More Sons of Orar WIP

Today I am featuring another painter in the Sons of Orar project, AJ Taflan from Vigilante Studios.  You can find lots of WIP potos of a Tactical squad, plus other work he is doing on his Facebook page HERE.

This time it is all about the helmets. Painting white is not easy as we all know but he nailed it. And I absolutely love his eyes. If you go to his page you can follow the step by step progress of these things.  The best part about being in this painting project for me is that I get to be part of this fantastic creative process and it helps my own work grow.

More to come!



Rory Priest said...

He really did, it is a nice looking white and some touch perfect battle damage.

Greg Hess said...

Great lense work! Always impressed when people can do that :)

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