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Dawn of War?

Hey would any one happen to have MP3s of the Dreadnought and Land Raider quotes from the Dawn of War games? Or be able to rip them for me?  I would reimburse you for your time!


Need a Skyshield!

Hey guys I need a Skyshield Landing Pad ASAP.  On sprue, or assembled and painted. So long as the barriers move. Any one have one for sale/trade?


Gaming fun in CT! and new Lamenters list.

News Flash!  There is an 1850 point tournament coming up on Sunday September 28 at The Battlestandard in Manchester, CT!

This ties in with yesterday's post announcing my signing up for Battle for Salvation.  I have had zero playing time this year, literally so I can use the practice!  More on that in a bit.

If you look at the link I posted, that will bring you to their events page. Notice how it is packed!  They literally have something going on every day! From Historical Gaming to  Fantasy and 40k.  If it is not tabletop gaming, it is Magic or another cardgame.

Another monthly event they run is the Paula Netto booster draft, sponsored by her son Michael in her name.  It is set up with kids in mind to reflect her passion for making kids smile. It is completely free and open to only kids 15 and younger.  A great chance to break your own kids into a fun hobby!  What a fantastic event. You want to bet when my own son is old enough I will be bringing him to events like this.

The Paula Netto Boster Draft is October 1.  Check the events page for more details!  CLICKHERE.

So I came up with my list for Battle for Salvation.  Blood Angels of course. I will be playing my Lamenters, mostly the same list from Templecon with a few changes.

Terminator Captain
JP Librarian withSword

5 combat scouts with cloaks
5 man RAZ with heavy flamer turret
5 mas RAS with Land Raider Crusader!  (New addition)
5 man Tactical with Rhino
Furioso with HF and Blades
Storm Raven extra armor, multi, ass can, sponsons
5 man shooty termies with flamer
5 man Vanguard Vets
Priest on bike with fist

I dropped the stupid costly Death company. I will simply use my DCmodels as one of my assault squads. I am still considering how I want to paint the Land Raider.  I want to make it the DCs ride, but am not sure that I want to paint it white(my DC are white) or yellow. I kindof want to go yellow and push the boundries with weathering and such...  I suspect I will simply go yellow and let the white DC ride in side.

I really need a new codex!  My prices are whack. But I really have no true hope of winning any way. :)  I registered for the regular BFS GT. I know some time ago I was planning on a Masters Invitational, however I don't know if that is happening as we are now a month away and I have yet to get info on it.  At this point "the masters" will have needed more notice to be able to compete at such a high level!  Besides, I kinda want to take a shot at Ren Man again.  There are six games, and I think with a close to max painting and sportsman score, and 3 out of 6 wins, I can have a shot.  That just means I have to win three games, be a nice guy, and put a beautiful army on the table!

I have my work cut out for me in the next month! So look for me at The Battle Standard September 28 as I play three practice games with what I consider a mid range competitive list.  The only way I am going to learn 7th edition is to get out of my basement and get into the game!  That is what The Battle Standard is all about.


Battle for Salvation

Just bought my ticket for Battle for Salvation!  BFS is one of the biggest and best GTs in the North East!  It is conveniently located about an hour north of New York City, just off interstate 287.  This means it is easily accessible to many many people without having to cross through New Jersey!  :) (One of the biggest deterrents for me when I want to go to a GT)

It has been a few years since I went. Things keep popping up for me that weekend like weddings and such. But this year I am finally getting back in action. Last time I won Best Painted with my Blood Angels army.

What am I playing? Army wise it doesn't matter. I have not played a game since Templecon which means I am looking at going 0-6.  So I am playing my Lamenters. Plus they need some more love.  And, I cannot play my Tau army again and not have a bad taste in my mouth. It's for sale by the way! :)

So between now and then I am going to rework my display board since I was not really happy with the one I made for Templecon, and maybe paint another addition.  Mostly I am just looking to get back to basics and hang out with some friends I have not seen in a very long time!


