done with 2 marines and my rhino dead.

On my turn my DC jumped up behind cover again, and in range to assault next turn. Curbolo stayed with the entangled squad that was in the rhino. The rest of the guys,who were using the rhino as cover, jumped behind the cover to the right flank. I moved up the assault squad, and the honor guard behind big cover, where they stayed the rest of the game. The Ball rolled a 1 when I reved its engines, and stalled. The vindicator moved out to the right flank, close to the right edge, and fired at but missed the piranhas. The Devs fired at a hammer head and stunned it.

End round 1.

Round 2:

Opponent moves in for the kill on the squad entangled in the middle. But after fireing a lot of shots at them and the devastator squad, only managed to kill a few. He had poor luck with his rail guns and shooting in general. He moved his piranhas up and deployed the drones. His drones actually tried to assault my Devs, but the devs killed them in the opening of the assault. His round ended with little killing.

On my turn, My drop pod Furioso came in. I dropped it right in frong of his tanks, blocking their line of sight and deployed him with the pod between him and the tanks. I jumped my death company into range to assault a Hammer head or Troop carrier if I so chose. I moved my HG and AS into better cover, where they also had shots at the Piranhas. I dumbly moved my Vet Assalut Squad out into the open where they would be in range to assault the suits next turn...I didnt want to take a chance jumping into cover and rolling 1s..I would pay for this. The DC shot at a tank while the Furioso took cover. My assault squad on foot with Corbulo moved towards the center and took cover. My squads in cover fired at the piranhas and took em both out with pistol fire. The vindicator missed again. On assault, my DC charged a hammer head, rended it, glanced it, then rolled a 6 for the glance.. POP!

Turn 3:
Tau deployed his two squads of fire warriors with rapid fire range on the DC. He placed the transport between my Furioso and the squad. He unleashed no less then 85 shots at that DC after his 2 squads of warriors, a crisis team, and the stealth team all shot. He killed 3. He then asaulted with the crisis suits.. but it was a draw combat. His other suits jumped into range and shot up my veteran squad, and killed them all. :( He fired more shots at the Devs and killed a couple more, but nothing too bad.

On my shooting I cleaned up the rest of his drones on the right side with pistol fire, the vindicator took revenge and fired at the crisis commander on the right side, but the shot scattered and landed on the suit team that was hiding behind cover...killing them both. The Furioso unleashed his guns on the transport..the Melta missed, but the flamer was able to wash over all but 3 of the fire warriors... The last 3 made their leadership test. For the rest of the game the Furioso would try to take out the transport by fireing its melta, then assaulting. It was unsuccessful. Damn skimmer. On assault I had to roll a 6 to hit, and he kept making me reroll my glances... Oh well, he did earn his points by taking control of the left flank. The assault was a draw again. Dante detached from his squad and went tank hunting. Every one else took cover. My Ball moved out and fired all its guns, but failed to kill any thing.

Round 4:
My opponent attempted to knock out my Vindicator with a hammer head, but missed. He also took a shot at my Furioso who had hull down and lived. He would kill a couple more Devs with smart missle fire, but most of his firepower was nulified. He moved his surviving fire warriors into assault against the last DC who was up against 2 suits. Bad move. The DC went first and killed all 3 of the Fire Warriors. This made the suits lose combat! Luckily they made their leadership test. The game had turned to my favor. I had a squad in scoring position, and 2 more in range, but safe behind cover.

On my turn, The vindicator knocked the gun off the hammer head. The devs drew a bead and fired at one of the commanders who left himself exposed... missed. Dante fired at the hammer head that the Vindi shot at but missed. That was pretty much it..

Round 5:
My opponent tried to knock out my Baal, but only popped its turret and stunned it. He moved his other fire warrior squad into position to pop out and kill my Furioso. He completely destroyed my squad holding the middle, despite Corbulo's best efforts to save them. I think he realised his tactical error. He did not have enough units in range to score the objective. So he went for total victory points.

On my turn, Dante ran down one of the suits and assaulted it...causing 2 wounds but not killing it. It lost combat but made its check. The vindicator fired at the hammer head again and stunend it. The last remaining Dev, the lascannon, fired at the last Hammer head and missed. There wasnt much left!

Round 6: My opponent moved his last hammerhead into score. He popped the furioso and killed the last DC. At the end of his shooting, he had 1 hammer head in scoring range but nothing else. Dante finished off the suit on this assault then massacred close to a tank.

I moved my Assault Squad and my Honor Guard into scoring range. I also moved my Baal which my opponent ignored. That gave me 3 units in the middle. Dante moved to pop the last tank but missed..again. The vindicator also missed..lucky tank. It came down to Victory Points, which I ended up winning because I got a bonus 410 from having 3 units in scoring range.

