www.JawaballsProductions.com is now live!

My apologies for not being very active on the posting the last couple weeks, but I have been working on a new E-store! Thats right, www.jawaballsproductions.com is now live and ready. On my new store you can find my How to Paint DVDs and now you can purchase them as Digital Downloads. I am still in the process of listing them all, but you will be able to purchase all of my video sets as digital downloads. It will take you about an hour and a half to download them on a highspeed connection. Also, I am pleased to introduce my new line of hand crafted resin products. In my Kustom Kastings section, you will find Scenic Resin Bases, and other fun things for 40k like the new Seismic Hammer for the Ironclad Dreadnought! So go to www.jawaballsproductions.com for "How to Paint Space marines" videos, and Scenic resin bases, and check back often as I will be adding new product daily.


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