Connecticut Painting Competitions?

Hey folks! I know I know... quiet... I'm trying!

I have some great Xwing content coming up, and maybe will even get out and play some 40k tonight... I will Batrep if I do!

But I am here today to tell you about one of the biggest new painting competitions in the North East.

My friends over at The Battle Standard in Manchester, Ct are running their third annual painting competition called Battle Cry on April 11.

I have decided to make it happen this year! The previous two years I was out of town at various conventions. But this year it turns out I will be around and able to attend.

I will be entering all three Scifi categories. Squad, single mini and large model.  But now to decide what to enter.  I have several squads that come to mind, but I am thinking I want to enter my Terminators from my Lamenters army.

But I am torn between them and my bad luck bikers.  I have been thinking about dusting off my old Blood Angels scouts too...

Large model will come down to a choice between my Lamenters Dread and a Warmachine death jack.  The Dread will require me to remodel it a bit... the batter embedded in the base died. I need to add a new one... some how.

And for single mini I am considering busting out my new NMM Dante that took 2nd in Scifi at Templecon this year, or my NMM Sanguinor for a bit more glory... though I may just bring out a Sanguinary Priest...

At any rate, all of the models require finishing or touch up, and need to be based on more heroic displays. I will be working on that this month and posting the progress here.

So here is to Jared and Wayne at The Battle Standard for running yet another great event!

Check HERE for more details.



John Stiening said...

Doesn't seem like too bad a drive. :)

Jawaballs said...

John that would be awesome! Well not really since it would mean that I gots no chance of winning, but still awesome to see you! :)

John Stiening said...

You are too kind Chris. You have a much loved style, and I am sure you will place highly.

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