Leviathan Tyranids!

Tyranid Leviathan Brood Lord Deathstorm

Hey folks! Merry Christmas.

I wanted to share a little WIP I have going on today. The Broodlord from Deathstorm!  I picked up the Deathstorm box set because I wanted the new rule book, the character termie and I have always wanted to paint some Nids. SO I figured I would try my hand at Leviathan seeing as how they are set to invade Baal Prime and all.

But that was before I knew what their color scheme was... White and Black/Purple... Hmmm...

Oh well. Off to work I went.  Knowing that I have a LOT of these to paint since I am going to do a full army, I wanted to keep the black simple. Rather than the many shades of grey I do for my usual black, I went with straight black with highlights. I did some Xereus Purple and Genesteal purple, then mixed in a bit of Ulthuan Grey to the genestealer for a final highlight.

For the skin though, in all of the artwork in the Terminatus book the nids are very much NOT white.  I wanted to avoid a chalky look that you see all too often.  (I still got a bit chaulky on the head and other parts but I will redo)  So I went with Ushabti bone as a base coat then washed with Baal red.  I then highlighted with Ushabti, then Screaming skull, then mixed in some white with the Screaming skull, then a few touches of pure white.

In the vents of the arms I used Nagaroth Night wash.

For the claws I used my standard red, Khorne highlighted with Mephiston, washed with Baal, then highlted with Mephiston and some of my very last bit of Blood Red... sniff... will miss that color.

So what do you guys think?  I gave him a layer of Matte Varnish before taking pics and am planning on a layer of Satin. I will probably redo the head as I am not happy with the horn or the back of the skull. I am also planning on pushing the edges of the red claws.

Wait til you see what I have planned for the display!  :)

After Christmas I am going to do a full review of the Sanguinary Guard codex, Leviathan and Terminatus book sets and the Deathstorm box set.

I am also working on a new line of resin bases done in the new base sizes.  They should be ready for purchase in a couple weeks or sooner!  I am doing the old favorite Broken Rock, and a Cron Tomb World to start.  Time to get our armies all based on the new sizes!

So with that I would like to wish all my old friends a Merry Christmas, Fritz, Bobby, James, Matt, Ed, and the same to my con friends, Simon, Ted, Bill, John and every one else. :)  Thinking about you all, and looking forward to a new year.

More to come.



John Stiening said...

Looks like a great year is already shaping up. I'd love to see these bugs across the table from me! I like the black purple you've got there, but is that a red Blood Angle hiding out in the background? I can't wait to see that guy posted.

Jawaballs said...

Thanks John! We will see which army takes front and center over the following year, new nids, new blood angels or Lamenters... I plan on playing in the narrative at Nova!

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