Gaming fun in CT! and new Lamenters list.

News Flash!  There is an 1850 point tournament coming up on Sunday September 28 at The Battlestandard in Manchester, CT!

This ties in with yesterday's post announcing my signing up for Battle for Salvation.  I have had zero playing time this year, literally so I can use the practice!  More on that in a bit.

If you look at the link I posted, that will bring you to their events page. Notice how it is packed!  They literally have something going on every day! From Historical Gaming to  Fantasy and 40k.  If it is not tabletop gaming, it is Magic or another cardgame.

Another monthly event they run is the Paula Netto booster draft, sponsored by her son Michael in her name.  It is set up with kids in mind to reflect her passion for making kids smile. It is completely free and open to only kids 15 and younger.  A great chance to break your own kids into a fun hobby!  What a fantastic event. You want to bet when my own son is old enough I will be bringing him to events like this.

The Paula Netto Boster Draft is October 1.  Check the events page for more details!  CLICKHERE.

So I came up with my list for Battle for Salvation.  Blood Angels of course. I will be playing my Lamenters, mostly the same list from Templecon with a few changes.

Terminator Captain
JP Librarian withSword

5 combat scouts with cloaks
5 man RAZ with heavy flamer turret
5 mas RAS with Land Raider Crusader!  (New addition)
5 man Tactical with Rhino
Furioso with HF and Blades
Storm Raven extra armor, multi, ass can, sponsons
5 man shooty termies with flamer
5 man Vanguard Vets
Priest on bike with fist

I dropped the stupid costly Death company. I will simply use my DCmodels as one of my assault squads. I am still considering how I want to paint the Land Raider.  I want to make it the DCs ride, but am not sure that I want to paint it white(my DC are white) or yellow. I kindof want to go yellow and push the boundries with weathering and such...  I suspect I will simply go yellow and let the white DC ride in side.

I really need a new codex!  My prices are whack. But I really have no true hope of winning any way. :)  I registered for the regular BFS GT. I know some time ago I was planning on a Masters Invitational, however I don't know if that is happening as we are now a month away and I have yet to get info on it.  At this point "the masters" will have needed more notice to be able to compete at such a high level!  Besides, I kinda want to take a shot at Ren Man again.  There are six games, and I think with a close to max painting and sportsman score, and 3 out of 6 wins, I can have a shot.  That just means I have to win three games, be a nice guy, and put a beautiful army on the table!

I have my work cut out for me in the next month! So look for me at The Battle Standard September 28 as I play three practice games with what I consider a mid range competitive list.  The only way I am going to learn 7th edition is to get out of my basement and get into the game!  That is what The Battle Standard is all about.



Paul Chappell said...

Good Luck! I briefly played my Fleshtearers in an escalation league here in IL, but found I simply could not compete with the modern books on any level with the old BA codex. Loads of "Troops" options, but frankly none of them particularly good... Deep Striking the Land Raider is amusing though if you are following a beacon (Drop Pod) in...

Greg Hess said...

Have you talked to your fellow players? If you are over costed about 20%, just ask if you can include an extra assault squad in your games to compensate.

Jawaballs said...

Greg, in informal games it would not matter, no one would mind. However I pretty much only play at the competitive tournament level And that is off the books! Paul, Oh believe me I have no delusions. But I did seriously thump a couple guys at Templecon. It is highly possible that I could pull out three wins out of six. I could get a completely random favorable match in round one, then get pounded the next two games, then the next day squeek out two wins. Three wins is all it could take! A couple years ago at Nova had I won my last game, which I could have had I not just screwed around and got a draw instead, I would have won Ren Man. Of course even three wins could very likely not be enough. But whateves, :)

Honour Guard said...

playing BA in tournament atm is nearly suicidal so you have my respect... let's hope we have a new codex soon and that it doesn't suck like happened to poor GK and (to a lesser extent) SW. but i have my doubts about it.

laks1 said...

Big fan of your paint tutorials :)

I have to be a bit critical in regards to the list. This is of course just my opionion.

HQ is BA's worst slot, why 2 of them?
Shooty termies are overpriced.
Vanguards are extremly overpriced.
Land Raiders are overpriced (this is not BA exlusive)

We have several unit's that probably won't get buffed in the new codex:

Attack Bikes
Frag Cannon Dreads in pod
Death Company (without JP they are priced correctly)
Baal Predator's (might get reduced slightly)
ML Devs
Vindicators (might see a slight drop)

BA is still on the bottom of the totem pole, but we do still have some solid units.

Jawaballs said...

Thanks Laks. But the models were mostly chosen for their looks over effectiveness. I went with shooty termies for the Space Hulk models. Vanguard Vets I am using Sanguinary Guard with angel wings, Land Raiders offer me a huge canvas upon which I can hand paint! But from what I am hearing Land Raiders are actually a bit more survivable nowadays.

Overall, BA are way over costed. If DC are given 3 point Jump Packs rather than 15 then they will be a good buy. Actually stuffing them into a Land Raider is probably not a bad choice. But really, any talk of a "competitive" list for Blood Angels is useless.

I do agree about the 2nd HQ though. I dropped the Librarian. I had yet to play a game of 7th and finally nailed down a friend to go over some of the changes and the Librarian is awful. So I am taking a Skyshield Landing Pad instead!

laks1 said...

True, termie models look great. Best to go out in style :) My Land Raider's did much better in 6th, now they just blow up since everyone is afraid of knights.

Greg Hess said...

Ya...the problem with land raiders is that av14 is only decent if you are facing an army that doesn't have any tool kits to deal with any heavy armor. In a competitive setting, you are dealing with multiple lance, melta, or haywire weapons, which all practically ignore the durability of av14.

Jawaballs said...

I know what ya mean Greg. Thats why any real competitive discussion is out the door for me. I am hoping to give me a fighting chance to win 2 or 3 games out of 6 though. I think with some good spatial awareness, tactics and a whole lot of luck, I can pull out 3 wins at Battle For Salvation! Even if I get zero wins, so what, as Laks said, I will go out in style!

Greg Hess said...

I wouldn't worry too much. Even the guys at Nova who weren't winning every game, were still having a blast, meeting cool people, and having a grand old time. As long as you have the right attitude (like you have!), you'll come back with wonderful stories!

Jawaballs said...

I really wish I was at Nova this year. I am sad I missed it, but I had a great time with my family! Maybe when my son is old enough he and I can do Nova together. :)

Greg Hess said...

Always next year! :)

laks1 said...

Post some more pics when you can :)

Jawaballs said...

I will have a lot more pics soon as I gear up for Battle for Salvation in a few weeks.

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