The Mechanicon is here!

Yet again The Mechanicon is upon us! Mechanicon has become the GT for the hobbiest. In that I am saying that if you are into the hobby, than Mechanicon has something for you.  With multiple rooms full of gaming, there is something for EVERY ONE!

The Mechanicon Crew gets in some late night Talisman action!

Off the top of my head:

A five game 40k GT
A three game Fantasy tournament
Warmachine tournament
A separate 3 game 40k GT on Friday allowing Forgeworld Rules!
Several 500 point Kill Team tournaments for 40k
Blood Bowl
A "Golden Demon" type painting competition called The Iron Ogre.
Talisman, Munchkin, more more more!

Oh and there is over 3 grand worth of prizes.

To top it off, Mechanicon has been working hard at improving their already very nice custom built tables with even better terrain.

Finally, the main gaming hall has it's own bar with dollar pizza and drinks, as well as affordable beer throughout the weekend! At Mechanicon, you get so much more than a 5 game 40k GT. You get the opportunity to immerse yourself in gaming virtually nonstop from Friday Morning until Sunday Night.  Whether it is in various organized tournaments for fantastic prizes, or self organized pickup games with buddies. (I want you Ted Nagel. And yes Brad, we will see each other on the table too.)

So do take a look at The Mechancon site. The price tag might seem like a lot, but in the end, it is worth every penny and then some.  There are still spots open in the 40k GT, so get yourself signed up! If you have been looking to put a smack down on Jawaballs, we can arrange that too.  I am opening myself up to all comers.

What list am I playing? I will be bringing my new Hero Hammer assault list. I intended to play it in 4 major GTs. Nova, BFS, Mechanicon and The Conflict.  This will be my third outing with it.  I have little hopes of a Best Overall repeat, but I am going to do my best!  I learned a few things at Battle for Salvation and hopefully will be able to have a chance at beating some of those armies that previously tabled me. But I had to drop The Sanguinor from the list since Mechanicon is only 1850.  I dropped Sang and added a Rifleman Dread for some much needed long range punch. I would have preferred another close combat scout squad because they rock the house, or maybe devastators for the stronger shots, but simply did not have the time to paint them up to the proper level.  It will be a late decision on whether I go with the rifleman dread, or just a close support Multi melta dread. I wanted a furioso but I cant spare the Elite slot.

Soon it will be time to start thinking about a new army.  What do you think guys? Grey Knights or Necrons!  I also have a secret Xenos project in the works...

More to come on that once I clear out some commissions.



inquisitor_dunn said...

Ohhhh secrets........ Do tell.

inquisitor_dunn said...

oh, and good luck!

Jawaballs said...

Thanks! It is too late this year, but I have been thinking about getting into fantasy and I think Mechanicon would be a great place to do it. Maybe next year I can do both!

Jawaballs said...

Oh, and I am working on a group project with a very talented painter to be unveiled as a doubles/trios army at a tournament TBD. :)

Bump said...

I hope you do well and most of all I know that ou will have fun, As for the next army I vote Grey Knights.

Jawaballs said...

Thanks man. It is about frame of mind. In the past I have gone to tournaments sort of expecting to win, and not had such a great time because I got my tail kicked in. :) I am hopeful on painting awards, but I understand that Mechanicon especially is a tough field because guys go there with seriously well painted armies, probably among the toughest of any GT I have been to. After all, it is expensive, and painting matters greatly in scoring. Guys are not going to commit that sort of coin without giving themselves a chance to do well. Honestly I would be flattered to be in the top three at Mechanicon for painting. And happy with a top ten over all.

Ted Nagel said...

You're on Chris! I will see you on Friday!

Paul Johnson said...

Jawa as an avid blood angels fan myself i will be going with Necrons for my next army and i would cast my vote there for you. Saturday will be my mini christmas as most of my army is already paid for and will be in then. I can't wait for this codex! Not to mention oh the amazing paint schemes i know you could come up with for the 'crons. Best of luck @ Mechanicon battle brother i know you will do the angels proud!

Jawaballs said...

How bout red crons? I already have a tester for a nice bone colored one. Muahaha. I will definitely pick up the codex this weekend. SEe you there! be sure to say hi.

Doc Railgun said...

Tau. Their time will come soon.

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