Come on 6th!

First of all, am I the only one who is happy as a pig in shit about 6th ed?  40k has become so stale for me personally that I just can't wait!  Fritz, Smurf and I have lots of stuff planned to celebrate the launch of 6 with the return of my regular live show and loads of new content breaking down that book cover to cover.

Sorry I have been so quiet of late, just nothing to write about.  More soon.

I do happen to have some left over stuff to unload.

x2 GK Termies
x2 GK Dreadknights
x2 SM Razorbacks
x1 Necron Ghost Ark
x2 BA Sanguinary Guard
x1 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
x1 Lizardman Stegadon

Get em now for 20% off the current GW retail.

All new, though I will probably open the box and just ship the sprues to save on shipping.

Email me if interested!



HuronBH said...

I have to say I agree. While I have be able to find a few ways to play fun games of 40K in the last year (Boarding Actions, 1K campaigns, etc) for the most part I have had zero interest in the stale 40K 5th environment we are in now.

I'm looking forward to 6th to, though it may take some time to get things going again in my area.

Twyg said...

I gotta say that I'm excited for sixth. The way these things go the rules are going to change, and hopefully frequently so that things not only stay fresh, but so that you don't have such cut throat competition/fights over rules exploitation and such. It'll be nice to figure out a new rule set and find ways to make it work! Bring it!

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