Dread Shed list!

Hey guys,

Don't forget I moved my live show to Monday nights. I will be going on air tonight at 7pm EST.

Tonight I will be discussing a Blood Angels dread list and continuing work on the Imperial Space Marine I started last time.  Should be a good show!

Friend me on Facebook for the links, I post them up just before going live. Or find me on Youtube.

I just made a Facebook Group for the show. Check it out HERE. Join the fun!


Help a battle brutha out!

Hey guys!

Help me out with a rules question. Last year when I was building my list I planned to build using Shield of Baal.  I was looking at two Flesh Tearers formations jacked out with Assault Squads in Rhinos. For some reason I thought one of the formations had all Objective Secured assault squads...

Can any one help shed light on this?  Was I just crazy?  Did I read something that was wrong? I bought a dozen Rhinos to build the army...  What was I thinking? Why did I think assault squads were Obsec? Maybe this was a special rule for The Nova Open Narrative which was what I was building the army for?

Edit: I did find the NOVA 2015 Narrative primer and it says all units equipped with Jump Packs count as Obsec in their Blood Angels supplement.  That is probably where I got confused in wrapping my head around the game.  It was still pretty new!  Any one have input?

Jawaballs Live is Back!

Hey folks!

I am back on track with doing my live shows!  After some trial and error I am back to doing my shows on Monday nights at 7pm EST.  This week I started working on my Imperial Space Marine painting it as a Blood Angel.

Next week I will be showing off the Angels Blade Limited Edition book and continuing with the ISM.

You can skip to the 12 minute mark or so to see me start work on the model.


New Blood Angels Stuff?

Perhaps my absence has kept me out of the loop of what is coming soon but I was looking around this morning and came across these preorders available on the GW British site.  I giddily tried to buy the limited edition Angel's Blade set but then realized it was not available in the US. Any one have any thoughts on this stuff? Is this old news?

 I am an absolute sucker for limited edition book sets and this makes me wish I got the Chaos version.

I don't think I knew there were Blood Angels sternguard and vanguard vet sets!  

Finally here is a command squad set that appears to come with a captain!  

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a heads up that today I will be doing my first live broadcast in about two years.  I am back in the saddle and happy to be there.  I will post up a link later today for the show.  I will be talking about The Nova Open, painting Tyranids and discussing life in general.
Stay tuned!


The Void Stirs!

No, it is NOT whispers from the Void.

It is Jawaballs!  Coming back from the dead?


After many years of struggling I have finally managed to purchase my own home.  After a year and a half of living in a dark, dungy basement at my sister's house and recovering financially from the Big D, I now have my very own MANCAVE!

Yes folks, I am returning.

Step  One:

Finish setting up my new paint station. For the last 18 months it was incredibly difficult for me to find inspiration trying to work in the situation I had.  Well I have fixed that!  I will be posting pics soon.

Step Two:

Get back to basics.  I will be starting my Jawaballs Live up again, on Brush Lickers United.  I will tentatively be broadcasting on Tuesday Nights EST at 8pm.  There you will be able to keep weekly tabs on my army projects.

Step Three:

Create!  I have two armies in process, My Leviathan Nids and my Mech Blood Angels.  Both are going to be completed.  I also have a ton of Drop Pods and more Blood Angels to do yet another army.

So stay tuned as I finish prepping for my relaunch and get back to bringing what you all love!

And yes, there will be giveaways during my live shows!

I would take some pics but my equipment seems to be hurting from lack of use.  This needs to be remedied.

Oh and are any of you Fantasy Football masters? I need help with my upcoming draft! :)

Please contact me if so!

Or just contact me any way. :)

I'm Back.

More to come...


New Video Log and Painting Tutorial

Hi guys!

Today I am sharing recent video uploads from my Youtube channel.  First I have my full HD How to Paint Khador part one.  This is from my Jawaballs Way video series and I walk you through painting a Khador Technician in real time.  Enjoy part one!

