Gamesday 2010!

Jawaballs discusses the winning banner with a blog readers dad!

The sweet GW girl give JB the loot!

Part of my massive backlog brings me to Gamesday 2010.  All I can really say is that I had a great time!  Fritz and I ran our club table again. He orchestrated a meat grinder game where all comers could play a 1k point army and just bash each other to bits. I took all chalengers on the open gaming table.

I played three games in a row, crushing all three brave souls for daring to put their models on the table across from me.  :)

Game one:
I played against a follower of my blog who modeled his army after my older 1850 list with Baal preds, a Vindicator, and tactical marines.  The guy did a pretty nice job painting his tanks with my checker pattern, and even used the same dreadnought chaplain model that I used for mine!  The best part? He had J and B shaved into his head! Now that is fan loyalty. :)

The game itself was over in a couple of turns.  My new list simply out classes my old list and I had too much fire power for him to deal with.  I immobilized his dread, and his vindicator in their deployment locations, and then proceeded to have his troops for breakfast with my terminators.  I will be putting this stuff up on video so I am glossing over it all here, plus it has been almost two weeks since the games so I am foggy on the details.

The end came down to me chasing around a couple of Baal preds until I destroyed them around turn 3.

Game Two:
I played another Blood Angels player and follower of my blog.  His list was a little more like my new one, and he watched the first game, so he knew what was coming his way. I think that worked against him. He tried to hunker down deep in his deployment zone with his armor... even getting cover saves, 9 las cannons can hurt pretty bad.  To his credit, the game lasted much longer than the first!  But the result was the same. A complete tabling.  None shall defy the might of Jawaballs and live!  At the end I offered his last survivors a chance to keep their heads by swearing fealty to me... but they chose the honorable death and charged my terminators, succoming to the Black Rage, and infiinity.

Both of these games were guys who don't typically play tournament level games, and they went up against my list from Nova which was primed to kill.  I admire both of them for their good spirits and fun.

Game Three:
One of the guys at the next club table, who had been watching my games all day decided to take a swipe at the title.  He had a ravenguard army with lots of jump pack marines, a raider full of termies, and some armor.  It was obvious that he knew what he was doing and I went into this game with my tournament competition mind set.  I knew I had him in the fire power game, but he had a lot of death in the raider and they would easily take me down if they got the charge on my termies.  So the dance began. Who would get the charge.  He moved his raider around my left side using a pyramid to block LoS.  I used mine to make a feint, dropping it just close enough to entice his boys outs of his, but quickly estimating the distance he could move, disembark and charge, was confident that he would fall short.

He bit the bait, and went for the charge... but I was right on! Short.  Next turn, my raider belched it's red death onto the table, and 25 invulnerable saves later, his raider squad was dead.  The rest of the game was just mopup as I converged on his objective. He made a valiant effort of trying to hold me off and get a draw, but in the end I just had too much coming at him.  3 Razors moving 18" from across the table to tank shock and contest objectives is tough to take!

Great job man! Sorry I have forgotten all the names. :(

Please don't take these short reports as any thing less than me having fun with a blog post. I am not being arrogant or bragging.  These were just fun games.

So what else?  I did not get to see much more. I did get my hands on a couple of Forge World Heresy sets of armor. The Maximus and Heresy styles.  I am in the process of painting them now and will be posting up pics soon.

Also, I entered my Chapter banner into the banner contest, and in a narrow victory, walked away with 1st place!  I think that the difference was the huge group of guys who had been at our club table. They all came over and screamed themselves horse for my banner.  The runner up was an awesome hand painted chaos khorne banner, held by a guy in one of the coolest costumes I have ever seen. He looked like a demon with yellow eyes. Look for video of that soon too.

Sadly, that was it for me.  I didnt get to see any thing else.  I met Jacob, the winner of the Storm Wardens army and I will be posting up video about that soon too.  We had a lot of fun and it was cool meeting so many blog readers!

