It is time.

 For years, Fritz and I have been bringing you gaming content with our own little twists of fun and insight.  During that time, we have been threatening to launch our own broadcast site.  Well, that time is now.

WarTV is here! And so is your chance to win a free 6th Edition Rule Book!

The advent of 6th edition brings with it unprecedented opportunity to grow and evolve. And WarTV will be helping you through the process by bringing it right to your computer in High Definition.

We have done live broadcasts in the past, but never before like this. Join us as we broadcast live at least once a month.  Jim the Stout Smurf is joining us to give a third perspective.

WarTV will bring you what we are known for. Fritz will be delivering his usual tactical expertise while I provide my unique, creative problem solving and painting skills.  Jim, The Stout Smurf, a proficient gamer in his own right, brings his own years of experience to the table. Known for developing the game Gnome Wars, he already has a loyal following from the historical gaming genre. But what he brings to WarTV is the angle of a nooby 40k player applying what Fritz and Jawa teach, and using it to win. (He has beaten me every time we played... shhhh)

We will be doing a monthly show through our USTREAM channel together. Two of us will play a game while a third offers commentary, and fields questions from the chat.  We will play the games from an instructional point of view. Discussing strategy and plans, and seeing how they work.  We will walk you through each game, and you will get a feel for what it is like to see 40k through our eyes!

Many of you have been at tournaments or stores and seen games being played, and had questions, but felt uncomfortable to interupt the players. Plus many gamers make it obvious that they are NOT interested in explaining the game to inexperienced players. Well, not us! We will answer those questions before you even know you want to ask them!  Some of you would love the chance to go to a gaming club of your own, but live too far away from any organized group to make it on a regular basis. Well this is your chance to get the gaming club experience right in your own man cave!  You will be able to ask questions and aquire insight as we play, and even play a role in our decision making. That's right, you will be able to suggest strategy, and we will give it a shot!

But we won't be stopping there.  During the free broadcasts, we will be shooting High Definition video, getting in close to the action and models, and producing batreps unlike any you have seen before. We will then be making this bonus content available for you to download from WarTV!  Miss a show? Don't worry about it, you can download the HD footage and watch it at your leisure.

In addition to our gaming group night, we will be making available special segments from our own areas of expertise. You will get Fritz producing video on his analytical and tactical briliance. I will be making available exclusive "How to Paint" videos as I reinvent my own artistic style, and tactical videos of my own as I ever try to stay ahead of the 40k curve.  And Jim will be bringing you his own flavor of analysis of the game, by providing you his own insight into how he implements his trial and error and becomes a force in the 40k world. But also, you get the other side of gaming. Jim travels to many historical conventions and runs Gnome Wars sessions, a game he invented. He is an outstanding hobbiest and is known for his seminars on "Painting the Three Footer."  Teaching you how to paint a model to look good on a table, with minimal effort and talent.

You will also get our usual variety of fun. Trips to Gamesday, Feast of Blades, Nova, and so on. You get what we already are known for, plus lots more!

Oh, and we won't be doing just 40k. Look for us to explore WHFB, Gnome Wars, Warmachine and Flames of War as well!  It is going to be your complete gaming central!

So join us for the first broadcast of WarTV on Saturday, June 30 at 3:00 PM EST as we bring you the first televised live games of Warhammer 40k, 6th edition.  It is going to be a fantastic day full of give aways with the grand prize of the day being a new 6th edition rule book!  Thats right! Join our mailing list and watch our show, and get stuff.  :)

Sit back and Relax. WarTV is here!

In order to be eligible to win next weekends grand prize of a 6th Edition Warhammer 40k rule book, you need only be signed up on our MAILING LIST. It is a yahoo group for now. You know how they work. We will randomly draw the winner of the new rule book during the show from the names in our list at the time.

There will also be other loot as the three of us delve into our shelves that we will be giving away to people viewing throughout the show. (You will also need to be on the mailing list.)  So watch all day and score prizes!

Come watch the war!

War to come...



40K Giveaway said...

This sounds awesome! Good luck with getting everything up and running, I'm looking forward to June 30!

Mephiston Giveaway

Jawaballs said...

You are welcome man. We will be happy to promote your giveaway too. Email me if you want to discuss.

knightyc said...

any dates set yet jawa or have i missed it signed up to the mailing list ;)

knightyc said...

never mind just seen 30th lol

IDICBeer said...

Im in :D

Donz0 said...

From everything Ive read, rage = +2 attacks on charge and no other crazy rules... Hello death company?

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