Feast of Blades: Here I come! Lock and load baby.

It's official! I booked my ticket today. Feast of Blades Here I come!

What is Feast of Blades? In case you didn't know, it is shaping up to be one of the biggest events in the country!  In a nuttshell, it is a sort of national championship event.  The way it works is that states from all over the country have regional qualifiers, and eventually produce a single "State Champion".  That Champion then goes on to Feast of Blades to represent his state in the FoB invitational.  But there is also an open GT for those that wish. (I will probably be playing in that one.) What is at stake?  Bragging rights and banners.  You get the honor of carrying the Feast of Blades banner, (painted by yours truly) back to your home store where it will be proudly displayed until next year.  Your name is added to the honorific slots on the banner itself, and you get to call your self Champion.

But that is honestly not what I am about. I am going out to FOB to see the likes of Goatboy, Darkwyn and Brent from BOLS!  As my 40k career, if you can call it that, has evolved, I have started to realize that GTs are more about the friendships than the winning.  So yes, I go to compete on the tables, and for painting honors, but more importantly, I go to enjoy frothy beverages with good people.  And Brent.

So there you have it folks!  Jawaballs will be traveling to Denver for Feast of Blades, October 19-21, 2012.

You west coasters, this is your chance to come slap me around on the tables, then have a beer!

With the unfortunate date selections for Wargamescon and Nova prohibiting me from attending either, FoB is going to be my one big trip of the year.  I plan on making it count.  I don't know if there is a teams event on Friday or not, but this is my official notice, Jawaballs is looking for a partner! (Unless one of my east coast buddies decides to go with me. :)

What will I be playing?  Unknown.  I am now working on a Grey Knight army, but with FoB so far away, I might have time to paint an entirely new Blood Angels army just for the event.  This time I definitely wont be making the mistake of painting an unbalanced noncompetitive army! My current 2k BA army is a 50/50 army at best.  Some times I destroy, some times I am tabled.

I can't wait!



rafien110 said...

First! Good luck man

rafien110 said...

First! Good luck man

Iaipunk said...

Assuming they do the same as last year, there is a team event on Friday. It's a doubles-tourney for charity.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Good to see you pulling the trigger on that one....Personally I <3 Denver, probably when I move out there in a couple years as planned this will be my event

Duke said...

Glad to see you coming, Jawa! We are in fact still doing the team charity tournament for Wounded Warrior on Friday... Can't wait to see what super-sexy army you'll bring up!


Warionex said...

Lets see if I can make the 45min drive to meet good old JB! Good luck bro!

Brent said...

(This is all part of my cunning plan...)

Seriously, this is great news! Feast of Blades last year was a first rate event; hard to believe it was their first big Indy!

I did okay in the Championships, losing twice - to the same person! Still, everyone I met in the Championship was ichiban, and it's a credit to the event that the two games I lost were my favorite of the day.

(Cunning plan, coming up...)

So, uh, Jawa - Chris - if you're looking for a partner, I happen to be free...

... and you did stand me up Year II at Wargames Con!

Duke said...

Brent and Jawa at the team tournament? Why do I feel like I should have an Ordo Hereticus placed at your table Permanently? ;)

Jawaballs said...

Brent, I think you just sealed it. Consider it a team. Now to start working on lists and display. I think my GKs will be coming with me unless 6th ed unlocks some sort of amazing Blood Angels rebirth. Shall we pair them with your Demons? How bout we create a whole new army based on The Walking Dead. Zombies with Lasguns!

And to be accurate, it was Fritz who stiffed you at Bolscon, I stiffed Goatboy. :) I still feed bad about that weekend, we had a lot planned.

General Oadius said...

Best of luck team! Wounded warrior is an awesome charity and very appropriate for a 40k tourney...you "east coasters" are all so sensible and grounded.

Brent said...

Jawa... even then, I was planning on stealing you...

Er, I mean 'team up with,' of course!

Regarding the plan, I'm very cool with either. I'm currently starting a whole new Daemons army, meant more as a showcase than a workhorse, "throw it in the box and go' army. It would be easy to complement either GK or BA, so either is fine. The display is even easier: a Chaos Attacks Imperial theme on one board.

Of course, doing something for The Walking Dead would be simply awesome! Either idea is inspiring.


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