Shaking off the cobb webs

So painting that Robotech model got my juices flowing and I finally got the gumption to start this!

I have had it sitting around for quite some time and finally want to paint it.  I am going Lamenters with this bad boy.  First I had to get it ship shape though. It was a gift from a friend and was not in the best of shape when I got it. It had no guns and needed some love.  I had to order some parts, and have on the way the cannon from a Shadowsword, and some heavy bolter turret parts.  I am still looking for missiles...  any suggestions?

Check back for more updates!


Max Sterling Gencon exclusive

Here is a step by step of what I did to paint my Gencon Max Sterling for Robotech Tactics.  First I assembled using Loctite Ultra Control Gel.  I did not pin him because I could not find my pinning bits, but if an arm falls off, I will pin it then.  Using my airbrush, I primed him with Grey Primer from Valejo Model Air.

Then I went to work on the blue.  I base painted all of the blue parts with Kantor Blue. Then I started working the edges with Maccrage Blue. These veritechs are pretty nice in that they have lots of hard edges that catch the paint while their flat surfaces are small.  Look at his upper arm and the upper parts of his chest you can see where I got some nice edging.

Then I started with Calgar blue to push the edging even further.

For the white I did the same thing only with Codex Grey.

Then I did a second layer, with Fortress grey. The new GW equivalents work just as well.

 I went back and forth with Codex and Fortress several times. I played with the look on his shoulders for example to create a well worn, dirty look. At this point I also gave the blue a dose of Guilliman Blue glaze then reapplied the Calgar blue highlight in some spots.

Then I used Ulthuan Grey to make the white edges edges pop, followed by White Scar.

For the base I used some Secret Weapon basing bits and your standard flock. I have a mixed aggrate with heavy and fine particles which are grey and tan. I painted the column parts Rhinox Hide first, then a couple lighter shades of brown and alternating with washes of Seraphim Sepia, then I gave it a final drybrush of Ushabti bone.  

Did the gun in my standard colors, I started with a wash of Asurmen blue, then layered codex and fortress grey, alternating with more washes of blue. Then I layered Ulthuan, with more blue, then back and forth depending on where it needed more.

And the finished result!  I can't wait for the rest of my models to come from the Palladium Kickstarter!  Thanks to Jason Turner for picking this up for me at Gencon and sending it out.  I also have one coming from another friend which I am going to repose and paint as Miria. (red)  

More to come!  Jawaballs

Back on the horse!

I has been a long time since I have had motivation to really do something creative for the sake of doing.  Well I have some motivation now!  I received a Max Sterling model from Gencon in the mail thanks to a generous attendee and now I am going to rock it!  Max is a limited edition Gencon model created by Palladium for the Robotech Tactics game. I have a massive amount of models coming from the Kickstarter but thought I would practice painting them with Max here.

First I am not all that thrilled about working with metal.  I never did much like it..  Also, I am not crazy about the uncustomizable sculpt. However, this pose is very dynamic so it will do.  He came in several small pieces and included a flight stand.

I was pleasantly surprised that the pre cut join holes fit, for the most part. I have had some very bad experience with metal models not fitting together. With minimal prep work I had this model assembled and ready.  I have some video coming soon.

Until then... Here is a picture of how Max should look...

I was at first going to attempt to airbrush him, but since he is pretty evenly blue and white, and the two intermix every where... I decided just to hand paint the whole thing.

More to come!


Of mice and men

Of men...

The men and women with Doctors Without Borders. These people selflessly are on the front lines. War torn areas, natural disasters and Ebola.  Medicines Sans Frontiers is there. Making a difference.

It is a source of pride to say that DWB is yet again the recipient of our charity efforts.

With that, The Nova Open Charitable Foundation is bringing you Blood and Honor: The Defense of Maccrage.  VISIT HERE for the page. This is your chance to win one of FOUR armies by contributing to something bigger than yourself. For the last few years I have been part of a charity army build along with some of the best painters in the world.  I take great pride in being part of this because it is my chance to be part of the greater good by doing something that I love.

of mice...

