Warhammer 40k: Apocalypse!

Ok, my movie making is backlogged... but I wanted to offer up a quick battle report on this weekends Apocalypse game.

10000 points of Marine/Imperium vs 10000 points of Chaos/chaos guard/kroot

We started this game at 10ish am, and finished around 6pm. My buddy Fritz over at The Way of Saim Hann put the game on and planned out the objectives and mission. It was a great Apocalypse game, hands down the most fun I have had playing in one to date. I don't usually like playing in these games because they tend to bring out the worst in people. But I reluctantly agreed since Fritz was putting the game on. This game though, had a minimal of nastiness, with only Black Matt, The Warmaster allowing the chaos blood rage to over take him and earning negative sportsmanship points. The good guys were facing a VERY powerful Chaos force including THREE super heavies, and 3 or 4 Lash sorcerers. We had NO super heavies and really not even a lot of heavies at all. 4 or 5 land raiders, 3 basilisks and a good spattering of smaller things. I fielding my Vindicator and Baal, neither of which barely fired a shot! :( One of our partners, a Daemonhunter force, was barely a factor as well, when he finally got his LR into the game it was destroyed, and his terminators were cut down when they deep striked. His Grey Knights barely fired a shot all game while holding a ruined building with no objective inside of it.... so it was almost 10k vs 8k. But bravely we charged!

Since there were 10 guys playing, and I am just one, and only have a narrow view of the overall game, this is my vision of the game. Cutting to the meat of it, I planned a turn 2 insertion of reserves up as far as we could get them. This would cut down on losses in turn 1 and 2 of fireing, since we went second. The plan was good. On bottom of two, a large assault force entered the battle from mid way up the right side board. I sent Dante with his HG, Corbs, DC in their rhino, Speeder, attack bike, and my two Furioso dreads. My Dark Angels partner sent his dread with Melta, land raider crusader, terminator squads and a rhino with assault squad to lead the way. We intended on thrusting the tanks up as far as we could, creating cover for the dreads and assault forces. Once we were close enough, we would hopefuly charge! But the best laid plans are at best useless the minute the enemy is engaged.

We charged up the right side, right at a force of Chaos dreads, vindicator, 2 defilers, obliterators and 2 demon lords and a sorcerer... all with lash. We had some protections, but their range was limited... Dante and his HG were lashed, and here is where we get into that old discussion concerning Jump troops and that dangerous terrain test. I have decided that I will not play against lash users, or any one who tries to rule munch this issue again. To sum it up, Jump Troops, when choosing to use their jump packs to move OVER 6", leave or enter difficult terrain must make a Dangerous Terrain check. They may choose to move like normal infantry, 2 or 3d6 taking the highest, and not suffer the test. But due to one poorly worded line in the rule book, I think the line is actually missing a single word, some people seem to think this applies any time models with jump packs enter or leave terrain, argueing that HAVING the jump pack forces the test, not using it. This is the epitome of bull shit rules munching, defies logic, and frankly goes against the spirit of the game and all that 40k was intended for. Lash is already bull shit enough, but to try to pull this as well just takes the cake. In case you dont know, Lash of Submission is a chaos power that allows the Chaos Player to actually move my models around the table, so he can then fire on them. This is typically used to get infantry from out of cover and lined up for nice template shots.

Dante and his HG were lashed a total of 4 inches away from where they were. Since they moved out of cover, the lasher asked me to make dangerous terrain tests. I would not even have argued with this if they had moved them over 6... seriously, normal infantry do not need to make a dangerous terrain test when lashed out of cover, why should jump... The lasher is NOT igniting the jump packs, they are using the power of chaos to magicly move the models. (His arguement was that he "used the jump pack option" to move him 4 inches...) Guh...

Any way, I made the tests, but its the fact of the matter. Chaos losers.

After the lashing, the entire HG was killed. Dante survived and moved to join the Death Company, but then the entire squad would suffer a blast from a battle cannon... None would survive. Though I am not sure what the AP on a battle cannon is... 2 or 3. Actually if it was 3, Dante would have lived... Oh well, something to look into.

SO, this devastating blow crippled our flank. Without Dante and Corbs offering their assault support, my Dreads were merely scary. We assaulted with all that we could, and actually quagmired that side for the rest of the game... stopping their advance. So I suppose the losses were not in vain, because that quagmire allowed the Blood Angels troops to claim 2 objectives and put us in position to win or tie the game.

