Dread Shed list!

Hey guys,

Don't forget I moved my live show to Monday nights. I will be going on air tonight at 7pm EST.

Tonight I will be discussing a Blood Angels dread list and continuing work on the Imperial Space Marine I started last time.  Should be a good show!

Friend me on Facebook for the links, I post them up just before going live. Or find me on Youtube.

I just made a Facebook Group for the show. Check it out HERE. Join the fun!


Help a battle brutha out!

Hey guys!

Help me out with a rules question. Last year when I was building my list I planned to build using Shield of Baal.  I was looking at two Flesh Tearers formations jacked out with Assault Squads in Rhinos. For some reason I thought one of the formations had all Objective Secured assault squads...

Can any one help shed light on this?  Was I just crazy?  Did I read something that was wrong? I bought a dozen Rhinos to build the army...  What was I thinking? Why did I think assault squads were Obsec? Maybe this was a special rule for The Nova Open Narrative which was what I was building the army for?

Edit: I did find the NOVA 2015 Narrative primer and it says all units equipped with Jump Packs count as Obsec in their Blood Angels supplement.  That is probably where I got confused in wrapping my head around the game.  It was still pretty new!  Any one have input?

Jawaballs Live is Back!

Hey folks!

I am back on track with doing my live shows!  After some trial and error I am back to doing my shows on Monday nights at 7pm EST.  This week I started working on my Imperial Space Marine painting it as a Blood Angel.

Next week I will be showing off the Angels Blade Limited Edition book and continuing with the ISM.

You can skip to the 12 minute mark or so to see me start work on the model.


New Blood Angels Stuff?

Perhaps my absence has kept me out of the loop of what is coming soon but I was looking around this morning and came across these preorders available on the GW British site.  I giddily tried to buy the limited edition Angel's Blade set but then realized it was not available in the US. Any one have any thoughts on this stuff? Is this old news?

 I am an absolute sucker for limited edition book sets and this makes me wish I got the Chaos version.

I don't think I knew there were Blood Angels sternguard and vanguard vet sets!  

Finally here is a command squad set that appears to come with a captain!  

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a heads up that today I will be doing my first live broadcast in about two years.  I am back in the saddle and happy to be there.  I will post up a link later today for the show.  I will be talking about The Nova Open, painting Tyranids and discussing life in general.
Stay tuned!