Some minuscule dirtbag stole a small box off Dave Taylor's porch containing the models I painted for the project.  Lacking the proper safety equipment to apply the crushed glass to my bases for snow effect, I mailed them without doing so, and they were sent off Dave's house to be finished.  Sadly he had left for vacation and the box was left on his porch, and some mouse stole it.

With no time left for me to get and paint new models, it would seem that this would be the first time in years that this charity project would be without a Jawaballs contribution. :(

But wait! This is an Ultramarines army after all!

So I dug into my reserves and pulled out one of my prized banners. I painted this banner for the banner competition at Gamesday 2012. I have a lot of time and love invested in this thing and it was the toughest Best Banner win yet. It took several rounds of cheers to get the winner!

 Is there a greater time or reason to part with it?  Nope. I have decided to donate this banner to the cause to replace my stolen models.  So this banner is now part of the ULTRAMARINE ARMY GRAND PRIZE! That is right, you, especially if you are an Ultramarine fan, are in for a treat of a beautiful army and a sweet banner for your man cave, or to display proudly whenever you play the army.

So lets forget the mice, and focus on the men. Lets dig deep, and donate as much as you can to make this year a huge payout for Doctors Without Borders.  For every dollar you donate, your name will be entered once into the drawing. Donate 100 dollars, and your name goes in 100 times.  The winner will be drawn at random during this year's Nova Open.  You need not be present to win, and they will ship the army WORLD WIDE.  This is truly a global effort!  Don't forget there are three other armies as well.  There is a Deathwatch army, a Man Eaters army, and of course, the Tyranids!  You can find links to all the armies HERE.

What else is going on in Jawaland?

Not much sadly.  I will not actually be at Nova this year. Labor Day Weekend is just not a great time for me as I simply cannot take that Friday off from work, and the weekend is family time. I am sure you all will have a great time without me though. ;)

The continued disappointment that is the wait for the new Blood Angels codex has me floating in the wind as far as 40k is concerned.  I will be playing my Lamenters at Battle For Salvation and again at The Mechanicon in October.  Gona be a busy month!  I am thinking of doing a Lamenters Land Raider...

But I do have a new banner to show you!

The Dark Angels!

Since I hand paint these, every one is a bit different.  You can also see my improvement. Compare this one to the ones on the right of my blog and you will hopefully see an improved level of depth that I have developed.  If you want one for yourself, you know what to do!

More to come and buy those tickets, you have to be IN IT TO WIN IT!


Defiance Games Fraud?

Just thought I would share. Last fall I backed a Kickstarter for a company called Defiance Games. The KS was for some fishbowl helmet shaped hard suit armor models that I could proxy as marines or whatever. I invested 80 bucks, then quickly forgot about it.

They offered regular updates, which kept the KS in the back of my mind but I admit I didn't read most of them.  Well the due date for the KS came and went. I had forgotten. The last update was the second week of Feb.

Any way, with a spark of remembrance as I was looking for info on the Robotech Tactics KS, I looked up Defiance come to find no one has heard from these guys at all. So I started investigating.  Apparently the primary name attached to the LLC is Tony Reidy. (Anthony M. Reidy)

Some of you will recognize the name as it is apparently attached to some flap regarding Wargames Factory and Fraud.


If any one knows the goods on this guy, feel free to share in the comments.  I don't feel like investigating much further.  I found some Dakka threads and reading those is like nailing my plastic cutter into my eyes.

Lesson learned!  I suppose I could have googled Defiance LLC and found the name, (the name meant nothing to me as I didn't know any thing about his dealings) then googled the name and found the fraud complaints, and given the KS a pass... I recommend this process highly in the future for any one who backs a Kickstarter! Not that you will actually find much info if there is nothing to find, but at least you will maybe find something bad if it exists...

