First Blood Angels list design fail!

 My favorite models to convert have always been Sanguinary Priests.  With them being a single model HQ now I decided to add a Command Squad to my army because that is the only way to get another one.  Looking at the command squad, I at first thought I could give any of them a Storm Shield, so I immediately started drooling about a priest with a 3+ invul.  Sadly as I was looking through the entry, I noticed that they make a distinction between the Priest, Champion and Veterans, and that only the Veterans may take Storm Shields.  :(  Boooo!

Above is the priest I made for the squad. I used the apothecary chest piece from a command squad set, the apothecary arm and shoulder pad from a Dark Angels Biker sprue, an older Dark Angels robed running legs, and a blood angels head with Sanguinary guard jump pack.  I cut the lights off the Apothecary backpack and glued them onto the jump pack.  He is holding a grail from Maximini.  They have an accessory sprue that has 2 or 3 grails, some candles and books and other cool things. I used the arm from the Sang Guard sprue that is holding a double bladed axe, and cut the top and bottom ends off. Then I cut the middle of the grail out and glued the top and bottom to the hand... it turned out nice! I was going to add the shield to the right arm, attached to the wrist.  Oh well! Oh the other bits on the jump pack are from the Dark Angels biker sprue as well.

I have not decided how to paint him yet. The rest of the squad is getting the NMM gold treatment along with Dante. They are all made using Sang Guard artificer armor and will match him nicely like an Honor Guard.  But the priests are different. I am thinking he is going to be more like the color scheme of the new priest in the codex, or maybe good ole red with white trim like Corbulo.  Perhaps bone colored armor with a white helm?  I see the priests as their own entity within the Blood Angels and they join command squads to lend their abilities, but don't quite mesh with the unit... probably because they consider themselves part of the HQ and this leads to leadership issues with the Company Champion!  Maybe I will give him some NMM trim to help him fit in with the squad, but keep his base Sanguinary colors...

I have not been excited about 40k since painting Lamenters over the summer. So this makes me happy! Now to replan the rest of the models in the squad. I assembled them mostly, but now have to rip arms off the Champion because I gave him a SS as well. Back to his combat shield... weird that he can't upgrade..

In talking with my friend and 40k great Alex Fennel I think I have decided to add a few Space Wolves to my army list. The list has plenty of units to be tactically viable but with the lack of ICs in this edition is lacking a little punch.  But with the Fenris supplement I can actually add a detachment that has up to 4 HQ models!  This will give me a nice Wolf Lord to add to this Honor Guard to run amok with Dante, and one or two more models in the Land Raider with my termies, captain and priest.  Oh I am taking a captain with artificer armor and that AP2 sword.  Since I cant take him, a priest and Meph, I have to add the space wolves to replace that Meph punch. So I am thinking a wolf lord with a Thunder Hammer or something.

Oh and by the way any Space Wolves who have the honor of joining a Blood Angels army under my command will be forced to wear their helmets and rid themselves of those ridiculous pelts.  I wont have them stinking up my Land Raiders.  :)

So painting starts soon and I will document that for you.  I ordered the Sanguinary Guard limited edition codex and I am hoping there is a new NMM gold tutorial in the painting guide. Otherwise I will use one of the many I found online.

More to come!


ShadowWolf32387 said...


I don't think they did the NMM in the painting guide. Thus far, all I've seen when it comes to the golds is their usual metallic paints.

Jawaballs said...

Thats disappointing. I was hoping for an update to that really nice one they did in White Dwarf a few years ago.

ShadowWolf32387 said...

Sorry to bear that bad news for you. Pretty much, the method seems to be without fail to use Balthasar Gold, Agrax Earthshade Wash, Gehenna's Gold layer, Runefang Steel highlight. Every now and again they use Auric Armor Gold between the Gehenna's Gold layer and the Runefang Steel highlight, but not often.

This is the same methodology they used for the Space Wolves golds as well, leading me to think that this will be GW's favored method moving forward. However, I did notice that Astorath's unit entry in the codex (I got the Sanguinary Guard edition in the mail yesterday) shows a different look and that he has more gold on him done in an NMM fashion, so it may give you some hope that they might eventually show how they did it.

Greg Hess said...

Nothing worse then making up a model you can't use. Sorry you can't take the shield. If it's any consolation, I have almost no invuln saves in my entire codex (orks). :)

Conversion looks great. I like his pose and look forward to the gold treatment!

FluffyPanda said...

If you're planning on sticking 4 units of scouts in your list you can take Combined Arms (Meph + 2 Scouts) and Combined Arms (Priest + 2 Scouts). That gives you quite a few slots to play with. Or you can swap one or both for the Baal Strike Force detachment and get extra Elite and the command benefits, at the expense of losing Objective Secured.

No need to bring the hairy ones to get in the way of your space vampires if you don't want to.

Jawaballs said...

So I can bring most of the models as the Baal Strike Force including a Captain and Meph plus Dante in the Strike force, then add a combined arms detachment with a priest and 2 scouts?

ShadowWolf32387 said...

Yeah. Nothing prevents you from taking multiple types of detachments in your army. That lets your Priest come in and join up with whomever he wants (since the bonus applies to the faction and not the detachment) and gives you two ObSec troops units. Perfectly doable.

FluffyPanda said...

You can, as long as you stick at least one elite in the Baal Strike Force. I guess that would be Dante's Command Squad in your plan. That sounds like it would make a nice mess of most anything. You also get Dante at I7 on the charge - delicious.

One disclaimer, I'm not a tournament player, so don't know if any TOs will ban this. They really shouldn't since it is VERY 40k 7th in spirit and plenty fluffy too, but it sounds like a lot of them are trying to resist change :-(

Jawaballs said...

Here are the rules for an upcoming tournament. So long as it is legal in the rulebook, it seems legal there...

All armies must be Battle Forged (no Unbound armies).

-All codices, dataslates, supplements, and formations released on or before January 17th, 2015 are allowed.

-You may include a maximum of two detachments following all rules in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for selecting detachments.

-Character Lords of War WILL be allowed at this event. All other Lords of War are NOT permitted. This means you may include character lords of war from codices (Logan, Draigo, Ghazgul, etc.), but you cannot take any Lords of War from Escalation or other Super Heavy or Gargantuan LoW.

ShadowWolf32387 said...

Then by that definition you will be fine. Your first (and primary since you plan to put Dante in there) detachment would be the Baal Strike Force and the second would be Combined Arms. You're good to go. And you'll also have the benefit of being able to pull from Shield of Baal: Exterminatus as well for detachments and formations.

Javier Pascual said...

Hi from spain jawa..
I think BA need to spam Drop Pod, u have best fast attack with 2 special weapon and 2 melta pistol for 135 only¡¡
U can also spam Death Company they are good now.
If i were u ill try to male a DeathWatch army with some inquisitors.

FluffyPanda said...

I don't like the "maximum 2 detachments" restriction at all - there are some really cool fluffy dataslates and formations that will never be used under those rules, like Vindicare Assassins and the Deathstorm* detachment. It also means if you want to bring a knight you're really limited with the rest of the army.

Now that detachments exist it seems GW has just done away with force org manipulation and funky reassignment (which is why BA assault marines aren't troops any more - you use detachments / unbound to bring lots of them instead). Restricting that is going to be less and less workable as GW continues to pile on the dataslates and supplements.

*speaking of deathstorm, there's a nice 5-man Death Company squad in there that are troops. If you want assault in your mandatory troop slots that can help.

Doc Railgun said...

White Scar grav bikers couldn't hurt, or SWs in Stormwolves.

Ming said...

Good to see you back on task with the blood Angels!

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