Samples from a happy customer!

Here are some Blood Angels models painted by a brand new 40k player using my videos! He bought the Black Reach box set, and my How to Paint Blood Angels video set, and voila! Not bad man!

Keep it up and if you want me to post your stuff, send me an email! JB.


Anonymous said...

HI! i have been watching your vids ever since i saw your first one, and they have been great help even though i don't do blood angels, do you have any videos on painting the salamanders chpter

jawaballs said...

Yes sir, I have a whole video set that takes you from start to finish of a Sallie Tactical marine, though that was before they made all Sallies have black skin... :) go to and you can download the whole set instantly! It only cost 11.00. Enjoy man!

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