I.. hurt myself today.. to see if I still feel...

I don't know why but Hurt by Nine Inch Nails makes me think of Psychic Devastation. And when I think about psychic devastation, I think about the 6th edition fun I will have with my drop pod army.  First of all, hello second librarian!

The Librarian was already the best budget choice in the Blood Angels codex for an HQ. Yes Mephiston is fantastic, but I don't know how effective he is in a truly competitive army. When I won Mechanicon, it was done with a simple Librarian as my HQ.

With what is believed to be the edition of the psyker, now is the time for the Blood Angels librarian to come into it's own!

Blood Angels terminator librarian

Could it even be the time put the terminator librarian with Storm Shield on the table?  

How about Librarian Dreads?

Hell, how about Mephiston?  

I am drooling about the prospect of playing a pair of Libby HQ and a Libby Furioso.  

We can only dream just yet. But soon!

Be Ready.

June 30th.  War is coming.  Will you be watching?



Adam said...

How about the Eldar getting a new Codex? Hmmm? HMMMM? What then!

Doc Railgun said...

BAs can field what... 5 Librarians? (3 Dreads, 2 HQs)
Hopefully we will also see the return of the Baal.

Gonewild said...

It would seem as though our obvious choice just got more obvious (and perhaps spammable). I hope the psychic stuff leaves room for tactical decisions and isn't too wonky.

Current rumors suggest that Sanguinary Guard may get a buff, but I'm not holding my breath until I get my hands on the new rules.

Overall I'm excited for 6th edition!

Feldmarshal G said...

Definitely excited. If the rumors about Jump Packs and Deep Striking hold true, we may all be able to play the BAs the way that we want to play them: Assault Marines with Jump Packs flying around the field.

Will Wright said...

I would think Blue Oyster Cults,Veterans of the Psychic Wars would be a better fit.
The scars are on the inside.

K said...

Pysker fan getting less psyker crazy here...
I wanna cast Blood Lance, not a fireball (--> WHF Magic Cards)

I mean, c'mon... Psychic pool and such ?

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