Warhamme 40k Blood Angels: Upgraded Baal Predator

After stepping up my game and painting some sweet hand painted images on my rhinos, I took a look at my Baal Pred and realized that now it just looks flat... so I had to upgrade it. First thing I did was pick up the Forgeworld Reinforced Extra Armor bits. I love Forgeworld. :) I only wish they gave the Blood Angels some more love. SO I trimmed and soaked the bits, but the first problem I ran into was that I didnt wash them enough. Its difficult to add more pieces to a painted tank because you are glueing plastic onto paint and the join will only ever be as strong as that layer of paint holding it to the plastic. In the case of the forgeworld bits, some of them were misshaped (one thing I hate about forgeworld) so I had to actually break them here and there to get them to lay flat when I glued them. But before trying to glue them on, I primed them black, only I had forgot to scrub them enough and some of the pieces still had that residue and did not take the paint. If you dont scrub forgeworld models before priming them, the paint does not hold because they use a residue to help get them out of the molds and dont clean them. They need to be scrubbed with a toothbrush and soapy water.

Ok, so pieces glued, then scrubbed with a toothbrush, I painted them black then gave them my usual Mechrite, blood, blazing, and firery treatment. I felt that the original paint job needed more pop when compared to my newer tanks. The new center piece though is the great Cherub I found in a WHFB box set. This little baby is holding a dagger and a long parchment and wearing a death mask. In his chest you can see a couple of cogs. Its a beautiful bit and sooo appropriate for not only the angels of death, but for mechanized Blood Angels! I was saving it for a Land Raider that I am working on, but thought that this tank would get a LOT more love so I used it. I also have a nice Empire Lance Pennant that a buddy from the club gave me, (thanks Sylvester) it is a large flag with three flowing lanyards. I'm painting it in the tri stripe 2nd company standard design and will use it on this tank as well. So there you go! Baal Predator revamp. :)


I added two more pics. One is a hand painted Blood Angels wing on one side, the other is a stylized Baal Prime fire dragon! Now this tank is a real predator!


Ryan said...

Very impressive! Any chance of a closer look at the Baal Prime Fire Dragon on the side?

jawaballs said...

Yup, but I need to finish it first. I am toying with how to do it, I might attempt to paint scales or something. I dont even know if the reptile creatures on Baal Prime were fire dragons. I remember from the Blood Angels Omnibus a description of some sort of reptilian creature, and i think it breathed fire, not sure and my book is at work. Once I find out the description I might put flames there too. For now it is just a flowing oriental style. More pics to come!

jawaballs said...

Drat, after looking up the fluff in the novel, the creature was not a fire dragon, it was a fire scorpion... oh well... Im keeping the dragon. :)

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