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The Jawa Forge Returns!! 32mm Scenic Resin Bases

Hey all!  My army of Jawas have been working hard and I present to you the first fruits of their labors...

32mm Scenic Resin Bases!

This first set from the new Jawa Forge is based on a crystaline cron tomb world.  Crystals of various sizes are jutting up from the charred earth, some broken, some standing tall.  There are a variety of grades of gravel for you to paint, and one is even accented with a long forgotten skull!

This set of five bases are the new GW standard 32mm scale. These bases will be coming with most new GW box sets in the future as evidenced by the new Blood Angels Tactical squad and the Deathstorm boxset. So you might as well get a head start and start rebasing your army now!

As I find time I will paint some up in different colors to show you more variety.  These finely crafted resin bases are available now for 5.99 per set of five. The new Necrons are coming... BE READY!

I will have these crystaline bases available in all GW base sizes very soon including the new ones!

I also have two new variety of my classic broken rock coming. One is more of a smooth exposed rock, and one is a more jagged broken rock. They will mesh seamlessly to add more variety to your army.

If the interest is there, I will also create another set of five 32mm Crystaline bases.

More to come!


NMM Gold Dante

Hi guys!

I wanted to share today some WIP images of my Nonmetallic Metal Gold Dante!

Nonmetallic Metal Dante

NMM Dante

I need to work on the lighting for my images but these came out decent.  I used the old Sanguinor Heavy Metal NMM tutorial from White Dwarf, converting the paints to the new Citadel Paints of course.

He is not done, I still need to paint the Axe Mortalis and touch up the wings and some other details.  For the base I used a bit of broken column scenery from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  They were left overs from last years Nova Charity project that he donated. Justin is a great guy and deserves your business so if you are looking for some cool basing bits, or cool bases themselves, look him up!

Back to Dante.  This is one of my favorite models so I was happy when they made him usable again. I dropped the old jump pack though and replaced it with a Sanguinary Guard pack with wings. I just can't imagine Dante letting his subordinates have cooler packs than him!  I finished the base with some brown then red dry brushing to represent Baal Prime and some long grass with a warmer hue.

My direct and edgy painting style shows through on this.  I have been working on getting away from that and instead working on more smooth blending, but honestly every one does that. I am going back to my roots, what I do well, with my new Blood Angels army and letting my style show.  But yes I did cut my paints! :)

Feel free to give thoughts and advice. I am painting a whole honor guard like this so would benefit from input.  If any one can point me towards a NMM Gold walkthrough that is better than the White Dwarf one please do.  It is hard to beat!

More nids, as well as my own review of the Leviathan, Exterminatus and the Sanguinary Guard Codex book sets as well as Deathstorm are on the way soon.

Oh and while I do love Justin and Secret Weapon, I would like to announce a rebirth of the Jawa Forge!  It is clear that GW is going towards 32mm bases as the standard. The new BA tac squad comes with them.  You can imagine that all models will come on them eventually. We might as well embrace this and make the change!  I have a new Broken Rock (my most popular from my old line) set, as well as a Crystaline Tomb World as a nod to the Necron Codex enroute.  I will have a set of bases in each style to base the Deathstorm box set.  The bases are sculpted and ready for casting and will be going into the mold making phase tonight!  I could have them available for sale this weekend... :)  Stay tuned!


Leviathan Tyranids!

Tyranid Leviathan Brood Lord Deathstorm

Hey folks! Merry Christmas.

I wanted to share a little WIP I have going on today. The Broodlord from Deathstorm!  I picked up the Deathstorm box set because I wanted the new rule book, the character termie and I have always wanted to paint some Nids. SO I figured I would try my hand at Leviathan seeing as how they are set to invade Baal Prime and all.

But that was before I knew what their color scheme was... White and Black/Purple... Hmmm...

Oh well. Off to work I went.  Knowing that I have a LOT of these to paint since I am going to do a full army, I wanted to keep the black simple. Rather than the many shades of grey I do for my usual black, I went with straight black with highlights. I did some Xereus Purple and Genesteal purple, then mixed in a bit of Ulthuan Grey to the genestealer for a final highlight.

