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Ultramarines Chapter Banner!

Here is my newest hand made Ultramarines Chapter Banner!

Ultramarines Chapter Banner

This is the second time I have done this one.  I had to make some changes. First this particular banner is extremely detailed and I had to simplify it a tad.  One issue is the tabs on the bottom, the original one has 4 tabs but the template that my seamstress has for my banners is only a 3 tab banner.  So I had to make it fit.

This time around I feel I did a much better job with the genestealer and ultramarine. My first go around with the stealer specifically was kind of flat and uninteresting. This time I managed to get more roundness out of him. I also went with purple. I think the other one was red and black.  On the most recent image of the banner I found he was purple.

If you are curious, these banners are 36" wide by about 8 feet long.  The rectangular space, minus the tabs is 3x6 feet.  They look amazing in a convention hall full of gamers! :)

My next one is a unique banner for a custom army called the Knights of the Golden Panda based on The Blood Angels.

Stay tuned!


Greenman Designs Kickstarter Images

Here are pictures of the first wave of rewards I received from the Greenman Designs Xwing template kickstarter.  I will write a review of the pieces once I have received the rest of the rewards, as well as a review of the Kickstarter process in general. Jawaballs

Looking for Models

Hey Folks!

Yah yah long time no see. I am making an offer on a condo with a mancave next month. I will return soon!

For now Stout Smurf is looking for some models from a company called Grindhouse Games. Take a look and let me know if you have them!

Check HERE for the post.

Here is a pic.

More to come!


I'm still here...

My brother, currently deployed, has a gift for terrorists courtesy of Jawaballs.

And this is a tracer round so that the scumbags can see it coming.

Happy Thanksgiving Isis.

More to come...


Oh yah, I still exist. Hopefully getting back into gaming soon!

The Jawaballs Way: How to Paint Blood Angels complete set

Here is the complete set of How to Paint Blood Angels videos from my The Jawaballs Way painting tutorial DVD.  Enjoy! Please visit my Youtube channel and like/subscribe. Also follow my blog. I will be doing a give away soon of a painted model! The next full tutorial set to be uploaded is Lamenters.

More to come...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Switching Gears

Hi folks!

It is time to switch gears for me. I have been so removed from gaming that I actually have no idea what is going on with 40k right now. I intend to change that and revamp my new army project, and hopefully get in a game with my painted army before they change the codex again!

But today I want to give you this:

I am uploading ALL of my The Jawaballs Way videos to youtube. This is the first part of the Blood Angels series.  In this video I show you how to paint a Tactical Marine in Real Time.  Enjoy, and watch for all of the videos to be uploaded soon.

Please follow my blog by clicking the link to the right, and like and subscribe to my Youtube videos!

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years.


Selling every thing.. Trying to buy a home.

Hey guys. As you know, I have been out of action. I have been trying to dig out from under a divorce, and save up to buy a condo. Sooo my attentions have been elsewhere. For that I am sorry.

It is time to liquidate my stuff to make the final push to get myself into my own condo by Christmas. I have been living in my sister's basement the last six months!

As such, I am selling my three prized possessions, my armies.

First up is my Lamenters.  This army won several GT best painted and players choice awards. It was my first foray into yellow and EVERY detail is hand painted. Every check, heart and number.  It includes a playfully converted "Bad Luck" bike squad and several LED light up tanks. You can find lots of pictures of it HERE. But here are a couple. Images.

It is not pictured here but there is also a Land Raider Crusader rigged for light and SOUND! It rattles off a series of quotes like "Target Aquired" etc. Due to the extreme amount of work in this army I am asking 1500 but will entertain offers.

I am also selling my full sized Lamenters Banner.  Check it out HERE. I am asking 300 for it. That is 50 less than my standard banner cost.

Up next is my Tau army.

This army comes as seen. Included are the current codex, a base painted Sky Ray, 3 or 4 base painted Devil Fish, a factory sealed box of Fire Warriors plus lots of others like more Kroot bits, some metal Vespid, etc.  The army has also won multiple best painted awards. All of this goes for a flat 1k.  The original post for this army with lots of pics can be found HERE.

And lastly, though it wrenches my heart, I am selling my beloved Blood Angels army I painted for NOVA several years ago.

HERE is a post showing closeups of some scouts and termies.

HERE is a Scout Squad.

More pics...

Mephiston won Best Conversion at some point and Sanguinor won Best Single Model at Nova 2011.

I will also throw in a lot of extras with the Blood Angels, like a fully painted Black Death Company Dread, and a beautifully painted Storm Raven (I'm sure there are pics of this thing some place on the blog.)  It is hard for me to put a price on this army because of it's sentimental value. But back in the day I turned down a three thousand dollar offer!  I don't expect any where near that much but feel free to make offers for this. By the way, it does indeed still play well. It also comes with a custom cut Battle Foam pack go. Individual, customized slots for each model.  That alone was a couple hundred bucks...

