Craftworld Ulthwe Eldar: Black Guardian Biker, Eldrad, Guardians

Here are a few more WIP pics of my Craftworld Ulthwe Eldar army.

Here is an image of my first five Black Guardians.  The one on the right is complete except for a banner I will do last. I like to put a banner in each of my squads.  

I know, nothing great as far as conversions.  It's just using High Elf models as Eldar. Nothing ground breaking, but I have yet to see any thing like these at any tournament I have gone to. So to me they are special.

Here is a close up of the standard bearer.  For these guys I am using Dire Avenger heads and weapons with High Elf Phoenix Guard bodies.  But rather than just swap out Dire Avenger arms, I am cutting the arms to fit the Phoenix Guard upper arms.  You can see that the upper arm has a bit of scale armor helping it blend with the rest of the body. It looked silly with the Dire Avenger's jacked shoulders jutting out of the PG torso. 

Here is what I mean. I used the upper arm bit from the PG and glued it into place on this guy. I also used the DA ammo belt.

Here is an example where I fit the DA forearm to the PG upper arm.  I tried to cut it so that the forearm looks like it is coming out of the scale upper arm.  

Here is another close up of the other Black Guardians.  

And here is a Black Guardian on a Jetbike!  For him I used a silver helm mounted model.  The legs took a lot of cutting and fitting to make them sit right on the bike.  I did the same thing with the left arm, cutting the silver helm arm and Eldar arm and fitting them. This took a lot of careful slicing a sliver at a time from the arm to make sure it fit right.  I only had one crack at it.  I have not attacked the banner pole arm yet since I need access to the chest and dash details.  For my bikers I am using the DA Exarch heads. I like the unique biker look.  

A closer look.  Once it dries I will shave the flashing. I did not glue the canopy to allow me to paint details.

Thanks to Dave from Battle for Salvation I have Storm Guardian bits!  I traded him some Black Reach orks for his SG bits, just enough to fill out a squad of 10!  I know, Storm Guardians suck. Well this is an Ulthwe army!  It pretty much demands the use of them.  I will be doing the same PG treatment with these guys, however, I am interested in different heads for them. I have two rules, no topknots (Eliminating the Storm Guardian heads) and must have helmets. Any suggestions?  High Elf Silverhelms might work, but with the body being all PG I think I should use Eldar heads.  I could go with Banshee heads... Or perhaps even something simple like Dark Eldar warriors... What do you think?

And of course, a Failcast Eldrad!  Actually this finecast is not too bad.  There is a bubble under his right arm, and the sword is bent as well as his helmet crest.  Neither of the bends should be too bad to fix after warming the model and bending it. I've never tried.  The bubble is not noticeable if you are not looking. 

What's next? Well I am sort of in a holding pattern. The last thing I want to do is assemble 30 models and have them sitting on my table. That is demoralizing and always a bad idea.  I am waiting for my new paints to arrive. I ordered some special sets for painting black, bone and white.  Once I get them I will do a few normal guardian testers, then rock out on these guys.  So as not to get bored I will jump around a bit. These 5 guardians, the biker, a warlock, and then the Forgeworld Wraithseer.  By that time I should have received any Xmas presents from the wife, and purchased the rest of the models she fails to buy me from Spiky Bits. Oh hey Rob, my wife will be calling! Take care of her.  :)

What is down the pipes? Well I am hoping for some great news for the Eldar as the next 6 months unfolds.  I am not just doing this army as a side trek. I want to compete with it.  I am going to get owned for sure if I play this army in 5th ed.  I am seriously hoping for some 6th ed New Codex love. At that point I will be keeping the paint scheme, and theme, but going full min/max competitive list.  That probably means dropping the guardians in favor of Dire Avengers. But wait... I am already using DA parts... smart huh?  

