Craftworld Ulthwe Eldar: Warlock Mark I

Here is my first attempt at painting black for my new Craftworld Ulthwe Eldar army!  I got a set of colors called Andrea Color, Black Set which is a series of 6 shades of grey intended to make it easier to get a nice black.

The paint is a bit thick in some spots. This was a previously painted Iyanden warlock that I Sprayed black, then did several base coats of grey.  I went with blue eyes, sword and sword gems to balance out the orange/red gems on his helmet. (Orange and Blue are complimentary colors after all.)

So what do you think? Should I push the shadows and highlights on the robe even harder? I botched the bone hands, but thats ok, I spent a lot of time on the helmet using the Andread White paint set.  I think maybe a few grey/bone highlights on the extreme edges of the robe?

Enjoy, lots more coming!  I tapped my friend the one and only Dave Taylor for advice on painting my Fire Dragon Wave Serpent.  Look for that soon!



wargamestudios said...

I like it but the grey highlight on the cloak looks a little thick and too defined. Perhaps thin the paints down even more.And i agree with you with to push the shadows on the cloak. Its coming off more grey than black. Here is a great image I found, perhaps some inspiration!
Starting to look good though and can't wait for more!

Rasmus Olesen said...

I think you need something between the black and the extreme grey color on the robes. We all know you like your extreme highlights and i think your final grey is right on. But then again going even more extreme might improve the model or it might make it worse. Black is a tricky color after all to look right.

I like what you done to the helmet and bone places. I would make the sword pop more to give something to brake the bone/black.

Not a bad start at all!


Tim said...

This is a good start. As mentioed earlier the grey is a little thick in some places. A badab black wash might help out totone very thing down more. I generally go with real extreme highlights on blacks, and instead of mixing in grey, I mix in some other color like shadow grey, spacewolves grey, or even bleached bone.

To be honest, and I've mentioned it before, I really think you reconsider going with a black color scheme. You could hint at black, by doing a very dark grey or even dark dark blue, and it would look awesome, and be easier to paint.

Whatever you decide, you've got the skills to make it look awesome in the end. The most important thing with any project so to make it fun. So happy painting!

hobbybuterfly said...

I love it are you going to do any tutorials for doing the black so nice

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