Scenic Resin Bases by Jawaballs Productions Kustom Kastings

Announcing new Scenic Resin Bases by Jawaballs Productions! I use scenic resin bases for all of my models. They look good and I always get lots of compliments. It is quick to finish an entire army with them and they look awesome! Nothing brings unity to an army better then having a consistently themed and finished bases. These are pictures of the prototype set that I have developed. I painted 5 with a grey granite finish, and 5 with a sandstone finish.

There are many more styles of bases in production including cobblestone, brick, techno deck, crystaline, and more. They will be available in basic infantry size, large "Terminator" size bases, and huge "Dreadnought" size. Also, I am developing an e-store to make purchasing them much easier. For now, if you are interested in purchasing resin bases from Jawaballs Productions, simply email me for pricing and we will work out a package deal until I get up and running. More to come and thanks for your support!


Docrailgun said...

I know I'm going to be interested once employment comes my way once more.

jawaballs said...

Ugh, not working sucks! I feel your pain man. let me know when you gets a jobby job.

Eric said...

hi there i wanted to ask exactly witch colors do you use for your ruined wall resin base i just bought some and they are very nice and i'dd pretty much like to copy the way you painted them

jawaballs said...

Prime black
paint the wall part:
Drybrush Shadow grey
Codex grey
fortress grey

paint sand part:
Scorched brown
snakebite (start with darker one)
desert yellow

Make sure you give them a coat of Valejo Satin Varnish! Enjoy and thanks! Jawaballs

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