The army was fast moving, hard hitting and he was a smart player. But My Blood Angels won the fight through tactics and luck. Let it be noted that the list I played last week in the tournament would have been SLAUGHTERED by this force. My list as it stands now is a vastly superior force. I give MVP to the Devs for eating up a lot of shots while taking control of the middle of the battle field with good lines of fire. Also the Dread and DC probably won the fight. It turned his whole left flank, which was freely shooting at me, into a big mess. While my blood angels did not do very well in assault.. they still won the game. Big changes, big results.

I am playing one more game tomorrow night before Gamesday, then time to go play! I will have pics tomorrow of that fight at the club.

Warhammer 40k Space Marines Blood Angels: Banner Project

Here are a few pictures of my Squad Markings.

7th Squad Assault
Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Banner

8th Squad Assault
Blood Angels 2nd Company 8th Squad

3rd Squad Veterans
Blood Angels 3rd Squad, 2nd Company

2nd Squad Veterans
Blood Angels 2nd Company 2nd Squad

2nd Company, Company Standard
Blood Angels 2nd Company, Company Standard

Blood Angels Death Company
Blood Angels 2nd Company Death Company

Blood Angels 2nd Company Honour Guard
Blood Angels 2nd Company Honour Guard

Blood Angels 2nd Company Honour Guard Two
Blood Angels 2nd Company Honour Guard 2


Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy on Ebay

I have a copy of Dark Heresy for sale on Ebay right now. The bid is only at .99 cents! Here is a link.


Go check it out!

Warhammer 40k Space marines Blood Angels: new 1750 army list

Ok, after getting thoroughly trashed 2 out of 3 games last weekend, I have decided to add some long range fire power. As it stands now, the only model in my army that can fire more then 12 inches is my Whirlwind, which if it is lucky can kill 2 or 3 marines a game. Its great against orks and the like, but reality is most guys play marines. So, I am dropping an honor guard and 2 vet squads. They are devastating in assault, but in reality, I just dont need them. They are over kill. One of the vet squads i was simply using as a means of getting Corbulo into battle by giving them a Rhino instead of jump packs. I replaced the Vet squad with a regular assault squad and removed its weapons, saving 65 points, and actually giving myself another troops choice. I added a Furioso Dread in a Drop Pod, and a 10 man Devastator Squad! In the Dev Squad I placed 2 Plasma cannons and a missle Launcher. I was going to also add a vindicator, but they cannot move and shoot, making them inappropriate for my rapid assault force. I have 125 points remaining. Now I have options. I can use a Baal predator with side sponsons for 125. OR I can go with a predator tank with auto cannon and side sponsons for 95 points. That will give me 30 points to play with. I can go with another Plasma Cannon in the Dev squad, Scrape up 5 points for a lascannon... Wait, Ive got it, I can go with the Pred with auto cannon and heavy bolters on the side, and go with 2 plasma cannons, 1 heavy bolter and 1 las cannon in my Dev squad. People will be less likely to shoot at the Pred with no las cannon, but it will still mess shit up with 8 anti infintry shots from 36 inches away, but the real fire power will come from the Devs! Also the Dread dropping in behind tanks with its melta gun and stompy stomp will change things dramaticly. With all this fire power on the board, it will take my opponents mind off the real danger. Dante, his Honor Guard with 3 power weapons and Company Banner, A Veteran Assault Squad with 3 power weapons, an assault squad with 1 power weapon, an assault squad with a power fist and hopefully all of them powered up with Corbulo's Furious Charge. Ok, time to get TheWarStore on the phone and get some models on the way pronto...Gamesday is 2 weeks away!

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Blood Angels: Battle Report Battle for Salvation 2008

May 31, 2008

Battle for Salvation 40k Tournament, White Plains, NY.

Round 1:
Objectives: Loot Counters, Take and hold Terrain pieces, Victory Points

In the first round, I was more then a little worried when I was assigned to play an all drop pod space marine army. The nicely painted army included no less then 9 cool looking scratch built drop pods. There were 2 Dreadnoughts, a terminator command squad with a librarian, and the rest were 8 to 10 man tactical squads. The marines are a devastating army and feared at the club. When they come down, they all pop out and rapid fire on whatever they can see, and the dreads do their stompy stomp thing, and the Terminators..well..terminate! I knew I would have my work cut out for me.

In deployment, I won choice, and took the table side that had a single large terrain piece in the right cornerof the board. It would block LoS from any thing landing on the other side of it for my entire army. There was a small entrance on the left of the terrain piece, which I blocked off with my Whirlwind and Rhino. My strategy was to just let them come. I knew that in order for them to land, and rapid fire me to death, they would have to risk landing dangerously close to the edge, or they could land on other side of the terrain and it would create a wall. I left my Whirlwind and Rhino exposed to create a nice wall. Even if they were taken out, they would hopefully be rubble and still block LoS. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to deploy 2 squads. One was my death company. I remembered them before the start of round 2 and I simply deep striked them in, but I completely forgot to deploy a 5 man squad of Veterans with 3 power swords!!! Oh well..

