Warhammer 40k Bood Angels: The Way of Sanguinius?

I just got this from Brother Captain DocRailgun... cant wait to see the results. Keep this stuff coming, and if any one else wants me to post coverage of their battles and armies, please send the content!

+++ Transmission begins +++

Brother-Captain Jawaballs,

In the next month or so my Blood Angels will join they fray in a "War
Without End" campaign, and to seed the players our new club (The Lords
of War) will be holding a tournament. This tournament will require
lists of a thousand points with no named characters (which really
helps Orks).

Though the new SM Codex could have provided me with more options for
fewer points, I decided to go with the BA Codex and try out the "Way
of Sanguinius".

My list looks like this:


2 x Assault squads (sgt with power fist), in Rhinos w/ extra armor
Full Tactical squad w/ lascannon

DC Furioso
3 DC in Rhino w/ extra armor

Heavy Support:
Baal Predator w/ heavy bolter sponsons and storm bolter

Unfortunately, I need to do some painting to get these squads up to
standards, but there is a good amount of time until the tournament
In the meantime, I will be testing my list against as many opponents
as I can... at least one very soon. I will keep you up to date with
how my battle brothers do.

+++ Transmission Ends +++


Docrailgun said...

Batrep soon, I hope... but my courageous-but-doomed battle brothers faced a force of Tyranids on a 4 x 4 table. To make a long story short... let us say that the Tyranids fed well on the Blood Angels that day.

jawaballs said...

Noooooo!!!!! Where do you live man, I will come out there and avenge you.

Docrailgun said...

Raleigh, NC. Pretty far away from NY.

Soon there will be retribution.

Docrailgun said...

Alas, Chapter HQ has lost contact with the Chaplain's detachment, so no report is available.
(That is, I lost my notes).

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