Full sized banners!

The FTW Games Death Company banner on my work table.

Rob Baer from Spikey Bits/FTW Games proudly displaying his investment!

So as you probably know, I make full sized, hand painted banners.  Why do YOU want one? Because they are awesome of course!  One of my recent ones was this Death Company banner I made for Rob Baer. It looks awesome in his store!  These banners are perfect for gaming stores to add a unique touch of decoration to their walls.  

A new store in Baltimore, that replaced the vacant GW store called Dropzone Games has three of my banners! Here are two that I am particularly proud of:

Here are a few more that I recently did.

A simple IG banner.

A custom banner for a guys personal chapter.

You all know who these guys are!

A custom Night Lords banner. Note the negative space star!

Here is the third Dropzone Games banner.

And here is a Raven Guard Banner personalized 
for the 19th Legion.

For many more that I have done, check in the right margin for links.

These things are fun to make and look great in your man cave. At the last Wargamescon, I believe three of my banners were in attendance. Plus they are just fun to have around.

Every year I enter the banner competition at Gamesday, and dozens of guys stopped to take pictures next to it!  Here it is with my goofy mug:

I wouldn't say I am particularly talented, and there is nothing to say that you couldn't make one for yourself, but it takes time, tools and a seamstress to sew it. Why subject yourself to that trial and error and trouble.

Have me make you one!

I currently have time in my schedule and am again taking orders. If you are a GT attender and want an extra touch to make your army stand out, or a gaming store looking for a unique addition to that certain space on your wall, let me know. Special Events are a great opportunity. I did one for Feast of Blades and a state GT in Arkansas, plus I have one lined up for a GT in Vegas, and another lined up once Freeman gets around to making his decision on what he wants.  But aside from that I am wide open.

So if you would like one, send inquiries to jawaballs at hotmail.



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