For the skin though, in all of the artwork in the Terminatus book the nids are very much NOT white.  I wanted to avoid a chalky look that you see all too often.  (I still got a bit chaulky on the head and other parts but I will redo)  So I went with Ushabti bone as a base coat then washed with Baal red.  I then highlighted with Ushabti, then Screaming skull, then mixed in some white with the Screaming skull, then a few touches of pure white.

In the vents of the arms I used Nagaroth Night wash.

For the claws I used my standard red, Khorne highlighted with Mephiston, washed with Baal, then highlted with Mephiston and some of my very last bit of Blood Red... sniff... will miss that color.

So what do you guys think?  I gave him a layer of Matte Varnish before taking pics and am planning on a layer of Satin. I will probably redo the head as I am not happy with the horn or the back of the skull. I am also planning on pushing the edges of the red claws.

Wait til you see what I have planned for the display!  :)

After Christmas I am going to do a full review of the Sanguinary Guard codex, Leviathan and Terminatus book sets and the Deathstorm box set.

I am also working on a new line of resin bases done in the new base sizes.  They should be ready for purchase in a couple weeks or sooner!  I am doing the old favorite Broken Rock, and a Cron Tomb World to start.  Time to get our armies all based on the new sizes!

So with that I would like to wish all my old friends a Merry Christmas, Fritz, Bobby, James, Matt, Ed, and the same to my con friends, Simon, Ted, Bill, John and every one else. :)  Thinking about you all, and looking forward to a new year.

More to come.


First Blood Angels list design fail!

 My favorite models to convert have always been Sanguinary Priests.  With them being a single model HQ now I decided to add a Command Squad to my army because that is the only way to get another one.  Looking at the command squad, I at first thought I could give any of them a Storm Shield, so I immediately started drooling about a priest with a 3+ invul.  Sadly as I was looking through the entry, I noticed that they make a distinction between the Priest, Champion and Veterans, and that only the Veterans may take Storm Shields.  :(  Boooo!

Above is the priest I made for the squad. I used the apothecary chest piece from a command squad set, the apothecary arm and shoulder pad from a Dark Angels Biker sprue, an older Dark Angels robed running legs, and a blood angels head with Sanguinary guard jump pack.  I cut the lights off the Apothecary backpack and glued them onto the jump pack.  He is holding a grail from Maximini.  They have an accessory sprue that has 2 or 3 grails, some candles and books and other cool things. I used the arm from the Sang Guard sprue that is holding a double bladed axe, and cut the top and bottom ends off. Then I cut the middle of the grail out and glued the top and bottom to the hand... it turned out nice! I was going to add the shield to the right arm, attached to the wrist.  Oh well! Oh the other bits on the jump pack are from the Dark Angels biker sprue as well.

I have not decided how to paint him yet. The rest of the squad is getting the NMM gold treatment along with Dante. They are all made using Sang Guard artificer armor and will match him nicely like an Honor Guard.  But the priests are different. I am thinking he is going to be more like the color scheme of the new priest in the codex, or maybe good ole red with white trim like Corbulo.  Perhaps bone colored armor with a white helm?  I see the priests as their own entity within the Blood Angels and they join command squads to lend their abilities, but don't quite mesh with the unit... probably because they consider themselves part of the HQ and this leads to leadership issues with the Company Champion!  Maybe I will give him some NMM trim to help him fit in with the squad, but keep his base Sanguinary colors...

I have not been excited about 40k since painting Lamenters over the summer. So this makes me happy! Now to replan the rest of the models in the squad. I assembled them mostly, but now have to rip arms off the Champion because I gave him a SS as well. Back to his combat shield... weird that he can't upgrade..

In talking with my friend and 40k great Alex Fennel I think I have decided to add a few Space Wolves to my army list. The list has plenty of units to be tactically viable but with the lack of ICs in this edition is lacking a little punch.  But with the Fenris supplement I can actually add a detachment that has up to 4 HQ models!  This will give me a nice Wolf Lord to add to this Honor Guard to run amok with Dante, and one or two more models in the Land Raider with my termies, captain and priest.  Oh I am taking a captain with artificer armor and that AP2 sword.  Since I cant take him, a priest and Meph, I have to add the space wolves to replace that Meph punch. So I am thinking a wolf lord with a Thunder Hammer or something.