And second I have my newest Video Log or VLOG.  I am trying to do these weekly, just talking about my thoughts on gaming and painting and life in general.  This time I talk about an upcoming doubles tournament with Fritz, and the bell curve of types of players you can expect to encounter at a tournament.

Coming soon!

My first battle report in about two years. On June 4 I am getting together to play 40k with Fritz in a Highlander doubles tournament.  With life taking over, we have not had much time to connect lately so this is going to be a fantastic reunion of sorts.  Expect to see full batreps of our games, plus tactical breakdowns. I have not been this excited about 40k in a long time!

On the painting table I currently have my Tyranids still.  Gaunts, Hive Tyrant, Gargoyles, Tervigon, Dimaerichon, and a very big special surprise.

More to come!


Missed it!

So if you have followed me for the last ten years you would know that I love the unique marines.  

Well I missed the Imperial marine this weekend. I was out with my son during the day and when I sat down to order it in the evening, it was sold out.  I scrounged CT today to no avail.  

Does any one out there have one they would part with?  

I actually want the book too.  I like to collect the special books for my shelf!  


More banners, now smaller scale!

I took an order for some new banners, but at a smaller size. The customer wanted them to fit in his restricted space in his basement, so I cut them down to be about 6 feet long.  Sadly I couldnt cut the price because they are taken off the same bolt of fabric... but here they are!

They are slightly wrinkly because they have been rolled up for a while. My shoulder is finally good enough where I can raise my arm over my head and I was able to take pics.  

If you would like a banner now that they are available in this smaller scale... let me know!

Up next I am going to be showing a LOT of Tyranid stuff that I have been working on.  Stay tuned!

Helbrecht Black Templars banner

Ultramarines 2nd Company Banner

Nid Advice and LOL Prices!

Hi all!  I have been out of 40k and painting for over a year. One of the last things I painted before I fell off  the map was this Broodlord from Deathstorm. At the time I was entertaining the creation of a Tyranid army but just didn't have the gumption.  But I have been feeling the itch! So I want to get back into things. I have a long stalled Blood Angels Mech army I was working on that I plan on restarting. But in the meantime I wanted to play with nids again!  

SO I dug out this Brood Lord and want to start painting the whole army.  I worked on this Warrior below. What is that gun called?  

I currently have the contents of the Deathstorm box set. The stealers are pretty straightforward to paint, but I was wondering about the Carnifex. What is a good standard loadout?  He has like 5 different heads!

I guess that brings me to my big question of the day.  What the heck are people playing nowadays?  I am at a loss. I have a few models I want to play, like winged Hive Tyrants and Mawloks. Plus I am going to play this broodlord and some stealers. But the rest is open.

Can any one help me out with pros and cons of current decently competitive 2k nid lists?  I would like to play in tournaments again but simply cannot go packing a weak list like I did with my Lamenters.  I am not really married to any nid models so the floor is open!

I don't plan on running out and buying 2k worth of models, heh that is one of the first things I tell new players NOT to do.   But I would like to paint again and want to work towards a larger goal.

The floor is yours gentlemen!  For starters, I was looking online and came up with the formation out of the Blood Angels books, Hypertoxic Node. Winged Tyrant, lots of Venomthropes and fun.  What do Venomthropes need to be good?  What about the Tyrant?

I also was looking at the Broodlords Hunting Pack formation.  That will get the guy above and some stealers on the table.


Also, I was browsing the GW site for new stuff that has come out recently.  I was absolutely shocked to see this...

A single, molded, plastic model... no options, no upgrade bits, no posebility..  Just this single model in a clamshell for 33.00 US Dollars..  What in the name of Sanguinius is GW thinking?  33 bucks!  A sanguinary guard box set is 33 bucks, and there are 5 equally nice and poseable models plus LOADS of extra bits!  I seriously coughed some M&Ms I was eating up into my sinuses and then spent the next 10 minutes sneezing and crying.  I hope to god no one has bought this atrocity. I also noticed the terminator captain from Deathstorm for 33 bucks.  It seems Deathstorm is no longer available so the only way to get that captain is to offer your left kidney.

