Nova Narrative... List building begins

Ok... time to dive back into 40k. Enough time off.

For the last six months I have been going through some serious life stuff. Divorce... custody... blah blah. The primary reason why I have fallen off the face of the earth digitally. I am currently living in my sister's basement while I save up money to buy a condo.  Needless to say the creative juices took a serious flow blockage. By the way, if you guys have been on the fence about buying my videos, now would be a great time to show that support! HERE is my webstore. I could use it. :) The sooner I get out of my sisters basement, the happier a Jawa I am going to be!

I finally got myself a paint station set up and most of my stuff dug out of the storage bins I had packed my life into and I am ready to start painting again!  But the question is what?

I think a good goal for me is The Nova Open.  Part of my custody leaves me free to travel on Labor Day. So I am taking advantage of it this year and going to Nova!  However, I am too far out of 40k to make a competitive run at it. Plus my friend John Stiening has been having a fantastic time doing the Narrative. So I have decided to throw in my lot there.  I will be joining the fight for mankind!

That being said. I cannot show up and play 8 games in a weekend with a weak ass list like I did with my Lamenters at BFS.  I need to be at least a little competitive. I am starting my new army now.  I am going back to basics and doing another red Blood Angels army.

What I can use is Nova list building advice. Maybe some one who is familiar with the Nova Narrative rules can help?  I believe the Narrative is 1850 right? Here is the required Nova supplement:

Blood Angels All Factions –
Blood Angels Control From the Skies: All units without the Independent Character USR equipped with Jump Packs are considered Scoring. This only applies to Death Company within Section 5.2.3 below. All other units without the IC USR equipped with Jump Packs are considered Objective Secured.

All Scoring units with a model within 3" of an Objective gain the Feel No Pain (5+) USR. If the unit already has Feel No Pain, improve it by +1.

Humanity –  (I choose Humanity or Virtue)
Aspect of Retribution –
Blood Angels All Blood Angels vehicles gain the It Will Not Die USR
All Blood Angels vehicles ignore the effects of Stunned and Shaken
All Blood Angels vehicles are reduced to BS3
Any Blood Angels vehicle may elect to fire its weapons twice in a turn; these shots must be made at the same time and at the same target as the first firing; if this is done, ALL weapons must be fired twice; further, every shot (the first and second volley) gains the "Gets Hot!" USR (declare before firing any weapons with the unit, and you may not cleverly avoid firing certain weapons to try and minimize Gets Hot! results)

The Virtue –
Aspect of Insanity –
Blood Angels Death Company lose the 0-1 Limit.
Death Company Dreadnoughts do not take up a Force Organization Slot.
All Death Company (excepting Dreadnoughts) become Scoring and Denial, so long as NO other Blood Angels Tactical Marines, Assault Marines, Scouts, Vanguard Veterans or Sanguinary Guard are included in the army.
Activating the Rage: At any point in the game, any Death Company or Death Company Dreadnought unit may activate the deepest depths of the Black Rage. The unit immediately gains a 4+ Invulnerable Save and the Rending USR. When the game ends, before victory conditions are determined, remove any model activated in this way from the game as if it was destroyed.

Take a moment to absorb that info.

What do I like?

Tactical Squads
Assault Marines
Storm Ravens

With that in mind I did a little looking into the rules. From what I understand, the list building is using Combined Arms, and up to two detachments, with a requirment to use the rules printed in the special Nova supplement.

Here is what I came up with for my first go:

Primary Detachment, Combined Arms: Blood Angels
Priest with the new 20 point ap2 sword.
Tactical x10 with Flamer, Flame Pistol and Heavy Flamer in a pod (dealing some serious wounds)
x5 scouts with cloaks and snipers (cheap troop to come out of reserve and hold an objective)
Angels Fury Spearhead Force detachment:
3x Storm Ravens
3x Tacticals x10 with homers

The strike force enables assaulting upon landing from Deep Strike if done within 12" of a homer.  So Dreads and Termies can assault when they land from pods or teleport.

And the punch:

x5 terminator assault squad wth SS/Th
DC Dread in Pod with Talons
(assaulting when they land)

This leaves me with 50 points or so to buy upgrades for the tacticals.

So the special supplement rules only apply to the main detachment, but since this is a combined arms detachment, does that mean that the Storm Ravens get the bonuses from the Nova supplement?

Something else that I have been considering... something very different from what I just laid out...

Parking lot assault squad rhino spam.  Using Unbound for just under 1500 points you can get 14 assault squads in Rhinos with 28 total melta guns.  All of those rhinos and marines would look awesome! Unbound is not allowed in Nova, but there has to be a way using formations to get close to this?  And for that I defer to you guys. Thoughts?

OR something that takes advantage of the supplement for Nova. All jump pack troops are Objective Secured.

Ok lets chat this up!


Tim said...

Oh shit man so sorry to hear it. Divorce is a very difficult thing...hope you can keep your chin up and hang in there. Things will get better.

If you need some blood angels models I have a few sprues that have been collecting dust. I don't need videos but maybe I can support your new army by donations of sprue. Email me.

MasterSlowPoke said...

I'm almost certain that the Blood Angels will be getting a different supplement - the ones in the draft primer are from last year, when the Blood Angels were still using their old 5th ed book. The new primers are scheduled to be released at the end of the month, as far as I know.

I think the Angel's Fury Spearhead formation is a great way to go.

Jawaballs said...

So if I take that formation, can I use it as my primary and get the benefits from the supplement? Can I add stuff to it?

MasterSlowPoke said...

The primary detachment is the one with your Warlord. You could make one of the Tactical Sergeants your Warlord to have the formation benefit from the Supplement. You can't add anything extra onto a Formation, unfortunately. The models in the CAD won't benefit.

Joe Parsons said...

For assault squad spam you could use the flesh tearer detachment, 1HQ, 1Troop, 1 Fast attack complusory with an additional 5 fast attack! (and 3 elites, 3 (i think) troops, 3 heavy support, 1 HQ) They also get some pretty awesome warlord traits, so there's that.

Jawaballs said...

So, I didnt see any thing saying I couldnt take two of the same detachment... For shits and giggles I came up with:

Two flesh tearers detachments... more or less the same.

3 squads of snipers x5 with cloaks
6 assault squads x5 with melta x2 in Rhinos

2 priests
30 snipers
60 assault mariens
24 melta guns
12 rhinos

6 of the rhinos get They Wont Die.

Parking Lot!

Jawaballs said...

I think I want to take a Stormlord Transport and load it up with my assault marines. Are there rules for adding one of those to the list for Nova? Do I need to take a detachment of IG to get access to the Stormlord? Or can I just add a super heavy to my list?

MasterSlowPoke said...

You'd need to have an IG detachment with a Lord of War slot in order to take a Stormlord. You can't go unbound. I'm not sure which super heavies are going to be allowed in the Narrative, though.

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