So I won the toss for first turn, which I gave to my opponent. He could not go since he had nothing on the table, and I chose to sit tight and wait, so turn 1 ended in seconds.

Turn 2:
Drop Pods

My opponent was able to bring in 5 drop pods, including 2 dreads and 3 tac squads. The tacs were decked out with meltas, plasmas and fists. The dreads had CCW and Assault Cannons. The marines played it quite risky. One tac squad nearly scattered off the of the table, landing mere inches from oblivion. The other two deployed nearby loot counters but still in range, while the two dreads deployed in the terrain piece I used as a wall. One came out of its pod right into the terrain, while the other deployed on the edge of it. In the shooting phase, the closest marines tried to zap my whirlwind, but missed, one dread shot at and destroyed my rhino. The other shot at and killed two marines from my Honor Guard 2. It was sitting within 6 inches of the Dread with a nice meltagun warming up to fire. His turn ended with only 2 of my angels dead and a destroyed Rhino. At that point I sighed a huge relief because I knew my chances just greatly improved...I survived the first wave of his landings, and his stuff was in assault range.. I would get into assault round 2... Never a good thing for marines facing my power swords.


On my movement phase, I got every one into position. I could only assault one of his tac squads that round, but I lined up the rest of my squads to jump all over his other ones in round 3. I moved Assault Squad 2 with the power fist over behind one of his dreads, while HG 1 lined him up for the Melta shot. I forgot to move my other fist into assault range to take out his other dread... Dante and his HG moved into asasult range on the closest Tac squad. Shooting phase was actually quite devastating. Dante and his squad killed 2 marines with bolt pistol and perdition pistol fire. The whirlwind hit dead on, killing 2 more marines from an entrenched marine squad. The melta blew the assault cannon off and stunned the dread in the cover, while the rest of the bolter shots just bounced off. In the assault, Dante charged with his HG and another assault squad and massacred the tacs. They them moved back behind cover to prepare for the next drop.


Round 3:
On this turn every thing came down for my opponent, except his command pod with Terminators and Librarian and a tac squad. He placed the rest of the pods in range to shoot, but still could not fire on any of my units. His dread moved into the rubble of my rhino and fired its AC, and Flamer killing 2 more marines and the Storm bolters all fired from the pods, but they inflicted no casualties. On his assault phase, his free dred assault a vet squad that had a fist and Corbulo attached. It killed one marine and the fist failed to hurt it.

Dante Charges

On my movement phase, my assault squad chose to charge. From behind their cover all of them came pouring out. My death company managed to come down in a nice position for their next turn to assault, and all of my squads were in range to assult on their turns. My melta fired at the stunned dread again, and stunned it again. Every one else opened up with bolt pistols and killed a couple marines. The whirlwind fired again and killed another. Not bad work for the cheap thing. When it was time for charge, Dante and company charged and cut down two more tac squads. They lost a few in the process, which were costly casualties. At the end of round 3 I was down to 3 scoring units....

Meltagun 2, Dread 0

Round 4: This was the decisive round. My opponents last 2 drops pods came down. He placed a pod in range to disembark and cut down the squad I had holding a loot counter. They killed all except for the power fist. The other pod scattered off the table edge.. It was an unglorious death for a command squad of terminators and a librarian.. but I welcomed it. That misfire sealed the marines fate. His pods all fired and actually killed a few marines, reducing another of my units below 50 percent.

On my turn the game pretty much ended. The death company jumped into range to assault the entrenched squad in the center, while Dante detached from his HG to go deal with the last marine pod to come down. My melta finally destroyed the dred in the cover and in assault, I finally killed the other one, while the DC and Dante charged the remaining units. Seeing his commander horribly outnumbered by a 10 man squad, the lone power fist sgt. jumped into help. It was not needed though as The Axe of Mortalis cut through them in ranks.

The game ended in complete anhialation for the marines.


In the end, it was nothing but drop pods and dead marines... Blood Angels held the center terrain and one of the hills, also 2 loot counters.

I scored full points, 20 while my opponent scored none.

It would turn out that this might have cost him the tournament. His army went on to destroy two more opponents, and actually placed in the top 3. The winner of the tourny was a 60 genestealer army which is routinely beaten by the drop pod army at the club. I know that if I had not so devastated these marines in round one, then they would have faced the stealers in round 3 and cut them down.. Sorry Ed. :)