Oh and by the way any Space Wolves who have the honor of joining a Blood Angels army under my command will be forced to wear their helmets and rid themselves of those ridiculous pelts.  I wont have them stinking up my Land Raiders.  :)

So painting starts soon and I will document that for you.  I ordered the Sanguinary Guard limited edition codex and I am hoping there is a new NMM gold tutorial in the painting guide. Otherwise I will use one of the many I found online.

More to come!

New Blood Angels!

I am still trying to wrap my head around 7th edition but I have some first thoughts on the new codex!

I think it is a great improvement. I pointed out my Lamenters list from BFS and saved about enough to buy another whole unit.  Some stuff is much cheaper and unfortunately some stuff is more expensive.

The winners:

Dante!  He is usable again. They made his ax go at normal initiative allowing him to take advantage of his high I score and swing away, and it is still STR +2 and AP2.  With his six attacks on the charge going at initiative 7 things are gona die.

He is now a must have for any assaulty BA army.

Oh and he is a Lord of War, which means you can take him in addition to 2 HQ choices.

Death Company.

The biggest issue with them was points. Without Jump Packs it was difficult to get them into combat. But Jump Packs used to cost 15 points for them which made it stupid.  Now JP cost 3 points a piece. This instantly turns JP equipped DC into a viable unit and a must have. A squad of 10 of them equipped with a few Power Swords and a fist will be among the top assault units in the game if they get the charge off.

Command Squad:
Maybe not so great a choice, but for 200 points you can get them on the table with jump packs, upgraded weapons and Storm Shields. A great unit for Dante to join.

The BA had undeniably the worst SM captain in 40k. He was a joke. Now he is sick. Why? Well for 130 points you can get a 2+/4+ marine with 5 attacks on the charge at I6 and an AP2 power sword by taking the BA relic.  It is only 5 points more than a regular power sword!  What a steal!

+1 elite choice:
Fantastic seeing as how all of the good units are now elites...

+1 Initiative on charge! Welcome back to pre 6th ed assault glory!

And here is some of the bad...

Elite and HQ choices.  All of the wonderful killy stuff is wrapped up in Elite and HQ.  The priest got promoted and reduced to a single model per selection. No more flooding the table with FNP.  The Chaplain got promoted as well.  They are now competing with Librarians, Mephiston and the upgraded captain.  And it seems that every thing got slid into the Elite slot. DC, DC Dreads, Furiosos, Sang Guard, Van and Stern Vets, Termies. Holy Cluster of competition for available slots. Lucky we have four!

Not only are they more expensive, but a lot less killy with the removal of the meat grinder blood talons.  This is sad because BA still lack the torrent of fire that many armies had and the old talons helped balance that.  I simply can't see myself taking a dread any more with a BA force.

Troop Assault Marines:
Gone. Moved to Fast Attack.  Not a huge deal with the way the new game works cause you can still flood the table with assault marines, but JP troops were always a trademark of the BA and will be missed.

Only 2 choices... Tacs and Scouts.  Scouts are crazy cheap though, 65 points for 5 snipers with cloaks.  Five tacs in a rhino are about 100.  But why bother. 240 points buys you 4 scout squads that your opponent will simply get bored of shooting at as they go to ground for 2+ saves and the ability to do some real, and annoying damage by picking out models and wounding big stuff.

What are my plans?  I am making a new army, going back to my roots.  Land raider of death with assault termies and a bunch of ICs.  The only problem is that it is much more difficult to do it.  I want that new Captain in there, and doing so means I only get one more HQ... so I get to choose between Priest, Meph who is now an IC and a Chap.  Priest lost the FNP bubble so he must be in the unit so he is needed which means I cant get my chap and meph.

How do I solve this?  Allies? Can I take a second BA detachment?  Or do I have to go with SM or SW allied force?  Rules guys help me out here!


