Change of pace? Lets try Robotech!

I grew up on Robotech. I used to be up at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning to watch it when I was in 5th grade.  I have always kept that fond love. SO, I was nothing less than pleased when I was shown this new KICKSTARTER!

Palladium Books has launched a Kickstarter for a new revision of their Robotech RPG and Tabletop Tactics game. They have SWEET models and new rules. It is looking like it will be a freeking awesome game.

So there you go.  You can check out the rest for yourself HERE. 

To summarize, they set their goal at 70k and have already hit half a million with over half of the KS time to go.  Now they are in stretch goal time, which only serves to make the rewards bigger, as the more people who back, and the more it makes, means the more they include with the reward tier.  Get behind this Kickstarter and I hope to see Robotech included at some of the major GT cons in the area soon to relieve some of the GW BS that is going on!

Here is an example of one of the bonus Stretch goals.
Who doesn't love Roy Fokker?



Damn The Valley said...

Dude, I jumped in on this a couple days into it, and it is a daily joy to see all the free stuff I am getting! I'm almost at the $500 pledge level, and it's hard not to pledge more, haha.

Iron troll said...

So this is where the warhammer, rifleman, and marauder from battletech came from? I heard a few rumors back then but i was too young to pay attention to those news. Sadly this series was unavailable in Quebec so I couldn't watch it. Glad they resurrected the old series. I'll have to check around for the compilation so i can watch them all and see what i miss!

Iron troll said...

So this is where the rifleman, warhammer, and marauder from battletech realm came from? I heard rumors about lawsuit but was too young to pay attention to them. Sadly this series was unavailable in Quebec. Glad they brought them back, now I'll have to look around for a compilation and see what I miss!

Drathmere said...

I've put quite a bit into Robotech as well. I used to come home from school and watch Robotech. It was the first cartoon I had ever seen with a story arc. I would love to seem them make a 3rd generation table top game. I think they missed the mark here a bit doing the first war. The 3rd war had war torn earth with remnant zentradi, invid, human gangs, and a mishmash of equipment from all three eras. Imagine fielding an infinity style game with freedom fighter groups versus gangs, versus other freedom fighter groups versus Invid. There is just so much customizability to what could be done. That said, I have a whole horde of minis coming! We should setup a Robotech painting-a-thon.

Jawaballs said...

that would be awesome Drath. And I bet they will totally be launching expansions... :)

Damn The Valley said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised with expansions in the least bit. With any popular game, you need stuff to put out later, so the further left they start on the timeline, the more they have to work with later.

Chris W said...

I'm very glad you are getting in on this Jawaballs. I have been posting it on every site I'm a member of. I want to see this game succeed.

Thanks for spreading the word!

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