In the end, it came down to us holding 3 objectives and contesting 1. They held 2. But they took an Apocalypse rule that allowed them to double the value of one of their objectives, giving them a tie! Thus ended the game.

James taking down a super heavy by delivering the last shot with a multi melta.
My speeder exploding Black Matts Land Raider that was moving up to assault our objective, AND killing a terminator inside. This also left a bad ass squad of Chaos scum open, and they were cut down.
Bobby taking the title "Tank Hunter" by ignoring the game, objectives and strategy and going for transports instead of important units...(He fired on an empty immobilised rhino instead of an active defiler with a battle cannon just for the tank kill.)
The Chaos Combo of Lash and Battle Cannons to cut down Dante, Corbulo, Honor Guard and Death Company. This pretty much saved the game for the Chaos side... those losses took 90 percent of our assaulty teeth away on the right flank...
Culexis Assasin scaring the crap out of half the Chaos Army.

Low Lights:
Forcing dangerous terrain checks with Lash.
One of our team members basically disappering for the whole game.
James infiltrating Shreik into their back lines, and losing him on the first shot fired at him.
Bobby placing Gaunt right at the front of our lines, and losing him to the first shot fired at him...because he forgot to use his Camo Cloak.
My Baal Pred immobilizing itself turn one on terrain...

Over all, great game! And really with the exception of the issue mentioned above, and a few scattered arguements between James and every one, this was the most tame and good natured Apoc game I have played. Great job guys!


Charlie Love said...

Thats a long game nice one loved reading it.

jawaballs said...

There is a lot more to it then that, but I will be posting it in video form. More to come!

Lach said...

Hey Jawa, I posted what I thought on the jump-packs on my blog, but I thought I would leave a word here. I think Jump-packs are necessary for travel for longer than 6". I have seen the argument, and I cant find the logic in someone constantly using their jump-pack to go 3" or 2" or even 1". I also have some twisted thoughts though in the jump-packs being cumbersome so that jump troops wouldn't be able to run (they can JUMP!!!) But thats just my two cents.

Docrailgun said...

The argument that I made in JB's thread on the subject was that some people will say that it's the unit type that causes the test, but a unit's type doesn't change based on its equipment. Assault Marines can leave their jump packs off, but remain "Jump Infantry"... but why should they still have to make a Dangerous Terrain test even though they're normal infantry in every way?

jawaballs said...

The silly arguement will remain until they FAQ it because rule munchers will continue to exploit the poorly worded supportive explanation to the rule.

In this case, the Chaos player only Lashed the jump squad 4". Some where in the rules it says that Jump Infantry have to use their packs to move over 6" to force the test. But Lash is it's own little monster.

The sad fact is that logic does not apply, rules do. Saying "he wouldnt do this... or it doesnt make sense for such and such to happen" do not apply. Only the rules do. The rule states that jump infantry may choose to move as normal infantry, and not suffer dangerous tests. However, it goes on to further explain (I dont have the exact wording) that whenever jump infantry enter or leave difficult terrain they must test. Simply using the words "Moving As" before jump infantry would solve the issue. Logical, reasonable people already accept that. Rule munchers trying to force some sort of advantage do not.

Sure they can see the point that it is USING the packs that forces the test and not having them. But because there seems to be a flimsy at best loop hole, they try to press the matter.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Seriously? They are still doing this to you, Jawa? I simply cannot believe it. My advice, don't play with those guys. You should read the post of BOLS about what's wrong with 40k. They put it simply...some people are just a--holes. There's no need for an FAQ because everyone else in the 40k world knows that is NOT how it is played.

My guess is they are so tired of Dante that they are pulling this loop-hole out just to find a way of bringing him down because they can't do it on their own with tactics and their own troops.

Black Matt said...

a jump pack allows a model to move up to 12". everything else aside, its the chaos player chossing how to move the jump packer! Its in the general FAQ or the Chaos FAQ.

jawaballs said...

Bah, you and your FAQ. But you are busted on the Independent Character moving with the squad rule!!!

Trevor said...

If you read the entire section on Jump Infantry Movement it says "Jump infantry can use their jump packs .. This is optional and they can choose to move as normal infantry if they wish. .. However, if a moving jump infantry model begins or ends its move in difficult terrain .."
If they choose to move as normal infantry they are not moving jump infantry models so don't have to make the dangerous terrain tests.

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