New Blood Angels Incoming!

So from what I just saw the new BA codex is set to drop next week, along with a new BA centered tactical squad.  The rumors have been back and forth on this, but from what it appears on the cover of the new White Dwarf, it looks like a new BA tac squad kit!  Finally...  :)

Now to figure out how to fund a new army with my new financial situation... I am sure a lot of us have the same problem, especially with the holidays around. What happens if Santa doesn't stop at our house and we want the new Blood Angels?

Maybe this new program at The Battle Standard will do the trick!  (If you live close enough to take advantage of it that is.) Visit the site HERE. Sounds like a winner to me! More gaming stores should run programs like this. Jawaballs

Re-Rolled Miniatures Program

At The Battle Standard we are on a never-ending quest to accommodate all tabletop gamers.  From those that appreciate the modeling side of miniature gaming to those that just want every army at their disposal regardless of how it looks on the tabletop.  This is why we created the Re-Rolled Miniatures Program.
What is the Re-Rolled Miniatures Program?
Have you purchased an army with the intent to use it and just never seemed to get around to using it?  Have you received a miniature as a gift that after using it for a while, just doesn’t suit your play style?  Are you simply uninterested in the building and painting aspect of the hobby?  If any of these examples sound familiar, the Re-Rolled Miniatures Program might be right for you.
  • Sellers: The Battle Standard does the work for you.  We take in any number of your used miniatures whether they are assembled, painted or otherwise and display them for sale for you.  You name the price and we do the work.  Our trained staff works around miniatures daily and they will sell your miniatures with the same knowledge and enthusiasm that we sell our new, in-box products.  A brightly lit, glass display case will showcase your items in a location where people are looking to find them.  Say goodbye to ebay sales where shipping is always an issue and in the end you lose money to ebay charges.  Gone are the days of posting on countless forums and through social media hoping for a response from someone reputable.  Simply bring in what you’re selling, we sell it, and you receive the exact same amount of store credit it sold for on a reusable gift card good for any product in the store or available via special order.  It really is that easy.
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It's been quiet

Hi Folks,

So I have been extremely quiet of late. I have not been posting to Youtube, doing my live show, or blogging. I just have not been doing any painting or gaming at all. I am not gone, just taking a hobby hiatus while I am working out family stuff. Without getting too into it, I am separating from the wife and dealing with all of the emotional and financial fun that goes with it.  On top of that is graduate school, a thesis research project and blah blah.

 Pretty much the worst environment known to man  in terms of blogging and hobby.

Things will start to normalize in a couple of months and I will get back to regular posting.

In the meantime I will be working on my Robotech Tactics army when I find time, and patiently waiting for the new Blood Angels codex. When the book drops, I will be painting a new army.

Until then I am trying to raise funds! I need to pay off debt and work towards getting my own place.

I am selling all three of my current armies.

My Red Blood Angels assault army. This is my fairly famous army from Nova a few years ago which was a finalist for best army. It won 5 other GT best painted, a handful of players choice, and over a dozen small tournament best painted awards.  The army comes complete with a custom fit Battle Foam Pack Go.

My Tau army. I painted this army with love but only played it a few times. It actually won a tournament best painted when it wasn't even finished!  The army comes with a transport case, hard cover Tau codex, and 5 or 6 tanks that have been assembled and base painted including devilfish and a skyray. There are also new in box vespid, fire warriors and some more kroot.

My Lamenters.  Hand painted checks and all.

You know the quality of my armies and have followed them here for years and all three of these will win best painted at just about any tournament you go to.  I am entertaining reasonable interest. Contact me and we can talk.

I also am still selling my painting tutorial DVDs.  Find them HERE.

And finally I am still accepting orders for full sized banners.  :)

Thanks for all the support over the years!


Lamenters WIP for Battle for Salvation!

Battle for Salvation is next weekend!  If you have not already signed up, now is your chance. There is less than ten spots left!  Don't be left out of one of the best GTs on the East Coast.

