Craftworld Ulthwe Eldar: Warlock Mark 1 Part Two

Here are some updated pics of my Warlock Mark 1.

The first two are updated ones and the one on the white base is the old on previously posted. I added more edging with a mix of my base black with a bit of bone color, and I also enhanced the black shadows on the robe.

Baby steps!

I've definitely considered going blues as suggested before, but I really want to take on the challenge of painting black.  I think it will make me grow as a painter and give me another weapon to use in my quest to win a Golden Demon some day.  (Haha, some day a long way away.)

I also added a few more edges on the sword.  Being a witchblade and not a power sword I wanted to keep it toned down.

I can say that the camera definitely is not doing this model justice. The contrast between the lights and darks is way too extreme in these pics.  The camera is not picking up some of the subtle shades of black.  Maybe a really thinned down black wash will help...

More to come, this is fun!



wargamestudios said...

I know your style is painting with thick paint jawa but I don't think its going to work with black. Its very unforgiving to paint and the highlights will stand out too much if its done thick. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and love your painting style but its bot suited for this. I think you'll definitely have to consider watering done your paint and using glazes as opposed to extreme highlighting. Especially if you want to get to golden demon level. You can also try doing it in reverse rather than highlighting, maybe shadowing? Base the cloaks with a medium to light grey(make sure its very even) and then using very diluted black(with a mix of glaze medium and water) glaze all the shadows over and over gradually just getting the deepest areas. You will then have a very rich black and smooth transition of grey to black.
Just food for thought right!
Good luck with everything and can't wait to see more!

Jawaballs said...

I know, im trying! I mixed in a lot of glaze medium to these colors. Gona do another one, ive been trying to do guardian armor, not working out how I want... frustrating

wargamestudios said...

Your a great painter jawa, I'm sure you'll figure it out:)

Kevinmcd28 said...

Well its improved as its always harder to make the lines of the shadows not seem so obvious, as in not subtle enough, but very improved...Personally Iw ouldn't have the patience to do enough layers. I like it and at a greater distance it will probably do it more justice but I only see the bvious excellent potential for it to be more subtle (mabye thinnger paints..or a wider blend, or mabye thnner highlight lines) Very good bone and I am a fan of the sword and the gems (can you ever not paint red on a model lol) See you at the conflict

Jawaballs said...

Haha I was gona make the sword red...

One thing to remember though, this is a picture taken 6" away from the model, and it's size is about 10X normal. When looking at models, no one holds it 6" away from their eye. Yes the paint is thick, but at this magnitude, the result looks thicker than it is!

G Red said...

I hold miniatures 6" from my eye to look at them :) but I generally have a magnifying lens or reading glasses between the 2. What sort of fabric is the cloak? It looks to me that you are trying for leather. Knowing the fabric may help, since you can always get a piece of it to use as a model for how to paint the robe.

Try using a white backdrop for your photos to show the black better. It may wash out the helmet though. Lighting lighting lighting. The 3 most important things in photography.
The progress looks nice so far, but could we get some more color somehow? Runes on the helmet or robe perhaps.

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