After taking a year off, it truly sickens me to come back and see this.  This model should be 15 bucks. 20 tops.  It really has me reconsidering playing again.  Needless to say I will not be buying it.

On top of starting the Nid army and wanting to finish my new Mech Angels, I have a couple of other things going on.

First I was asked by a friend of my brother to help him out with his Chaos Marine army.  He is a soldier deployed in Afghanistan and he sent me some pics of his models. I am going to help clean them up and make them presentable.  On top of that I am going to paint some new stuff for him.  So I am going to start with an Aspiring Champion. He wants a purple and gold color scheme so I am going to see what I can do. Ive never painted purple other than the armor on that Broodlord.

Finally, I am painting a Weirdboy for the Nova Charitable Foundation.  It is going to be Badmoons so it is nice that I go tall that yellow experience with Lamenters!  I am going to be ordering up those models soon.

That is about it!  After a long hard year and a half I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Things have settled down with the divorce and I will soon be making an offer on a home.

With a Mancave.

More to come!


Newest hand painted banner!

This banner commission was for a home brew chapter called The Knights of the Golden Panda.  He created his own Blood Angels successor and based it on a feudal Japanese style with samurai accents and panda and bamboo iconography. Mostly just to mess with his buddy, but then it became a thing. So why not get a banner made!

He showed me some of his stuff and asked me to come up with an idea for a full sized banner. Seeing as most Blood Angels use some sort of Sanguinius for their chapter banner I stayed true to my boys. But in this case I gave him a samurai sword and bamboo chute in his hands. Rather than the usual Sanguinius looking up to the heavens I painted him looking down and wearing a bushido mask.  The main foe of The Knights of the Golden Panda are Tau scum which they expunged from a planet, so I included a Tau insignia being struck with a lightning bolt and of course the BA logo. The panda image overlaid is his own work. I pulled the idea from some of his own art. I think it is a nice touch!

Here is the finished work!

As always feel free to contact me, jawaballs at hot mai l if you would like a banner for yourself!

Coming up next will be a Ultramarines 2nd Company and Helbrecht banner.

And of course the Nova Charity Army project is incoming. I don't know what has been released to the press yet so I can't talk much about it.  But I intend to paint models for two different armies again.  Hopefully this year I will be able to post more!  Last year was a tough one.

To bigger and better things!


Ultramarines Chapter Banner!

Here is my newest hand made Ultramarines Chapter Banner!

Ultramarines Chapter Banner

This is the second time I have done this one.  I had to make some changes. First this particular banner is extremely detailed and I had to simplify it a tad.  One issue is the tabs on the bottom, the original one has 4 tabs but the template that my seamstress has for my banners is only a 3 tab banner.  So I had to make it fit.

This time around I feel I did a much better job with the genestealer and ultramarine. My first go around with the stealer specifically was kind of flat and uninteresting. This time I managed to get more roundness out of him. I also went with purple. I think the other one was red and black.  On the most recent image of the banner I found he was purple.

If you are curious, these banners are 36" wide by about 8 feet long.  The rectangular space, minus the tabs is 3x6 feet.  They look amazing in a convention hall full of gamers! :)

My next one is a unique banner for a custom army called the Knights of the Golden Panda based on The Blood Angels.

Stay tuned!


Greenman Designs Kickstarter Images

Here are pictures of the first wave of rewards I received from the Greenman Designs Xwing template kickstarter.  I will write a review of the pieces once I have received the rest of the rewards, as well as a review of the Kickstarter process in general. Jawaballs

Looking for Models

Hey Folks!

Yah yah long time no see. I am making an offer on a condo with a mancave next month. I will return soon!

For now Stout Smurf is looking for some models from a company called Grindhouse Games. Take a look and let me know if you have them!