BFS is not just about 40k though, there are tournaments for Malifaux, X-Wing, and Youngbloods! (14 and under).  It has been a couple of years since I went. It seemed that the last couple years things kept popping up that would keep me away from the con.  Not this time!

I am taking my poor cursed Lamenters for their second major round of action. Last time I brought them out was at Templecon and while I got crushed on the tables, they did win Players Choice and Best Painted (though I had to choose one to actually receive.)  I hope to perform well at BFS too, though I am up against some stiff competition with John Steining showing up, as well as my old friend Joe Johnson if he comes and many other great painters.  This should be a stiff field!

Here is a LINK for BFS.

Here are some WIP shots of the unluckiest squad in the unluckiest chapter:

The melta gunner has not actually befallen any bad luck yet... but that can change!

Hope to see you all at BFS!


Tournament Report!

WOO I managed to squeeze in a tournament! This was my first action since Templecon in February. Needless to say I was a tad rusty. That, and this was my first 40k action in 7th edition... and I was playing my Lamenters.  I had very low expectations for the day!

Sorry no footage, when I pulled out my camera after leaving it plugged in all night, it was out of charge.. not sure what the dilly is.

It did not take long to get bad news. The Lamenter Curse was strong.  My first draw was my friend Alex Fennel.  Take one of the best 40k players in the world, give him a fairly good White Scars bike army whith a knight and thunderfire, pretty much designed to slaughter mech space marines, and this would spell doom for my poor boys in yellow. Aside from my Vanguard Vets heroic assaulting his Thunderfire and killing the techmarine... the only wounds I inflicted upon him were from the explosions of my vehicles.  In fact it got to a point that I was ramming my tanks into his ranks just so they would explode and cause wounds!  Not much to say about the game. Alex tabled me in 3 turns after shooting down my Storm Raven and killing all inside.

Game two found me up against a nasty Ork list.  My opponent wasted no time boxing me into a corner and tightening the noose. But one valiant sergeant with a power fist charged his large squad of bikes that was about to run down my back ranks, and challenged his warboss. The warboss failed to kill the Sgt though. He had some weapon that was rending or something, not a klaw.  He failed to rend and I got saves... made them all, then punched him in the face... killing him and winning combat, thus chasing off the rest of the squad!  (I shot them up with the storm raven.)  This turned the tide. The storm raven was in play and he had little he could do about it and my termies and dread were running amok in his ranks. His most dangerous squad to them, mega nobs with klaws, was committed in the corner of the table, which I vacated with fast vehicles.  They were much out of reach.  So my heavy hitters proceeded to slaughter two full squads of orks and two battle wagons. Meanwhile my fast rhino was zooming off to take an objective while my vets heroic assaulted his sole remaining troops squad, some grots, and wiped them out. Next thing you know the game was over and I was the victor!  Steve was a fun opponent and the game was a pleasure. This time the dice favored me and I escaped with a win!

My last game was against a nasty flying demon army. He had 5 or so, plus a walker thing and a summoning portal which he threw into the middle of the table on an objective that was worth 5 points. This was where the action would take place.  He had a lot of nasty tricks including invisibility which pretty much rendered a squad of dog things unkillable. He also had abilities that gave some of his flying demons a 2+ jink, and lots of bonuses to his invuls.  I reserved every thing, and then it all came on at once except for the vets.  The scouts committed by charging his back ranks. He had some 4 wound per base nurgle things, and a squad of cultists. The scouts ran up and popped their pistol shots then waited for oblivion since they cannot charge. Thankfully my opponent left them pretty much unmolested since he did not see them as a threat. Boy was he wrong!

The scouts would go on to wipe out the nurglings, then the cultists, as they were left unaided because the vets were again held up in deepstrike.  They would not come on until the 4th round, when they heroic assaulted a squad of demonetes, wiping them out. They would later go on to claim an objective.  So after my initial charge was mostly wiped out, my Raven dropped off the termies and dread who went to work doing their thing. The Termies tarpitted the walker and dogs, while the captain split off to assault some plague bearers with the dread. I wiped them almost all out, but by some chaos trickery, he rolled double 1s on his test and managed to get them all back on the table.  But after another round or so I finished them off.  The dread would remain to wipe out the portal that was summoning demons and the captain moved on to take out more nurglings and claim an objective. The scouts would remain the rest of the game with their cloaks giving them a 2+ cover save.  The raven would start dealing heavy damage once I figured out which demons to shoot with it... I threw what was left of my assault marines at his demons to slow them down, then moved to take the objectives. In the end, I was sitting on most of them and won the game!

