More WIP

Today I am doing a Baal Predator.  I have been feeling pretty excited about painting lately and have been working my skills with the Airbrush.

Of course first comes black primer.  

I'm kinda digging P3 Black Primer currently.  Sadly this can has primed it's last... its empty. 

I need to invest in a proper camera!  So again I use Mephiston red as the base then do a second layer with Coat de' Arms Blood Red.  I'm so glad I found that color!  

Looks a bit blue in this light...

I went back over it with a send dose of the Blood Red. For the weapons I do dark grey with a second layer of light grey, then I will wash with blue. 

Thats it for now!  Later this week I will post finished pics of all the stuff I painted the last few days.  

More to come!  Jawaballs


John Stiening said...

Love it, but you know that! :)

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