Check HERE for the post.

Here is a pic.

More to come!


I'm still here...

My brother, currently deployed, has a gift for terrorists courtesy of Jawaballs.

And this is a tracer round so that the scumbags can see it coming.

Happy Thanksgiving Isis.

More to come...


Oh yah, I still exist. Hopefully getting back into gaming soon!

The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Blood Angels complete set

Here is the complete set of How to Paint Blood Angels videos from my The Jawaballs Way painting tutorial DVD.  Enjoy! Please visit my Youtube channel and like/subscribe. Also follow my blog. I will be doing a give away soon of a painted model! The next full tutorial set to be uploaded is Lamenters.

More to come...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Switching Gears

Hi folks!

It is time to switch gears for me. I have been so removed from gaming that I actually have no idea what is going on with 40k right now. I intend to change that and revamp my new army project, and hopefully get in a game with my painted army before they change the codex again!

But today I want to give you this:

I am uploading ALL of my The Jawaballs Way videos to youtube. This is the first part of the Blood Angels series.  In this video I show you how to paint a Tactical Marine in Real Time.  Enjoy, and watch for all of the videos to be uploaded soon.

Please follow my blog by clicking the link to the right, and like and subscribe to my Youtube videos!

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years.


Selling every thing.. Trying to buy a home.

Hey guys. As you know, I have been out of action. I have been trying to dig out from under a divorce, and save up to buy a condo. Sooo my attentions have been elsewhere. For that I am sorry.

It is time to liquidate my stuff to make the final push to get myself into my own condo by Christmas. I have been living in my sister's basement the last six months!

As such, I am selling my three prized possessions, my armies.

First up is my Lamenters.  This army won several GT best painted and players choice awards. It was my first foray into yellow and EVERY detail is hand painted. Every check, heart and number.  It includes a playfully converted "Bad Luck" bike squad and several LED light up tanks. You can find lots of pictures of it HERE. But here are a couple. Images.

It is not pictured here but there is also a Land Raider Crusader rigged for light and SOUND! It rattles off a series of quotes like "Target Aquired" etc. Due to the extreme amount of work in this army I am asking 1500 but will entertain offers.

I am also selling my full sized Lamenters Banner.  Check it out HERE. I am asking 300 for it. That is 50 less than my standard banner cost.

Up next is my Tau army.

This army comes as seen. Included are the current codex, a base painted Sky Ray, 3 or 4 base painted Devil Fish, a factory sealed box of Fire Warriors plus lots of others like more Kroot bits, some metal Vespid, etc.  The army has also won multiple best painted awards. All of this goes for a flat 1k.  The original post for this army with lots of pics can be found HERE.

And lastly, though it wrenches my heart, I am selling my beloved Blood Angels army I painted for NOVA several years ago.

HERE is a post showing closeups of some scouts and termies.

HERE is a Scout Squad.

More pics...

Mephiston won Best Conversion at some point and Sanguinor won Best Single Model at Nova 2011.

I will also throw in a lot of extras with the Blood Angels, like a fully painted Black Death Company Dread, and a beautifully painted Storm Raven (I'm sure there are pics of this thing some place on the blog.)  It is hard for me to put a price on this army because of it's sentimental value. But back in the day I turned down a three thousand dollar offer!  I don't expect any where near that much but feel free to make offers for this. By the way, it does indeed still play well. It also comes with a custom cut Battle Foam pack go. Individual, customized slots for each model.  That alone was a couple hundred bucks...

So there you go. As I sort things out at home, I will be returning to gaming. I have a fully mechanized Blood Angels army under way, plus am still into Star Wars X Wing and Armada.  If you are interested, make an offer. If you want more pics I will be happy to provide.

Oh I am clearing out my DVDs.  Full sets for 30 bucks plus 3 bucks shipping.

This is my last post to sell these things. I will break the armies into units and pop em on ebay next.