My trip to the big game!

I forgot I had these pics!  I was organizing my images of my Lamenters army when I found all my footage from The Superbowl!  That is right, I was there!  Let me start by saying that The Superbowl has nothing to do with a game of football.  And if you have only ever watched the halftime show on TV, than you have no idea what it is about.

It was such a visceral experience, so engrossing and amazing to watch, that it can only ever be appreciated live.  Not just halftime, the whole time. Hell, I got to my seat about 4 hours early, and in a blink of the eye the game was on. I don't know what I did for four hours!  Whatever the result of the game, I really didn't care, it was a fantastic thing to be there and one of my most memorable days ever.

We got there fairly early and the place was still not packed...

My sister has a friend who is well connected. He gave her the pair of tickets, 5th row!

Our seats.

Just about 25 feet away John Elway was having a chat with Terrel Davis!

Just before one of the touchdowns by the Hawks.

Me and my sister!

Going to a Superbowl was on my bucket list, one of the things I never thought I would do. It is just too expensive to get tickets and fly to the venue. However, this time it was held at Giants Stadium, just a quick train ride for me!  (well not so quick it turned out, but you get the point)

With the travel and lodging taken out of the equation, not to mention the incredible kindness of my sister's friend, I managed to check this one off.  What a great day!  The weather was beautiful and it was a thrill to see all the behind the scenes.  :)



Matt Blowers said...

Sweet!! Congrats man.

DK said...

Go Hawks!

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