Blood and Honor: The Defense of Macragge A charity army build

Well this year's charity army build is gearing up!  Lets start with extreme eye candy courtesy of John Stiening. You have to visit his blog HERE. His work is just gorgeous. I personally need to get down to see him again soon to learn a bit of how he does this yellow.

John Stiening

John Freaking Steining. This model is outstanding. I am almost considering pulling out of the paint team just so I can enter to win this army!

You can purchase entries HERE. All proceeds go to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

As I posted before, this year's charity project is actually FOUR armies. Deathwatch, Tyarnids, Ultramarines and Man Eaters. It is my honor to be taking part in the Ultramarines army painting a squad of Sternguard Vets and a squad of Tyranic War Vets.

Here is my WIP on the Sternguard Sgt. It pales in comparison to what I just showed you. John humbles me. But it's ok. I do my best!

Sternguard Sergeant
I am building up the blue very slowly. I started with John Stiening's recipe, 50/50 Kantor/Black, then layers of Kantor, Macragge and Calgar blue. He is still very dark and I need to do many more layers to bring the blue up to the level of some of the other marines in the project but that will come. I wanted to do some of the details to give me an idea of where I need to bring the blue.  Of course it would not be a Jawaballs model without my own touch! One thing that I feel I do rather well is grey and of course red. You can see both taking shape. The red helm for the sgt. and the plasma pistol grey. I am even going to dip into the last few drops of my secret red varnish to finish the helm. The stuff I used on my old Blood Angels army.  Oh I am going to miss that pot of stuff! I have some video going up today continuing the step by step of this project.

Want more eye candy?

Here are more WIP shots from the DEFENSE OF MACRAGGE home page.

Truly beautiful work!

Oh and a charity army post would not be complete without linking to Dave Taylor!  Visit his blog HERE to see his updates on his Centurians he is painting.

Dave Taylor's Centurian

Of course, you have to be In it to Win it!  VISIT HERE to get tickets. For every ticket you purchase, you name will be entered once into the drawing. If you purchase 100 tickets, your name will be entered 100 times. So get on it!



John Stiening said...

You are too kind Chris! Do you know who painted the tactical squad. It is brilliant. I wish my squads looked as nice.

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