The Walking Dead

About a week ago I was chatting with a buddy and complaining about the status of zombie apocalypse movies.  I had just watched two stinkers, one was  remake called Survival of the Dead and another was well, who cares. They both sucked. I had high hopes for Survival because it was a Romero remake and like Dawn of the Dead there was a lot of promise.  Blah.

Fast forward to 10/31/10.  The Walking Dead.  My concerns were heard.

How hard could it be?  28 Days Later figured it out.  Put an every day person in the zombie apocalypse scenario and let him deal with it. We have all daydreamed about it. Some of us even have bags of gear stowed away just in case.  I do.  But I ask the question again.  How hard could it be to create a GOOD zombie movie?  Well if we had that answer we would have monthly releases of 28 days and Dawn of the Dead. But every once in a while, we get a blessing. We get The Walking Dead.

I found out about it a couple of days ago when I was searching for the original Halloween.  Call it ritual, but I have to watch it every year.  As I was searching I saw a trailer on AMC for a new series...  And shit, I had to believe!  \The Walking Dead was nothing short of a massive pleasure.  Sure, it draws from 28 Day Later, and all that came before it, but how could that be wrong.  They take every day people... a sheriff and a dad, and throw them into the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Drama ensues.  I won't say it's an amazing show yet. I won't even go as far as to say it is great. But I will say it is a whole damn lot better than what I watched the other day. And to go a step further, I would say it is following close behind 28 days and Dawn of the Dead. After just an hour, it is already above just about all zombie flicks/tv I have seen before.  I could have seen the twist with the protagonist's partner and wife coming... but screw it... it's not perfect.  I have three letters for you. DVR. Set it. Watch it. I have a feeling you will be reading a lot about it in the next few months.  


Oh and for the record, Bear McCreary is doing the music. Some of you may remember him from the most awesome tv series of all time, Battlestar Galactica... (The New One for all you old school die hards.)

Bear wrote and created some of the most memorable tv/movie music in history. 


Lord Shaper said...

I loved the first episode of this but if you didn't know this is based on a comic book that is currently passing issue 75 or so. If you go look at the time period it first came out both 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead came out around the same time so it was one of those cases of people having the same Idea at the same time rather than borrowing off one or the other.

Those comparisons came out a few years back but trust me, Both stories go in different directions.

If you like the show I'd really recommend getting the comics as well.

madmaverick76 said...

Very very good first episode. Definitely has me hooked, I will add this to my current list of TV shows: House MD.

Very good premise and actually well acted surprisingly.

Flekkzo said...

My wife is nuts for the comic so I am guessing that I will not get away from the show. Sounds like it is pretty good so it's OK. Personally I am looking forward to "A Song of Fire and Ice"/"A Game of Thrones", which can end up epic or awful.

So did you dress up Jawababy for Halloween? :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It was pretty dang good. And the comic is great. It has some oh shit moments and tons of gut punches too.

Daemonetteboobs said...
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DaveHowitzer said...

If you get the chance JB, there was a TV series (like 6 episodes) on over here in Britain called Dead Set. Basically is about a zombie apocalypse happening in Britain and follows people stuck in the Big Brother house. It's really smart, gritty and above all realistic as sin.

kazzual said...

So are they fast zombies or slow zombies. Your references make them sound fast, but that picture above looks slow.

Jawaballs said...

They are slow zombies. I think if they were fast zombies, people would simply cease to exist. :)

commanderduskstorm said...

I can't stand all the speed freak zombies in the movies today. The unstopable slow tide of death was always FAR FAR scarier than some guy missing an arm on you in the blink of an eye. I find the movies with the faster zombies (not all mind you) give up trying to scare you with the story, and instead try for the shock value, which IMHO is the wrong way to go.

@DaveHowitzer- I have seen previews for that on my satalite and have it ready to record in my DVR as soon as it comes on, can't wait. :)

daKING said...

I liked Survival of the Dead simply because it was VERY Remero. Not the best movie but it was exactly what I have come to expect from Remero, all his movies kinda come together.


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