Lamenters from Templecon 2014

As promised! This is VERY pic heavy folks. Sorry for the long load time but it is worth it!

Yes there is still a lot of work to be done. I am very unhappy with the basing, and some of the models are unfinished, such as the sergeant terminator with the unfinished power sword.  But when you look at the army as a whole, and the layers upon layers of yellow it took to accomplish the appearance than you can get an appreciation for this army.

This army won Best Painted and Players Choice (Though I had to give that one up, I could only have one) at Templecon.

This was just the first wave of painting though. I will be completely unveiling this army in October at The Battle for Salvation Best Painted Invitational. (I have no idea what they are really calling it, we will go with that.)  The invitational is a full GT that will run alongside the competitive BFS GT.  However, in order to get into this one, you need to have won a Best Painted at a major tournament!  I was already in for having won Best Painted a couple years ago at BFS, but this just cements the deal.

Why is this awesome! Because it should be about the funnest tournament I have ever played in.  First of all, in theory, I should be up against other dudes like me, who care more about the hobby than the game. And I should be facing other lists that won't table me 4 out of 5 games!  The event should be an eye candy extravaganza and loads of fun.  I can't wait!  

What do I have to do now? I need to remake my display.  There is a lot I am unhappy with on this one, from the layout to the execution. I don't think there is any salvaging this one.  In that process, I will rebase most of the models.  With that said though, I think this display was a huge success. (we are our own worst critics)  I have been promising for years a display with lights, motion and sound and I finally delivered.  I did learn a thing or two here.  I won't get too into it, but there should be fast improvements for the October display.  Until then enjoy! There is video at the bottom.

Here is some video.



DK said...

Wow. Love the finished Product.

Baconfat said...

That's a terrific looking army.

Is that a flying goblet behind the guy on the bike?

Jawaballs said...

It is actually the Sanguinary Grail falling out of his kit! Bad luck Lamenters and all.

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