The next day I was supposed to be at the Glen Burnie bunker in the morning to take on challengers... BUT Brother Captain James had other plans.  As usual.  BCJ found a practice sword in our friend Mike Cho's trunk.  In an ill advised unsheathing of the sword, James nearly managed to sever all of the tendons in the palm of his hand.  Smack!  Three and a half hours later, we were making fun of him on the way out of the ER.  So much for making it to the bunker on time! By the time we arrived, any one who was there had either left or was about to leave.  No game for me!  Sorry guys.

In the future, as fun as the club table was, I don't think we will run one.  It was great taking challengers and showing off my army, but I don't think it was worth missing all of Gamesday to do it.  Next time I think we will simply stake out an open gaming table, set up banners, and get in a game or two, but still be able to see the rest of the show.

More to come!



Mighty said...

That’s is cool to here Jawa, sounds like a blast. Would love to go to a gamesday one of this days. Hmm maybe next year. Congrats on winning the banner contest :)

Steve said...

in the picture with the GW girl, her and a guy in the background have BA shirts on. any idea where i can get one?

Michael Hogan said...

Are you going to start up a Lizardmen army for WFB? I bet they give out prizes like that to encourage people to try out different game systems/armies...

urban said...

The Ineptus Astartes banner is hilarious. I love it.

Jawaballs said...

They gave out that model because it is out of production. They have a new Stegadon box set out, so the one they gave me is crap. Thanks GW. And those BA shirts they had on said staff on the back. All of the staff guys had one. If I thought they were cooler, I would have tried to get one myself but I didnt care much for them. And yes, the Ineptus Astartes banners are good. :)

Brent said...


Someone carved JB in their head?

I thought I was a good net-stalker.


Jawaballs said...

Brent your devotion is lacking. You've been spending too much time fiddling around with Blood of Kittens.

PalinMoonstride said...

Jawaballs!!! When we meet again my raven guard successors shall be more prepared to go the distance! Although I lost, I feel good knowing that I brought your serious side! You are the first tournament level player I've challenged, and now that the fires of competition are burning, I can't wait to give you another go at the warstore weekend or mechanicon!

Jawaballs said...

You got it man. We can get a rematch Friday night at Mechanicon. Once movie maker stops being an ass and crashing on me, I will get some video up, sadly though I only have the intro from our video. My battery was dead. :(

PalinMoonstride said...

It's all good. The movie would have ended with my termies tripping on a pyramid after nothing but three turns of maneuvers any way.

I think movie maker crashes on everybody. It's Microsoft's way of getting you to buy the better one. Deffrolla Dan took my camera around so I could see most of what I missed (being chained to the club table and all) and while he was putting it together it crashed on him and he lost 2.5 gigs and hours of editing.
Had my camera not died on him before lunchtime he most likely would have lost 6 gigs worth of work as he was enjoying video graphing his first games day and getting shut down by the ultramarine producer.

Da Warboss said...

That girl looks like she's about to say 'One time, at band-camp...' weird similarity....

Dan said...

"They have a new Stegadon box set out, so the one they gave me is crap. Thanks GW."

Dude, they gave you free stuff, be at least a little grateful! They didnt have to run a banner competition.

Second: Congrats on winning the banner competition, yours is pretty impressive! Got any pics of the others?

Third: Yea, there is a resemblance to Alyson Hannigan, think its the cheeks/smile.

Jawaballs said...

Oh for gods sake. Do I have to explain every tongue in cheek comment I make? I WAS JOKING! Of course I am grateful for the loot and would have been just as happy had I got nothing. Oh Bill Murray, please help!

I had a friend take pics of all the other banners while the contest was going on, but he had my camera on digital macro mode, and none of the pics came out. The only two that were decent made it up on this post, and even they were blurry at best.

And true on the band camp girl. I would say her name any day.

Oh, and the prize for my next contest will be a brand new in box Stegadon Boxset.

Ryanjsmall said...

LOL I think some of your tongue in cheek humor is going straight over some peoples heads hahaha. Maybe you will have to hire a lawyer to write your next blog :-P

Sounds like it was an awesome place to be. Would love to get there one year.

EPIC fail to Brother Captain James. you should know by now not to let children play with knives hahaha.

Keep up the good work.

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