Yet another great game. Ray was a polite and professional player and he taught me a lot about the new psychic game, patiently answering all of my questions and humoring my naivety. You cannot ask for a better opponent!

In all I had a good day, taking 4th or 5th and scoring 2 wins for Sanguinius. It proved that with smart tactics, the right opponents and a lot of luck, I can win some games.

 Could this mean possible glory at Battle for Salvation?

More to come!

Dawn of War?

Hey would any one happen to have MP3s of the Dreadnought and Land Raider quotes from the Dawn of War games? Or be able to rip them for me?  I would reimburse you for your time!


Need a Skyshield!

Hey guys I need a Skyshield Landing Pad ASAP.  On sprue, or assembled and painted. So long as the barriers move. Any one have one for sale/trade?


Gaming fun in CT! and new Lamenters list.

News Flash!  There is an 1850 point tournament coming up on Sunday September 28 at The Battlestandard in Manchester, CT!

This ties in with yesterday's post announcing my signing up for Battle for Salvation.  I have had zero playing time this year, literally so I can use the practice!  More on that in a bit.

If you look at the link I posted, that will bring you to their events page. Notice how it is packed!  They literally have something going on every day! From Historical Gaming to  Fantasy and 40k.  If it is not tabletop gaming, it is Magic or another cardgame.

Another monthly event they run is the Paula Netto booster draft, sponsored by her son Michael in her name.  It is set up with kids in mind to reflect her passion for making kids smile. It is completely free and open to only kids 15 and younger.  A great chance to break your own kids into a fun hobby!  What a fantastic event. You want to bet when my own son is old enough I will be bringing him to events like this.

The Paula Netto Boster Draft is October 1.  Check the events page for more details!  CLICKHERE.

So I came up with my list for Battle for Salvation.  Blood Angels of course. I will be playing my Lamenters, mostly the same list from Templecon with a few changes.

Terminator Captain
JP Librarian withSword

5 combat scouts with cloaks
5 man RAZ with heavy flamer turret
5 mas RAS with Land Raider Crusader!  (New addition)
5 man Tactical with Rhino
Furioso with HF and Blades
Storm Raven extra armor, multi, ass can, sponsons
5 man shooty termies with flamer
5 man Vanguard Vets
Priest on bike with fist

I dropped the stupid costly Death company. I will simply use my DCmodels as one of my assault squads. I am still considering how I want to paint the Land Raider.  I want to make it the DCs ride, but am not sure that I want to paint it white(my DC are white) or yellow. I kindof want to go yellow and push the boundries with weathering and such...  I suspect I will simply go yellow and let the white DC ride in side.

I really need a new codex!  My prices are whack. But I really have no true hope of winning any way. :)  I registered for the regular BFS GT. I know some time ago I was planning on a Masters Invitational, however I don't know if that is happening as we are now a month away and I have yet to get info on it.  At this point "the masters" will have needed more notice to be able to compete at such a high level!  Besides, I kinda want to take a shot at Ren Man again.  There are six games, and I think with a close to max painting and sportsman score, and 3 out of 6 wins, I can have a shot.  That just means I have to win three games, be a nice guy, and put a beautiful army on the table!

I have my work cut out for me in the next month! So look for me at The Battle Standard September 28 as I play three practice games with what I consider a mid range competitive list.  The only way I am going to learn 7th edition is to get out of my basement and get into the game!  That is what The Battle Standard is all about.


Battle for Salvation

Just bought my ticket for Battle for Salvation!  BFS is one of the biggest and best GTs in the North East!  It is conveniently located about an hour north of New York City, just off interstate 287.  This means it is easily accessible to many many people without having to cross through New Jersey!  :) (One of the biggest deterrents for me when I want to go to a GT)

It has been a few years since I went. Things keep popping up for me that weekend like weddings and such. But this year I am finally getting back in action. Last time I won Best Painted with my Blood Angels army.