At this point any discussion about what might be in this army in 6 months is pointless. I have not been keeping up with the rumors.  All I can do is hope for some wicked codex creep.  What has to happen? Eldar have to be made cheaper, and making them a bit better in the assault would not hurt.  They would actually be competitive now if their point costs were not so out of reach.  A wave serpent costs as much as a vendetta. A Falcon costs 50 points more than a ac/lc pred.  Sure they have advantages, but I think you can see what I mean as far as costs.  By the way, I am just pointing out obvious flaws and stating examples of the flaw.  In other words the first person that calls me an Eldar whiner is getting a /smack.

What I love about the Eldar is the variety. I love the different aspects and their varied colors.  They really do allow you to paint any color you want.  This is a nightmare trying to tie them all into a cohesive force, but it is possible.  

Ok, back to work for me. The wife is home in two hours and this is the only free time I get!  :)



Rasmus Olesen said...

As always your models are fantastic Chris. I cant wait to see some paint on them, i think they will be quite a sight!

Painting back is always a challenge but i am sure you will master if pretty fast even tho the grey highlights can be quite critical!

Looking forward to see more.

Damn The Valley said...

The models are really shaping up man! I'm excited to see how these guys look painted.

Dalinair said...

Looking good, never picked you for an eldar player, thought that was fritz territory :)

Jawaballs said...

Actually, Eldar Iyanden was one of my first armies. I started them, but they got sidetracked by Blood Angels. The rest is history! :)

Kevinmcd28 said...

well by grabbing storm guardians your only throwing some bets down on black as GW tends to nerf good units and make uncompetitive units no one bought all the range, but the usual jawa-ifying conversions only helps your cause. So probably to be unvailed at the St. Valentines Day Massacre?

Kris said...

Eldar is definately the hobbyists army, and it is a shame the codex is so boringly crap (has some semi viable lists but not for fun gameplay).

These guys look amazing and it would be sweet to see the army fully painted on the table.

You could use the heads that come with DE jetbikes, the ones with a bandanna over their mouth is quite cool, but most have their hair tied back so its kinda top-knotish. I bought quite a lot of the scourge heads for 'special' models since they look pretty cool, not sure on the scale however. DE tend to be a bit more slender than the oldschool eldar, which might work well with your HE bodies.

You could even try the helmeted DE jetbike heads, the ones which look more like a motorcycle helmet kind of thing, with a big visor. But they aren't quite are eldar.

Can't wait to see the progress!!!!

Matthew said...

Check out the cold one rider helmets from the dark elf line for your storm guardians. They have samurai like horn bits on the front.

Student Teacher said...

I think it is pretty amazing how seamlessly well the High Elf and Eldar models go together. I think the different bits look like they belong together.

I know you say you aren't an expert converter, but I think you have shown us how a(n) (apparently) fairly simple conversion can give you a completely unique looking army.

That being said, the banner bearer just looks funny to me. I'm not exactly sure what it is. It just doesn't look quite right in my mind. It may be that the gun looks a bit big to be held in one hand?

Anyway, like others, I can't wait to see some paint on these guys, and to see some different minis!

Jawaballs said...

I agree on the arm. I was looking at it and thinking to myself that it looked a bit akward. That's one of the Dire Avenger Exarch "twin linked" arms where he dual wields the rifles. I will put up a pic with the phoenix guard banner attached and see if that helps balance it out. It kind of bends down at a weird angle from where I cut it. Maybe if I pulled it off and cut it at a bit more of an angle so that the tip of the gun is pointing more up it will help.

To me good conversions should not confuse or distract your opponent. Rob Baer's Ork/guard army was beautiful, but every model needed to be explained over and over during play. Not good. I have seen hand built blimps posing as Vendettas and nid armies made up of oodles of great looking mech parts so you had no idea what was what.

It is my goal when I do conversions to have them be Wysiwyg with the accurate weapons, not shooters counting as las guns, and actually have the model look like a new version of the original like my Mephiston. It is my hope that when these guys are done I will be getting questions like "So when did GW release that awesome new Guardian box set?" :)

Kris said...

It would be great if the new Guardians had the oldschool mail type armour once again.

Iyanden is probably one of my favourite army concepts ever, hopefully next codex they get fixed up!

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