For what it's worth, I filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General and a fraud complaint for the transaction with my Credit Union. (I will get my 80 bucks back.)

I wish the rest of you good luck!  Here is some info to help you file a complaint of your own:

Anthony M Reidy
Defiance Games LLC.
112 High Street 
Charlestown, MA 02129

Attorney General of MA E complaint form:

May this guy forever step in huge piles of dog poop. Feel free to share info on him!


Going to Gencon?

I am looking for some one who is going to Gencon this year and wants to do me a favor!

Email me. Jawaballs hotmail.  :)

Local fun this month?

Looking for something fun and maybe a bit different to do?  The forever lack of a new Blood Angels codex got you down?  Try Shadow Era!  

My friend Jared, owner of The Battle Standard in Manchester, CT is hosting a FREE draft tournament for the card game Shadow Era. Essentially you arrive and receive packs of cards, consult their veterans to put together the best deck you can from the cards you receive, and play!  This sounds pretty damn cool and I think I may have to try it myself!  CHECK DETAILS HERE. There are prizes and fun for all. Definitely worth the trip, especially if you are looking for something fun to do with your kid!  The draft is August 17.

What else is going on this month? TBS runs daily gaming each week, separate days for Historical, 40k, Mercs etc.  On August 9 there is a Magic booster draft and on the 10th Warhammer Fantasy!  Now there is an underutilized game!

On August 17 there is also a Warmahordes Steamroller tournament!  I keep threatening to get into that game... 

The Battle Standard pretty much has daily events. If you live in CT or nearby and are looking for something local to do, check out their EVENTS PAGE.

It's been a slow summer for me.  Disappointed I was when the Blood Angel rumors turned out to be untrue. I just don't want to play another codex!  I have also been playing Paintball and doing more active things.  

I played in The Invasion of Normandy at Skirmish, PA a few weeks ago and it was just awesome! It is a yearly event where thousands of players get together to reenact The Normandy Invasion.  CHECK IT OUT. If you are interested in joining me next year let me know, it is definitely worth the trip. I will be organizing a team. My next 40k action will be in October at Battle for Salvation.  I will be playing my Lamenters. See you guys there!


NOVA Charitable Army Build

You have to be IN IT TO WIN IT!

This year's Nova Open Charitable Foundation army build is turning out to be a scorcher!  I was just looking at some of the other models painted and I am blown away. Last time I showed you John Stiening's beautiful knight, well, go look now!  VISIT HERE. But here are some sneakies.

Calgar and Honor Guard

Beautiful Tactical Squad

Dave Taylor's Centurians

And if I get this right, John Stiening actually repainted a Dave Taylor Raider... It is gorgeous! He continues to blow me away. There is so much more to see at the Nova site. GO NOW.

Now for my humble additions. Here is my Tyranic War Vets almost complete. Forgive the terrible lighting and camera, it got run over by my car! But it keeps ticking so I keep using it. :)

And here are my Sternguard. 

For the Sternguard I need to give them all a final highlight on the armor then go over any other details, varnish, and add snow on the bases.  For the War Vets, much the same. My models are struggling to hold their own with some true masters of blue though!  I would dare say that this army project rivals the Battle for Armageddon a couple years ago!  I could spend the rest of summer adding touches here and there, but I will be sending these boys out tomorrow.  The Nova will get some proper pictures taken and posted for all to see.

In case you don't know what this project is, you can WIN THIS ARMY. That is right, you can win one of four armies by visiting the NOVA SITE and purchasing entries. For every dollar you donate, you name will be entered into the drawing once.  If you donate 100 dollars, you name goes in 100 times.  All proceeds raised by this army will go to Doctors Without Borders.  What a worthy cause! You get a chance to do some good in the world, AND win one of the most beautiful armies in the land. 

And don't wait, getting your name into the pool enters you to win additional prizes every week.  The Nova is giving away lots of loot to random people who have donated and it does NOT affect your chances of winning the grand prize.  It is bonus!  I am very proud of being part of this organization and I hope you all donate to the cause and win this army!