So there you go. As I sort things out at home, I will be returning to gaming. I have a fully mechanized Blood Angels army under way, plus am still into Star Wars X Wing and Armada.  If you are interested, make an offer. If you want more pics I will be happy to provide.

Oh I am clearing out my DVDs.  Full sets for 30 bucks plus 3 bucks shipping.

This is my last post to sell these things. I will break the armies into units and pop em on ebay next.


Blood Angels: Flesh Tearers Full Size Banner

Flesh Tearers Banner

Here is my newest full size banner, The Flesh Tearers 4th Company!  This is an original design requested as commission. He wanted a 4th company banner, with 3 green blood drops, aquilla, saw blade and crossed edged swords. This is what I came up with!

I love painting these things. :)

As this summer rolls on I am going to get into painting my new army. I finished up with the NOVA models not long ago, and Grad School is FINALLY done next week.  That will let me change focus to my toys again!  So look for more updates on my painting, and playing as I break out the new army on the table at the local store, and get in some X wing games against Jim.

More to come!

Oh and take a look at one of my new FB pages!

Question about starting Ultramarines

I got a question from a Youtube viewer about starting Ultramarines, so thought I would share my reply here. I think this is pretty sound advice for any new player. Or vet for that matter.:

Hey man,

Well I have been out of touch with Warhammer 40k lately with the rapid fire changes to the game. But falling back on the tried and true I can offer this advice.

If you are a new player, new to the game:

Buy the most up to date codex. I think the newest one is coming out on the 12.

Look through the book for pictures you like. Read the fluff for stories that inspire you. Enjoy.

Based on what you found in the codex, at the GW website and browse for the single Space marine model that you like the best, buy that model from your retailer of choice, and paint it.  Don't fumble through the painting, search for one of the many many painting tutorials, including my own, get it, and use it.  That will take away the learning curve and make you happier from the beginning and make the chances for you sticking with 40k higher.  

Once you have that model done. Buy another. If your first was a tank, buy a box of infantry.  Vice versa. Once you have completely assembled and painted that set. Rinse, repeat.  DO NOT buy 900 dollars worth of box sets, and open them all up forming a huge pile of plastic, or even put them all nicely lined up on your shelf. This will cause you to lose steam. Buy a single box at a time, build and paint it then go to the next.  

Once you have a couple of infantry and a couple of tanks, now your skills should be good enough to tackle painting an HQ model. Pick one and do so.  

By this time you will have a small army consisting of an HQ, a couple troops, and a couple of tanks or other models.  This will get you close enough to a 500 point list and playing your first game.  

Once you have this small force assembled, NOW you can start looking at the rules. Look at the Force Organization chart. Look at formations. Do you see a formation from the fluff that you might like to emulate?  I am sure the new codex will tell stories, then demonstrate a formation based on that story. Pick one of these formations, and then continue on with your collecting. Fill out the suggested models in the formation. Play games. If you are getting beat down, ask your opponent about your weaknesses. Buy new models to fill those weaknesses. Build and paint them. 

Your goal is a 2k point army consisting of two formations. You can mix and match them, or take two of the same.  Why 2 formations? I don't know, that is what I do. This is not a rule. It is a suggestion based on my experience.  I am using 2 FLesh Tearears formations from the Blood Angels book. 

There you have it! Notice how I didn't tell you any thing specific? That is on purpose. Any player in the world can tell you to go buy models based on their preferences and expertise. That doesnt mean those models will work for you. 

What are strong units to play? Again, revert to what is fun to play. These happen to be both. 

Vindicators are really cool looking and have a powerful cannon.
GW just released a brand new set of assault marines. They are a Space Marine staple. Get them. 
Get a tactical squad. They are always useful.
Sniper scouts are cost efficient and surprisingly strong. I do reccomend several units of them in ANY space marine army. 
Storm Ravens are among the strongest flyer, I don't believe that has changed lately. Plus they are cool, fun to paint, and carry other units.
Ironclad Dreadnought. Powerful, cool and fun.  Put it in your Storm Raven.

The rest is up to you. Take this advice and go forth into your Ultramarine glory.  

Let me know if you have any specific questions I can help with.  


NOVA charity painting project Vindicator

Here are some pics of the final vindicator before I ship it off  to NOVA land!

Fire Dragons Finished for Nova

Here is a quick update on my NOVA project. As you know, I am painting models for the NOVA charitable foundation. Well here are the finished Fire Dragons! Some of them are redundant because I tried with and without flash. I don't have a great setup for photographing miniatures. Once NOVA gets them they will be photographed right but for now here is a taste!  You have to be in it to win it.  The NOVA Charitable Foundation will ship these armies free of charge just about any where. HERE is a link. The site is still under construction for this year's update so keep an eye on it and donate!