Jawaballs is selling his army?

Hey folks!  You read right. I'm selling my army. Well, not all of it.  The fact is that I want to buy a house and need a downpayment.  SO, it is time to start selling off some of my cherished toys!  I am offering this up here first since many of you have shown interest in buying some of my models if I ever decided to sell them. Well, now is your chance!

Here is the first one up for grabs:

Death Company Furioso Dread with matching drop pod.

This matched set of models was part of my "Death from Above... Stomp Stomp" army list made using the old Blood Angels PDF.  The army actually had 3 of these beasties!  These models were used in the Conflict GT, among others, and was part of the army that scored me 2nd place and a ticket to Vegas.  It also was part of an army that won many painting accolades including a Best Painted. 

The drop pod is painted with my unique checker pattern, love it or hate it!  Also each ramp was painstakingly painted with shaded hazard lines.  The 1 on the doors matches the 1 on the Dread. All of the doors open and close. The inside was drybrushed to a good level, but the details were not incredibly worked over. Im not insane! :)

The Dread is a Blood Angels Death Company Dread. I used the Forgeworld Grey Knight Dreadnought as the model. I sliced off the GK iconography and replaced it with Blood Angels stuff.  The left arm is the Forgeworld GK Close combat weapon, and has a Heavy Flamer attached. It does not come off.  The right arm is the Forgeworld Dreadnought close combat weapon with a meltagun attached. The meltagun is a standard issue marine melta, converted fairly well to fit the arm with a cable attaching it to the arm.  The banner is an accurate Furioso Dread banner, hand painted and magnetized for ease of removing.  The dreadnought is also magnetized. Both arms are removable, and the torso is magnetized to the legs, allowing it to swivel, and pop off for storage.  

Not much more to say!  This bad boy appears in a lot of my videos and pictures.  Now he can be yours!  

I have not set a price yet.  I am throwing this out there to see what the market might be.  So I am accepting offers!  Just to give you an idea of the minimum that I am looking for: We all know the cost of forgeworld models alone. So please take that into consideration when you make offers.  These models have been professionally assembled, converted and painted and are part of my private collection.  The hand painted hazard lines on the pod alone took about 5 hours.  If I had to estimate the time spent on these models, including the checkering, converting, and etc... I would say no less than 30 hours went into them.  

Please understand that this is not a fire sale and I am not throwing models away. I am parting with something that I love in order to take the next step in my life! Let your offers reflect that.  

How this will work:
Email me, jawaballs at hotmail. Once I start getting offers, I will keep an anonymous tally of them here.  I will accept offers for a week. If I have gotten an offer that I am satisfied with in that time, I will accept it.  If not I will open up the sale on Bartertown and Rogue Market.  

If you are interested in purchasing models from my army past, feel free to let me know!  

Models available are:
Black death company rhino with dozer
3 red rhinos with hand painting on top
a Baal Predator with Forgeworld extra armor
and yes, the Notorious Feather Tank. Baal predator.
two more DC dreds with pods.
one blood angesl furioso dread.
Blood Angels Honor guard. (the one that made golden daemon finalist in 2009)

I will be posting them all up over the next month. But if you have had your eye one something, let me know!  

More to come.



Steve said...

i am actually sad for you right now as i know exactly where you are. i have a 4 year old and my son is probably the same age as yours give or take a few days if i remember right, and i have a house. i sell models on ebay from time to time and it makes me sad (my models are about 1/16th as nice as these). i sold my LR crusader and all my termies when the PDF was out, then turned around and bought the exact same thing when the new codex hit. one word of advice, think long and hard about even if there is the remote possibility of you using these models again cuz i have kicked myself several times for selling models after the fact.

knightyc said...

plz dont tell me this is the end of jawaballs bloodangels.....

What about tournements you still going to be playing or is this it now.

Jawaballs said...

Oh Im not selling my tournament army. just stuff i dont use!

Pastafarion said...

Those dreads..... sooo sexy, will be sending an email : )

Pastafarion said...

Is there any chance you could get a good set of pictures up showing your entire army (for the sake of eye candy, its so cool to see how you did your pain jobs), and another picture showing what your offering up?

Reason being, I have been searching your site and I can't find a picture showing off your entire force.

It'd be sweet if you had a picture of your guys on the front page, easily accessible.

Jawaballs said...

I definitely need to get a good photo gallery going. Now that I am back at work for the year, where I have good lighting and space, I will be taking photos of my stuff and making a slide show. Do check out my youtube channel for video. Just search me on youtube!

Lone Wolf said...

Dude! why are you selling this? if your trying to save up for a house, 1 or 2 hundred bucks will hardly make a difference.

Have a think about it, as you might regret giving it away.

(BTW, love you & fritz's blogs)

Zachary said...

i feel very sad about the flappy baal pread being sold


Jawaballs said...

Sure it will make a difference! Every penny counts! But I don't use DC dreads so selling is easy. Plus, I can always paint more!

Steve said...

haha, he is right, every penny does count. an extra 20 bucks on your down payment can save you like 1,000 dollars over the life of the loan. i hate banks so much. Jawa go chase the americcan dream brother just remember american dream = broke for a few years.

Matrias said...

the american dream died when land ran out...

Lox said...

Jawa, you might want to consider selling some terrain or loot that you don't really want. Who knows, it might make you another fifty bucks.

But I can definitely see this stuff going for quite a bit... I would be very surprised if all this didn't go for at least seven hundred fifty bucks, likely quite a bit more.

Finally, do you have any spare assault marines? I know a guy at my club who has more painted tac marines/assault marines than the BA fluff chapter... and he won't part with them either. :(

Jawaballs said...

Ive given away most of my loot as prizes for things like the Storm Wardens army or during my live show. At one point, when I was not selling my stuff, I had an offer of 350 bucks for one of my rhinos. Too bad I forgot who he was! :) And no, I don't have any spare assault marines. I am repainting my entire army, so all my marines are spoken for.

Busty said...

Looking forward to seeing the new army finished. Great painting dude.

Cameron said...

how much and dont tell me its the end of your youtube vids im a huge fan

Jawaballs said...

Im not selling every thing, just stuff I don't use.

John said...

jawaballs; I'm interested in you're dread and dropship or anything else you have for sale, my adress is jhohman63@gmail.com please contact me. cheers! john

John said...

Hi Chris, definatetly interested, let me know what you need. Im building a "BloodAngels" army as well its about 2000pts,i think with a few things from you itll be totally complete.Im going with many jump packs and long range cover fire,the"Desceny of Angels"so i need armour for a good solid Punch! "All Hail Sangiunius"!!

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