Blood and Honor: The Defense of Macragge A charity army build

Well this year's charity army build is gearing up!  Lets start with extreme eye candy courtesy of John Stiening. You have to visit his blog HERE. His work is just gorgeous. I personally need to get down to see him again soon to learn a bit of how he does this yellow.

John Stiening

John Freaking Steining. This model is outstanding. I am almost considering pulling out of the paint team just so I can enter to win this army!

You can purchase entries HERE. All proceeds go to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

As I posted before, this year's charity project is actually FOUR armies. Deathwatch, Tyarnids, Ultramarines and Man Eaters. It is my honor to be taking part in the Ultramarines army painting a squad of Sternguard Vets and a squad of Tyranic War Vets.

Here is my WIP on the Sternguard Sgt. It pales in comparison to what I just showed you. John humbles me. But it's ok. I do my best!

Sternguard Sergeant
I am building up the blue very slowly. I started with John Stiening's recipe, 50/50 Kantor/Black, then layers of Kantor, Macragge and Calgar blue. He is still very dark and I need to do many more layers to bring the blue up to the level of some of the other marines in the project but that will come. I wanted to do some of the details to give me an idea of where I need to bring the blue.  Of course it would not be a Jawaballs model without my own touch! One thing that I feel I do rather well is grey and of course red. You can see both taking shape. The red helm for the sgt. and the plasma pistol grey. I am even going to dip into the last few drops of my secret red varnish to finish the helm. The stuff I used on my old Blood Angels army.  Oh I am going to miss that pot of stuff! I have some video going up today continuing the step by step of this project.

Want more eye candy?

Here are more WIP shots from the DEFENSE OF MACRAGGE home page.

Truly beautiful work!

Oh and a charity army post would not be complete without linking to Dave Taylor!  Visit his blog HERE to see his updates on his Centurians he is painting.

Dave Taylor's Centurian

Of course, you have to be In it to Win it!  VISIT HERE to get tickets. For every ticket you purchase, you name will be entered once into the drawing. If you purchase 100 tickets, your name will be entered 100 times. So get on it!


Where to game in CT?

40k is a social game. It is meant to be played by groups of guys. The hobby is meant to be shared. You get better at painting and playing by being around others, learning from them and sharing that experience. You can't get this in your basement alone, (trust me I know) or sitting around with that buddy you always pound on. My brother, who lives in Vermont is a great example. I helped him build his list, and he brutalizes his buddies over and over playing in his basement, but it was not until he finally went to a gaming store up there that he encountered some one who could beat him, and he truly started learning the game. The only way to  get the full experience of 40k, or any table top game, is to go to a gaming store and join the community.

So where do you game in CT?  I get asked this a lot seeing as I live in CT and all.  The truth of it is that there simply aren't many places to go with thriving 40k communities. Sure there are my friends who game at Battle for Salvation in Westchester, NY. But we all know the wonderful CT traffic. I just can't get there very often.

So where?

The answer is The Battle Standard! Located in Manchester, CT it sits right in the heart of Connecticut making it an easy trip for any one in the state. 

What makes The Battle Standard great?  

Well for one, the owner Jared is a down to earth and supportive guy. He truly cares and wants his gamers to love their experience. I have chatted with him several times, and he is the type that not just talks to you, but listens and responds to what you have to say. A rare breed in our egocentric world!

I have played in a few tournaments there and as far as game stores go, it is large, clean and organized.  They pride themselves on "Raising the standard of gaming" and it shows. Each table has great terrain and the lighting, often times dark and shadowy in some stores, is bright and vivid, making your models look great on the tables.  But more than that is the little things.  Each table has stools... yes I know, a place to park is often overlooked. But even better, and more often overlooked, is the need to place our drinks so that we don't leave moisture rings on the tables... The Battle Standard tables have drink holders!  Coat hooks too. How many times have you gone to a game store and had to stuff your coat into a corner some place.  Or worse carry it around with you or leave it hanging on the back of a chair.  The little things!