What am I playing? Army wise it doesn't matter. I have not played a game since Templecon which means I am looking at going 0-6.  So I am playing my Lamenters. Plus they need some more love.  And, I cannot play my Tau army again and not have a bad taste in my mouth. It's for sale by the way! :)

So between now and then I am going to rework my display board since I was not really happy with the one I made for Templecon, and maybe paint another addition.  Mostly I am just looking to get back to basics and hang out with some friends I have not seen in a very long time!


Shaking off the cobb webs

So painting that Robotech model got my juices flowing and I finally got the gumption to start this!

I have had it sitting around for quite some time and finally want to paint it.  I am going Lamenters with this bad boy.  First I had to get it ship shape though. It was a gift from a friend and was not in the best of shape when I got it. It had no guns and needed some love.  I had to order some parts, and have on the way the cannon from a Shadowsword, and some heavy bolter turret parts.  I am still looking for missiles...  any suggestions?

Check back for more updates!


Max Sterling Gencon exclusive

Here is a step by step of what I did to paint my Gencon Max Sterling for Robotech Tactics.  First I assembled using Loctite Ultra Control Gel.  I did not pin him because I could not find my pinning bits, but if an arm falls off, I will pin it then.  Using my airbrush, I primed him with Grey Primer from Valejo Model Air.

Then I went to work on the blue.  I base painted all of the blue parts with Kantor Blue. Then I started working the edges with Maccrage Blue. These veritechs are pretty nice in that they have lots of hard edges that catch the paint while their flat surfaces are small.  Look at his upper arm and the upper parts of his chest you can see where I got some nice edging.

Then I started with Calgar blue to push the edging even further.

For the white I did the same thing only with Codex Grey.

Then I did a second layer, with Fortress grey. The new GW equivalents work just as well.

 I went back and forth with Codex and Fortress several times. I played with the look on his shoulders for example to create a well worn, dirty look. At this point I also gave the blue a dose of Guilliman Blue glaze then reapplied the Calgar blue highlight in some spots.

Then I used Ulthuan Grey to make the white edges edges pop, followed by White Scar.

For the base I used some Secret Weapon basing bits and your standard flock. I have a mixed aggrate with heavy and fine particles which are grey and tan. I painted the column parts Rhinox Hide first, then a couple lighter shades of brown and alternating with washes of Seraphim Sepia, then I gave it a final drybrush of Ushabti bone.  

Did the gun in my standard colors, I started with a wash of Asurmen blue, then layered codex and fortress grey, alternating with more washes of blue. Then I layered Ulthuan, with more blue, then back and forth depending on where it needed more.

And the finished result!  I can't wait for the rest of my models to come from the Palladium Kickstarter!  Thanks to Jason Turner for picking this up for me at Gencon and sending it out.  I also have one coming from another friend which I am going to repose and paint as Miria. (red)  

More to come!  Jawaballs

Back on the horse!

I has been a long time since I have had motivation to really do something creative for the sake of doing.  Well I have some motivation now!  I received a Max Sterling model from Gencon in the mail thanks to a generous attendee and now I am going to rock it!  Max is a limited edition Gencon model created by Palladium for the Robotech Tactics game. I have a massive amount of models coming from the Kickstarter but thought I would practice painting them with Max here.

First I am not all that thrilled about working with metal.  I never did much like it..  Also, I am not crazy about the uncustomizable sculpt. However, this pose is very dynamic so it will do.  He came in several small pieces and included a flight stand.

I was pleasantly surprised that the pre cut join holes fit, for the most part. I have had some very bad experience with metal models not fitting together. With minimal prep work I had this model assembled and ready.  I have some video coming soon.

Until then... Here is a picture of how Max should look...

I was at first going to attempt to airbrush him, but since he is pretty evenly blue and white, and the two intermix every where... I decided just to hand paint the whole thing.

More to come!