So far removed

I have been so far removed from 40k of late that I honestly had no idea that we are just ten days from a new edition!  HOLY CRAP!

Even further, I got a tickle in my belly as I started reading the rumor mills about what is coming, and found out that Blood Angels are rumored to be on the cover and featured in the new box set.  Might this be the love that the Sons of Sanguinius have been searching for?

It makes sense in a way.  Orks and Angels, two of the GW mainstays, have been neglected in 6th ed.  I don't know much about Orks, but Blood Angels have been neutered and reduced to the level of combat ineffective. The 6th edition rule set completely and totally opposed them from the start and every one knew it.  So why no new codex?  I guess we have our answer.

New editions are not just hatched over night. If they are launching a new edition now, than it has been in the work for some time.  That explains why we have not seen a new BA book.  They set the plan into motion that BA will get the love in 7th long ago. The digital update was meant to placate us. I bet we can assume that was the date that the decision was made for 7th.

Whatever.  So what is coming?  What I have read makes me happy.  Orks are due out on he heels of the new edition. Then a new box set will come out, presumably containing Orks and Angels. Then Angels will drop shortly after.  I have seen rumors about a new unit of veterans who have come back from the Rage. Sweet. I have seen rumors of a limited edition starter kit with a Sanguinary Priest model... Ive been asking for that for years!

In all, it is looking like this is going to be the year of the Blood Angels. New rules, new models, new codex. Can I say new army?

It is amazing how my interest in this game was instantly and immediately rejuvenated. Thank god. I miss 40k.



Karitas said...

One could almost cynically imagine a long term strategy that made assault less powerful for a time to concentrate on codices and models for all the shooty armies before putting assault back in in a more powerful way and selling a lot of assault army models and codices..


if one were cynical.

Jawaballs said...

Karitas! :) I did at some point allude to those motivations a while back. If I was being cynical, I would say that 6th edition, with it's game changing rules, forced us to change our armies, thus buy new models and move more plastic.

I also said that it would not surprise me as the game evolved once again if they shifted focus away from shooty and back to assault.

Before 6th ed, 40k was an assaulty game. Shooty armies did not fare well. Then it became all about tanks and transports. There were hardly any infantry on the table and what infantry was there were assaulty models riding in those transports. Then the game evolved into a place where vehicles and assaulters were dead and shooty armies ruled.

We have come full circle. And seeing as how I play Blood Angels. I am happy. ;)

Adam Smith said...

The answer is to pick an army you like, stick with it and just get on with the rules changes each edition. Things only go wrong when you're constantly buying new armies in order to win the game.

John Stiening said...

wait, I won't be allowed to ally my BA with necrons anymore?

Jawaballs said...

Adam you are right of course. But it is still hard to swallow. I have always been a Blood Angels player. I played Tau in one tournament and hated the taste of it. I havnt touched that army since. But in order to still be competitive in tournaments you had to change.

And John, you need to plan on Mechanicon.

General Oadius said...

AGREE! I wholeheartedly yearn for an update to my beloved red marines. You are so right about everyone knowing that Blood Angels were dead the moment they read BRB 6.0. Now I'll just need a new BA army.... think I'll paint them the JAWA way.

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