How to paint Necrons!

I have had this one for a while, but figured I would throw it out here for you!  I have a deluxe How to Paint Necrons video set available!  This set of videos is actually three tutorials.

Tutorial One:
You learn how to quickly and easily paint a tabletop level in no time at all.

Tutorial Two:
You learn how to bring tabletop to the next level by learning advanced highlighting techniques in painting a Metallic necron.

Tutorial Three:
You learn how to paint a bone colored necron that can easily compete for Best Painted at any tournament you go to!

The pictures show the bone colored and the phase one Necrons. CLICK HERE and you can purchase the video set directly from my site as a digital download. OR email me and we can arrange a physical purchase.

Enjoy! :)



Donz0 said...

Jawaballs, found this gem on ebay

look familiar :-) This tank alone got my playing the BAs

Jawaballs said...

Hah those are my tanks! I sold them a while ago. Cool.

Michael Hogan said...

Want to buy a similar thing for Grey Knights! Haha.

Jawaballs said...

Maybe I will try to pump one out. Metallic and nonmetallic master class!

RequiemNex said...

I would pay for a non metal metallic vid for necrons. I thought it would be an amazing idea for them..

Jawaballs said...

I had not figured out non metalic at the time I made these videos. Wait for the GKs!

Paul Johnson said...

Hey Jawa great video set one idea to bounce off you that I've done with my Necron Warriors that has had great success. I wanted to give the Living Metal a more true feel on my guys so i base coated black then did a dry brush coast of boltgun metal. After that I washed the model in Thaka Green and i love the effect. After that it was an extreme dry brush highlight of Mithril Silver. Then I followed the rule of 3s for green on the emblem and eyes as well as the hoses on the gun, Snot Green-->Goblin Green-->Scorpion Green. The Scorpion Green really ties in that neon green color from the Gauss Rod.

Anyway just figured I'd throw that out there for your critique and benefit of other Necron Players looking for ideas.

Michael Hogan said...

I love the name of Evil Space Terminating Robots for Necrons on the purchase page. Obviously, you did this to avoid copyright/ip issues, but it's still great and humorous.

Jawaballs said...

Yah GW sent me a polite email asking me to change the name. :)

Michael Hogan said...

I think I recall you making a post about that a couple months/weeks ago. Either way, it's great.

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