Tau Dataslate

Hey guys, so I just read through the Tau Dataslate.

What the hell.  It appears to me that 40k is going the way of DnD 3.5.  It seemed like every month they released 3 more books that just made the game more and more broken than before, ultimately leading up to a complete reboot. (4.0)

Case in point: Dataslates

Now you don't even have to play tau as allies... you can just bring in a kill team comprised of a riptide and 6 broadsides to support whatever you want...

Really quick I came up with a list and I'm sure you all can do way better.

Space Marine Codex:

Librarian master level 2
10 man scout squad
10 man tactical squad
x3 Thunderfire Cannons

Codex blood angels:

Death Company x5
DC Dread with talons
Storm Raven with hurricane bolters

Riptide with Ion
two 3 man broadside squads with missiles.

1780 points.

Both the BA and the Tau are considered Battle bros to the Marines.  And look at this, 6 heavy support choices!  A ridiculous amount of fire power, and some decent anti assault.  (Sure you say, just shoot the troops.) But this is just a taste of the what is possible. I can certainly go with a furioso dread instead, and pack in more troops to the list without losing any strength, and this is only 1780 points!  Plus I could skip the BA completely and go IG instead... or Eldar...

How bout the best of all three worlds?  The Marines as stated above, an Eldar Deathstar council on bikes with a Wraithknight, and the Tau kill team.  (575 pts for the KT)

It would look like this:

Librarian master level 2
10 man scout squad
10 man tactical squad
x3 Thunderfire Cannons (640)

Riptide with Ion
two 3 man broadside squads with missiles. 6 broadsides (575)

Farseer on Bike
6 Warlocks on bikes
3 Bike troop squad
Wraithknight   (706)

1971 points.

Man... it's crazy.  I guess it is kind of good. Who needs a balanced game when you can just play every thing at once!

Lets just embrace the madness. Grand Tournaments should now just allow all 40k approved Forgeworld and let the apocalypse come.


Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

Why not non-40k approved FW?

After all, all things published by GW/BL/FW are official, since they're all published by the same company.

We allow whatever anybody wants to take in the Narrative ... a little more concerned about people fielding 19 broadsides in the GT lol.

Jawaballs said...

When I say non 40k approved FW I am talking about titans and such. Can people play a titan in the narrative? I honestly don't know that much about what is approved and what is not.

I think there is a difference between FW stuff that is designed to be played in a regular game of 40k like the Elysian Drop troops vs Titans that are meant for Apocalypse. Some of that FW stuff may be broken, but no more than some of the standard legal stuff nowadays.

So I say open the flood gates. If it is designed to be played in a standard game of 40k, bring it on. GW answer to balancing the game seems to simply be to allow us to play whatever we damn well please. This idea should be embraced!

Jawaballs said...

Frankly hell, bring on the titans! It will give me a reason to paint a Thunderhawk.

Paul Chappell said...

For me, the issue is that now any army, even the Tau can get some REALLY good units outside of the normal FOC. Getting Tank Hunter and Preferred Enemy free and allowing silliness like the Broadsides overloads or something like 5 Riptides. It does seem that for some armies, the exceptions to the normal rules of the game are becoming the norm, and that does tend to at least appear to be a very unbalanced game...

Aventine said...

Points limit is now the only balancing factor it would seem.

Benjamin Ben Harosh said...

How are you able to field the tau?

Jawaballs said...

I cannot expose my Bothan spies!

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