Hand made full sized banners!

Don't worry about not getting what you want for Christmas, buy yourself a banner!

Here is my newest hand made banner for a gaming club in the UK, The Northern Knights!

If you are interested in a banner for yourself, take a look at the ones on the right that I have done and let me know what you want! The banners are about 7.5x3 feet, an exact proportional copy of the banner that comes in the 40k space marine command squad kit.  They are painted with top quality acrylic paint on heavy Duck canvas.  They are hand sewn by a professional and painted by yours truly!  They look great at events like Adepticon where the little extras make a big difference, or hanging on your wall in your man cave.  A slightly smaller version is available for those of you with slightly smaller spaces.  Email me at hotmail if you want one!



IDICBeer said...

I love these banners, have you ever painted a Necron one?

Jawaballs said...

No, but I certainly could! Just need a necron lover to order one. :)

William Pagonis said...

Jawaballs how much does the typical banner run for in US dollars as i am grautiating High School this year and will get a bit of money to buy stuff. Thanks

Jawaballs said...

Will shoot me an email, jawaballs at hotmail

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