Road Trip!

OK folks,

As I previously mentioned I am leaving today for FTW Games courtesy of Spikey Bits! (Rob Baer)

Fritz and I will be arriving tonight and hanging til close, then spending ALL DAY there tomorrow doing seminars, shaking hands, rolling dice and crushing skulls in a tournament.

Come on out and get in a game or just say hi!

I will be trying to broadcast live so check my stream often over at Jawaballs Live. While you are there feel free to check out the footage that Fritz and I shot last week!

So if you are in the area I hope to see you pop in for a visit and a beer!

I will be playing my Drop Pod Dread list but I will also have my Mephiston Jump Pack army on hand as well so you can see it in person if you wish.  By the way, I still have footage from last weeks tournament to post. I will get it all up asap! After tomorrrow I will have about 32gigs of additional footage to sort.  :)


Oh My.


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