Warhammer 40k blood angels, battle report: Blood Angels vs Eldar

So today I got to play against Black Matt, The Warmaster. This showdown has been a long time coming, and he decided to not play his Chaos for some reason... I would show no mercy. Xenos Scum.

1750 point battle
Blood Angels vs Eldar
Kill Points
12" Deployment

Blood Angels:
My new Mechanized list using 3 assault squads in rhinos, DC in rhino with Corbs, Vindi, Baal, Attack Bike, speeder, Dante, 2 DC Furiosos, Tactical Squad with Lascannon.

2 Dire Avenger squads in Serps, Falcon, Eldrad, Guardians, 3 walkers, wraithguard with warlock, Wraithlord, Banshees

I won the roll and passed first turn to Matt. He deployed his forces along his 12" zone, hiding his transports behind cover and putting his foot sloggers in the middle. I chose to reserve every thing.

Turn 1:
Matt moves his units out, quickly running his Wraithguard, Lord, Eldrad and Banshees to take cover and hold the middle of the table. His tanks moved up the left side 24. End turn 1.

Turn 2:
Matt moves his foot sloggers into range to assault my edge from cover, and lined his three tanks up on my edge to block my deployment in that third of the board. On my turn, only 1 furioso, my speeder and a rhino with an assault squad come on the table... The Furioso moves into cover and pops smoke while the speeder moves to shoot at a Vyper. The Rhino stalled.

Turn 3:
Matt moves one of his tanks to be able to fire on my Furioso, leaving a hole in the middle of them for me to deploy reserves into... He fires on my Furioso but fails to break its cover, and also fires at my Speeder and imobilizes it. It comes to land in a crater. He moves his Wraithlord up to assault my Furioso. On his assault, he assaults my Dread, but is not ready for the 6 attacks that I was able to land FIRST since the lord had to move through terrain. The Wraithlord would not get to take as wing.

On my turn, all but two rhinos come in for me. I move every thing into the right of my board except for the other dread and the attack bike. They move into the middle of his tanks. In shooting, I will destroy his vyper, most of his wraithguard, and some banshees. In my assault, I explode his Serpent with my dread, killing 4 of the passengers in the process. My attack bike is unable to get to a tank due to bad rolling on difficult terrain. My Death Company come on and assault the Wraithguard with corbulo supporting them.

End of turn 3 I have 3 kill points, he has 0

Turn 4:
Matt tries to sneak up Eldrad for sneaky mind tricks. He will fire on my Tactical Squad and kill 1, he will fire his Wraithcannons at my Vindi and knock off its cannon. His Dire Avengerse kill my attack bike and his other tanks run away from my Furioso in the left, that threat has fallen. On his assault he cant do much. He moves in his remaining banshees to assault Corbs and the DC. I win the combat but he makes leadership. Corbs takes a wound.

On my turn, I rush two rhinos up on his Guardian squad but am not in range to tank shock. My furioso on the left flames the Dire Avengers killing them all. I lined up a whole world of hurt for Eldrad, prepping him for a confrontation with Dante, but he dies to the very first shot... a melta blast from my dread. Stupid anticlimatic xenos scum. The game is pretty much under control at this point. Corbulo and my DC wipe up his Banshees and Wraithguard to end the assault.

Kill Points for me: 6 Matt:1

Turn 5:
Matt would fire at my dread on the left and miss. He would then fire on Dante with 6 missle shots... yikes... They are strength eight and would instant kill him. 3 get through and I make his saves.. a 3, a 5 and a 1. Dante takes a wound and is killed. But at this point he doesnt have much left on the table. He moves up and unloads some Dire Avengers on my Tactical squad trying to kill them, but fails to kill a single marine.

On my turn I disembark my two squads the moved up to deal with the guardians. One goes after the three walkers with its fist and the other will stay for the guardians. The two rhinos attempt to tank shock the guardians and ram the walkers... The first one is immobilized on the terrain, and the second one fails to hurt the walker. Bah. he Dire Avengers are cut down in a hail of bolter rounds and flame. My furiso charged their transport and hurt it. The other one just moved back to the corner of the table and popped smoke. The assault marines assaulted the walkers and beat them in close combat but walkers dont fail morale... The other assaulters needed to roll a 2 on 2d6 to assault the guardians... leave it to me to roll Snake Eyes... The Guardians will live yet another turn...

At this point, the game is heavily weighted in my favor. Matt has 2 kill points and I stopped counting at 6. I roll a die, and fail to end the game turn 5.

Turn 6 is quick as there is not much left for mat to shoot or be shot at. We pretty much go right to his assault and he charged his guardians into my assault marines. I won that combat and his guardians broke then were put to the blade. My other squad in assault with the walkers immobilized the last two standing but failed to destroy them. It didnt matter though, all they had to do was stop the guns. Matt fired a couple of desperate shots at my Dread trying to pop it, but missed again.

On my shooty phase I had very little to do. I just tied up some loose ends and prepped for the end of the game. I assaulted his Falcon with my Death Company and knocked its guns off and STILL was not able to take down his walkers with my fist.

This would be the last round. Matt rolled a 3 to end the game. He had 2 kill points and a tank and 2 broken walkers left on the table.

Hero of the game for me? My Furioso Dreads. They survived a huge salvo of shots from Brightlances, then took the charge of a Wraithlord. Matt was NOT ready for the Death Company Furioso attacks. That is why I keep them in the list. Few guys encounter them, and when I play at tournaments, they are always shocked to be assaulted by them... I charged a wave serp with 7 Furioso attacks... 5 of them penetrated... explode.

The Vindi and Baal Pred played their usual roles by controlling the battle field and killing hard units.

Corbulo was a factor. He saved one of my DC with his Sanguinator.

Flop of the game? Eldrad. My reserving every thing nulified the tactical advantage of his redeploy ability. In Matt's defense, he rarely plays his Eldar and forgot to use his powers a lot. (Though I DID let him use them every time after he forgot) :) Eldrad moved up to try to mind war Dante, and ended up getting vaporized by a melta shot. He definitely did NOT earn his points. But realy, neither did Dante. He was too far away from, or not on the table during any assaults so no one got his preferred enemy. Then he died from a salvo of missle shots.

This Eldar list was just not fit to take on my Blood Angels. Perhaps the rematch will see me taking on his vaulted Chaos list...


jchaos79 said...

Great battle!

I discover you trhough you tube, and I would like to congratulate your effort and enthusiasm in the hobby. It takes me again into wargames after few years without painting or playing. Thanks again.

Actually I am more interested in warmaster (10mm), what I used to play. Are you going to paint warmaster?

Anyway I took again my roguer trade edition of 40k and I am playing with the idea of built an army in 28mm scale.

Continue with the good work, pal,


Black Matt said...

Disgraced and Dishounored, I bent me knee! ONLY to put my figs in my case and go home. I will RETURN and have my vengence!
Black Matt

Fritz said...

Best pic for 2009- the dreadnought hoisting the wraithlord over head. This should be Jawaball's new entry pic to his vids with a caption "pwned" underneath.

Warmaster, what happened? How could the eldar be defeated so badly? Or is this part of your plan. Hearing all the hype about Jawaballs' new list you wanted to "test the waters" with your eldar to taste the hype and now you are ready to move in with your chaos?

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