New Banners!

I have four more banners lined up at the moment with 3 more on the burner.

Firstly, I have another Space Wolves chapter banner lined up. Easy enough, I've done it before and I have the banner ready to go. Just need to find time to paint.

But also I have a huge job in the works.  A new gaming store about to open has commissioned a series of 6 banners, thats right, SIX!!!

The first half of the commisssion is three banners. One more customized and two traditional.  The first was originally meant to be a WHFB Empire banner, but as I evolved the idea, turned it into a banner for the store.  The second two? Preheresy Word Bearers and Raven Guard. Too cool..

Here we go with pics.

On a red banner I taped out a rectangular shape with masking tape and laid in the back background.

Then I drew the shield and painted it a couple shades of red, and put in my usual scrolling.

Then did some more shading on the red, and a black shape for a sword and skull.

More work on the shape of the shield, scrolling and the shading.

Time for details!  The skull, in profile, gets its layers.

Skull mostly done.

Big jump here. I put in the lettering on teh scrolls and finished the skull with lighter shades of bone.
I also painted the sword grey and put in a more cool grey base for half of it.

Also I put in the shape of a wreath on the skull, and added another scroll, much smaller,
upon which I will add the date of the founding of the store.

Here it is!  90% done.  

I am wrapping up my mid year grading at school, so I will have my class room space again soon, which means I will be able to spread out and get more work done. I will keep you updated!

Up next, I paint a NMM Grey Knight Standard Bearer for charity, and the countdown begins for The Walking Dead!



Michael Hogan said...

NMM Grey Knight Standard Bearer? Sounds awesome.
What charity is this for?

Six banners? Wow. That's a lot of work, but probably pays well!

Jawaballs said...

I'm doing it for the guys running the GT at Templecon next weekend. I think it will be part of an auction. I'm not sure what charity, but all they had to do was ask and I was happy to lend my meagerness. :)

Michael Hogan said...

Gotchya. I'll be on the lookout for images of the entire charity next weekend.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Is it for the charity doubles tournament this weekend? Also we aren't running the GT but the fantasy guy from last year Kieth took it off our hands so we can actually play. If it is our event its The Fight for Hunger and it benefits the Rhode Island Food Bank. What model did you do Chris? Unfortunatly I will not be there this weekend

Aventine said...

Did you see the trailer for second half of Walking Dead:

Really looks like the second half will have all that action we missed in the first half, looks awesome.

John's Blog-O-Plenty said...

Looking good. Airbrushing?

Jawaballs said...

No, I need to figure out how to do that. THis is by hand. :)

John's Blog-O-Plenty said...

Once you learn, you'll never go back. I know. ;-)

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