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Here is a question from a subscriber to my Youtube videos:

Re: Re: Which to choose Well now that im set up i kind of know what army style i want.... i want a hit and run style with speed bikes and fall back to were there is heavy guns, i was wondering if this tactic would work at all?


It seems that in 5th edition that tactic works great, especially in "Kill Point" missions. Take attack bikes and skimmers and some long range fire support. Zap some squads to take a lead in Kill Points, then turbo boost yourself all over the place and stay out of range! Its cheezy, but it works, and won Fritz and Myself a doubles tournament. Frankly I would rather face an army that has a logical and decent list based on background fluff that uses cheeze tactics then a cheezed out list that just relies on exploits in the rules to win. (Ork armies with 2 nob bike squads and a warboss in each)


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