Alabama CAGE Match banner near completion

Tonight I am uploading some quick pictures of my newest custom banner for The Alabama CAGE Match.  As for progress I am almost done. I painted the wings white and outlined them with black, and outlined every thing else with black too. I finished the chalice except for the gems with more highlights, and I did the halo on top with some bronze and silver. I need to do some more highlights on it and the blood drop.

For the words I started by tracing the size of the scroll on some paper, then laid out the letters on the paper to save trial and error.  Once satisfied, I redrew the letters on the scroll and painted them black.  For things like this you want Soft Body acrylic paint because it flows easier.

All that is left is the yellow hammer on the grey circle, words on the lower scroll, name plaques, and a fist in the lower left with a few other highlights and I am done!  I will be finished tomorrow.

Oh, I added some red shading in the X. Thought it was a nice touch. :)



madtroll said...

Looks really good. I need to make a banner.

JBW said...

It looks awesome! Is it the angle or is the 'G' in CAGE more skinny than the others?

I can't wait to see it finished!

Any ideas on the verbiage for the lower central scroll?

Jawaballs said...

It is probably a little skinny. That is what happens from hand painting! One of your guys emailed me some verbage from a military speech or something. It sounded good. I will post it up once I dig it up. :)

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