Yes, funny, but it is the little things that matter when raising the level a step above every one else. And TBS gets those things right.  But one of the best touches, and perhaps most unnoticed, is the environment. Have you ever been in a stuffy game store during a tournament, late in the day on a hot afternoon?  We have all embraced the gamer funk!  Well The Battle Standard has an air filtration system!  Yup, no need to shower there!  (Joking please shower.)  

Seriously though, it is a place set up for gamers to play.  And that is what it is all about.

What else makes it special?  It's location is great, just off a major interstate in a strip mall. So there is plenty of parking. Right across the parking lot is a KFC and Taco Bell, along with a deli next door. Food? Check. 

That is it for now.  I will talk about events, painting competitions and the community there next time. My friend Alex Fennel, one of the top ranked 40k players in the world plays there and is always willing to give tips.  

I will leave you with one of the more important aspects of a good gaming store...

You cannot put a price on a good restroom when there are dozens of gamers about. And this one is large, comfortable and has a working flushing toilet!  (Trust me, I have seen some restrooms that were less than standard.)  It even looks like an ork outhouse!  Heh I should do an article on game store restrooms. 

So get out of your basement and get into the game at The Battle Standard!


So far removed

I have been so far removed from 40k of late that I honestly had no idea that we are just ten days from a new edition!  HOLY CRAP!

Even further, I got a tickle in my belly as I started reading the rumor mills about what is coming, and found out that Blood Angels are rumored to be on the cover and featured in the new box set.  Might this be the love that the Sons of Sanguinius have been searching for?

It makes sense in a way.  Orks and Angels, two of the GW mainstays, have been neglected in 6th ed.  I don't know much about Orks, but Blood Angels have been neutered and reduced to the level of combat ineffective. The 6th edition rule set completely and totally opposed them from the start and every one knew it.  So why no new codex?  I guess we have our answer.

New editions are not just hatched over night. If they are launching a new edition now, than it has been in the work for some time.  That explains why we have not seen a new BA book.  They set the plan into motion that BA will get the love in 7th long ago. The digital update was meant to placate us. I bet we can assume that was the date that the decision was made for 7th.

Whatever.  So what is coming?  What I have read makes me happy.  Orks are due out on he heels of the new edition. Then a new box set will come out, presumably containing Orks and Angels. Then Angels will drop shortly after.  I have seen rumors about a new unit of veterans who have come back from the Rage. Sweet. I have seen rumors of a limited edition starter kit with a Sanguinary Priest model... Ive been asking for that for years!

In all, it is looking like this is going to be the year of the Blood Angels. New rules, new models, new codex. Can I say new army?

It is amazing how my interest in this game was instantly and immediately rejuvenated. Thank god. I miss 40k.


New Charity Army Build Project

It is my honor once again to be part of a force for good and participate in this years Nova Open Foundation charity army build.  For info and to enter the drawing visit HERE.

What is going on this year?  Well there are four great armies being produced by some of the biggest names in the business like Dave Taylor, Gabe Dobkin and so many more.  One of the themes is the Battle of Maccragge. We will be painting two armies for this project, Tyranids and Ultramarines.

What am I painting specifically?

I will be painting some veteran models. A squad of Sternguard and a unit of Tyranic War Vets.  I wish I could do more but my time is spent this year doing graduate school.

So what is going on this year?

The NOCF will be sponsoring weekly drawings of prizes donated from some great names like Secret Weapon Miniatures and Thewarstore.  Each week they will give away a prize to some one that has bought a ticket. You have to be in it to win it!  Winning a weekly prize has no effect on your chances to win the ultimate grand prize. It is just bonus!  The earlier you get in the more chances you have to win great stuff.  Check the FOUNDATION WEBSITE every Sunday to see what great prizes are being given away!

If you are the type that prefers video, take a look!

I will be doing many updates as I work on this project. Stay tuned!

More to come.