Newest hand painted banner!

This banner commission was for a home brew chapter called The Knights of the Golden Panda.  He created his own Blood Angels successor and based it on a feudal Japanese style with samurai accents and panda and bamboo iconography. Mostly just to mess with his buddy, but then it became a thing. So why not get a banner made!

He showed me some of his stuff and asked me to come up with an idea for a full sized banner. Seeing as most Blood Angels use some sort of Sanguinius for their chapter banner I stayed true to my boys. But in this case I gave him a samurai sword and bamboo chute in his hands. Rather than the usual Sanguinius looking up to the heavens I painted him looking down and wearing a bushido mask.  The main foe of The Knights of the Golden Panda are Tau scum which they expunged from a planet, so I included a Tau insignia being struck with a lightning bolt and of course the BA logo. The panda image overlaid is his own work. I pulled the idea from some of his own art. I think it is a nice touch!

Here is the finished work!

As always feel free to contact me, jawaballs at hot mai l if you would like a banner for yourself!

Coming up next will be a Ultramarines 2nd Company and Helbrecht banner.

And of course the Nova Charity Army project is incoming. I don't know what has been released to the press yet so I can't talk much about it.  But I intend to paint models for two different armies again.  Hopefully this year I will be able to post more!  Last year was a tough one.

To bigger and better things!



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