Conflict GT incoming!

The Conflict GT is almost here! The time to get involved is running short, (Or may have expired already, however, I bet Aaron could figure out a way to get you in if you really want to go.) If you really want to go to the conflict but for some silly reason have not yet registered or purchased your ticket, contact Aaron HERE.

Why do you want to go to the conflict?  To slap around me and Fritz of course!  He and I will be playing in the doubles tournament which starts on Friday the 13th and culminates late on Saturday after the singles games.

What is cool about The Conflict? I have spoken about it before so I will be brief, but what is NOT cool?  The venue is a fantastic choice in the difficult NYC area. Holding events is NOT cheap around here, but The Conflict has solved the problem by holding it at one of the biggest malls in the state. Plenty of parking, lots of restaurants and most of all, a huge amount of space. Too many events are crammed into tiny conference rooms.  At the conflict we can spread out. Space is a very underrated commodity.

Aaron has expanded this year's conflict to include Flames of War and Warmachines, as well as 40k and WHFB, and is supporting Doubles and Singles tournaments for each.  Now that is ambitious! More and more events are becoming "destination" events that encompass entire weekends like Adepticon. This is a very good thing.  My only concern is gamer burnout!  Aaron has expanded the GT to 6 games this year. Frankly I don't think more than five games is necessary. A six game GT along with three games of doubles means that over the span of two and a half days we will be playing for about 25 hours at least. On an hour per dollar basis, this is an outstanding value, but when do we get to do my favorite part of these things... socialize!  To me these GTs are just as much about hanging out with like minded dudes and making jokes as they are about beating face or getting your face beaten.

I'm not sure that adding another game to the GT is a good thing. Big events like The Nova leave us longing for the days of the simple, relaxing 5 game GT. If it aint broke, don't fix it!  It is not a detractor to The Conflict in any way to play more games, and I know for a fact that a lot of you agree that you want to get in more games for your buck.  So I am interested to see how this year's conflict will work.  What I like about adding more games is that Aaron is continually pushing to evolve.  He is making a bold statement this year, that he wants to be one of the big boys.  I can see The Conflict being spoken of in the same manner as The Nova, Wargamescon and Feast of Blades!  All very tough, very good, and very different acts to match up to.

So this year Fritz and I are grabbing fate by the horns and throwing down in doubles. I am of course bringing my Blood Angels and Fritz is bringing his new secret weapon.  I don't know how we will do on the tables up against 2k point doubles armies of Grey Knights and IG, but we are sure going to have fun.  Hopefully I will see you guys at The Conflict.

What is next on the plate? Templecon!  Running on the heals of The Conflict, Templecon is a few short weeks after.  It very quietly is exploding onto the GT circuit this year.  Last year was the first year they held 40k events, and they were a HUGE success.  This year 40k is getting top billing. Instead of being stuffed into the dingy basement, we are getting a major ball room.  But the best part of Templecon is not even 40k. It is the scene. It is nerdgasm in it's finest. Last year I was shocked to see a thriving community of gamers hanging from the rafters and people in costume galore.  The theme for this year's event is Retro-Futurism.  Think the style of The Jetsons or the 50s corny sci-fi design. Remember all those silly "space fins" and chrome finish on cars? The black and white movies with silly rockets flying around and enemies with outrageous costumes and Ray guns.  Well that is the style that people are encouraged to embrace this year.  I can't wait to see all of the great costumes!

Templecon features get togethers, parties, Warmachine, dances, dinners, games and fun and more!.  Last year there were dudes in every corner of the hotel playing DnD, saber fighting, or marching in rank dressed as Stormtroopers.

Yes my friends... Nerdgasm.

Between The Conflict, Templecon and The Superbowl, Jan 13 to Feb 6 is going to be a great couple weeks.



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