Eldar Ulthwe: Black Guardians

Here are some quick shots of my Black Guardians. Eldar Craftworld Ulthwe, according to the fluff, mostly employs Guardians to do their fighting because their aspects were wiped out I guess. While I will be using some aspect warriors, I also have two squads of Guardians. One storm guardian and one regular.

I hope in the new codex they have upgraded stats for things like these.  It sucks to have such a cool thing as "The Black Guardian" in the fluff but in game play they are no better than regular ones.

I used High Elf Phoenix Guard as the bodies and Dire Avenger heads. One of these guys will have Dire Avenger arms holding a rifle, and the other will be holding a banner in one hand and a rifle in the other.  When I paint things like this, I usually paint the body first then attach the arms and finish them.  That way I can get at the details without them being blocked.

More to come!



Gilbear said...
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Gilbear said...
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Gilbear said...

Ulthwé relies so heavily on its Seers and Warlocks, that most of those who would follow an Aspect in most other Craftworlds instead tread the path of the Seer in Ulthwé.

This means that Ulthwé has fewer Aspect Warriors (but more Seers and Warlocks) than other Craftworlds. Therefore, to bolster their military strength, they employ more Guardians and in a wider spectrum of specialisations then other Craftworlds do.

I like the potential of your conversions, but I think you could do with some basic background reading on the fluff of your chosen army if you want to *really* capture their feel properly... I mean, this sort of info is available to everyone with an internet connection and about one minute of time!

After your dedication to the Blood Angels, it would be good to see you tackle Ulthwé with the same enthusiasm! =0)

Anyway, I hope that doesn't come across as too negative (it isn't meant to be!) and I look forward to seeing what your fevered and fertile mind/bits box comes up with. ;0)

(Earlier posts deleted due to spelling fail...)

Jawaballs said...

Ahh well I knew it was something like that. At least I knew enough about the army to come up with a fluffy list! With the exception of a squad of Pathfinders and a squad of Dragons, all of my infantry are guardians, including biker guardians. I have a wraithlord who will be that one that got jacked by Fulgrim when Eldrad tried to warn him, and a few wraithguard, and a bunch of warlocks. Oh and I have harlequins. :)

Tim said...

Can't wait to see more. Good luck on painting them. Black is tough...but at least the bone color will really pop against it.

Nathan said...

As I remember it, in the Eye of Terror book Black Guardians were BS 4, but were prone to falling back to their webway portals if they started getting chewed up.

Allan and Carmen said...

The conversions are very nice!

Shame the parts (Phoenix Guard) are so expensive :P

Cannot wait to see what else you come up with :)

Niels P said...

I look forward to see how you do your storm guardians...(Sword and shuriken pistol) and what bits you are going to you :)

Havent really found anything that fits the bill without having to sell you soul and left arm to get the parts...

Jawaballs said...

Lucky for me I had the Dire avenger parts sitting around for the Phoenix guard. And I just scored a squad of Storm Guardian bits in trade for come Black Reach orks! Muaha

I started doing up one of the bikes yesterday using the mounted legs from a High Elf Silverhelm. And I decided to use the shoulders from the Phoenix guard sets rather than just attach eldar arms. A little more work but it makes a nicer conversion.

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