Warhammer 40k Blood Angels: Battle Report, Blood Angels vs Ravenwing.

Blood Angels vs Ravenwing
Blood Angel Force:
Standard Mechanized list

Master of the chapter, chaplain, bike squads x3, speeders x5, attack bikes x3, etc.

I got to play my second game in two days last night and took on a Ravenwing opponent from the club. The mission was kill points and deployment was Dawn of War.

I won the die roll and gave my opponent the honor of first deployment and turn. He deployed most of his forces, keeping a squad of bikes in reserve for flank march. I held my entire force in reserve much to his surprise..

Turn 1:
My opponent brings in any forces NOT in reserve. He also performed his scout moves and then moved his forces up creating a crescent shape attack ring on the back right third of my deployment zone for when my forces come on.

Turn 2:
On his turn, my opponent rolled for reserves, and the rest of his force came on. He flank marched a bike squad into the left on my deployment zone.

On my turn, I would roll terribly for my reserves, and only a few units would come on the table. I sent in a Dread alone on the left to engage the many enemy squads there. On my right I move in my Baal, Speeder and a Rhino with a squad inside, supported by Dante. The baal shoots at a bike squad killing one and the speeder fires on an enemy speeder, failing to hurt it. Dante decended apon a lone attack bike that got caught close to my edge, and put him to the Axe of Mortalis. The dread lined up his target with his heavy flamer and melta killing half of them. In the assault, he would charge and kill all but one and they only had grenades with which to fight back... they all missed. The end of turn two had me ahead with one kill point.

Turn 3:
My opponent opened up with devastating melta shots from a bike squad and speeder. He knocked out my speeder and baal! Great rolling on his part. However, Dante could not allow this afrontery to go unanswered... In his assault turn my dread would finish squashing the bike squad then massacre into cover from the volley of multimelta shots sure to come his way if he was caught in the open. Samiel, his commander, would fire a plasma cannon but it got hot and he suffered a wound.

On my turn, all but my Vindi and DC came on. Dante moved to deliver retribution on the bike squad that felled my Baal. The rest of my forces moved in to my back right to set up a defensive position with good fire lanes. I had the lead in kill points and my opponent was going to have to brave my guns to get to me. My Furioso on the left killed an attack bike that got too close with his flamer and melta and the rest of my shots were unable to hurt his speeders. The furioso would go on to become the MVP of the game, again. In my assault, Dante charged the squad of bikes, killing all but one. Those unfortunate souls were the only unit in range for me to come to grips with.

Turn 4:
This was a desperate turn for my opponent. He needed kills. He attempted to move around the terrain to get shots at my rhinos with his speeders. He also moved a whole squad of speeders a full turbo boost to prep them for their assault run on my vulnerable flank. (they ended up very close to my MVP dread...:) Samiel moved up to fire on my tactical squad but failed to wound. The only shooting success he had this turn was exploding one of my Rhinos. Dante, in assault with a lone biker, noticed the explosion with chagrin. He painted that rhino himself... Add one speeder to the list of things to vaporize. He finished off the biker then moved closer to the speeder with his massacre...

On my turn, every thing was on. My vindicator moved up and fired on bikers, killing a few. My MVP moved on the squad of speeders fireing its flamer and melta, but they made their cover saves. Dante charged the speeder, killing it with his Perdition Pistol. Samiel would suffer a LOT of melta shots this turn, but made his invul saves. My attack bike killed an enemy speeder. My rhinos took up defensive positions behind terrain and broken hulls. They would spend the rest of the game holding their position. In the assault, my MVP charged the squad of speeders, he needed 6s to hit, and got two, Ripping the gun off one and stunning another.

Turn 5:
At this point the game was out of reach for the Ravenwing. They could only fight for pride. Samiel, frightened by the vicious melta shots and imposing dreadnought, fell back out of range. The remainder of his bike squadron moved up and fired on my furioso, imobilizing it. He would fire shots at my Vindicator and immobilize that as well. He moved an attack bike up on my MVP, and missed with the point blank multi melta shot...

On my turn Dante jumped up to repel the assault. He would not be able to get into the fight this turn, but would mop up turn 6 if needed. The vindicator blasted a point blank shot at the bikers, killing half. My tactical squad fired on the bikers as well and killed them all save the Chaplain. The MVP furioso turned on the attack bike who strayed too close, and wounded it. He would stomp on it in the assault and earn his third kill point of the day.

So at the end of turn 5 the kill point tally was weighted heavily in my favor. My opponent had only a chaplain, samiel, and squad of speeders left. He rolled the dice and the result was a 6 so the game would go on to turn 6 which he played out for fun.

Turn 6:
With little left to do, the chaplain and samiel moved up and fired at my tactical squad and attack bike. The speeders moved to support this final thrust, but only had 2 guns left to shoot... The commanders assaulted with samiel missing his attacks and the chaplain killing a few marines.

On my turn I counter charged. The marines would hold against the chaplain, while Dante and the DC charged Samiel. My furioso charged the squad of speeders again, and managed to destroy one. Samiel and the chaplain would both be put to the sword.

The Ravenwing suffered a great loss this day, perhaps never to recover. Dante continued his march through the Battle for Salvation ranks, calling out his former ally, the Saim-Hann warhost and I went on to talk smack at every table in the room. Fritz, I'm coming for you. If James and his Ultramarines fall under my blade on the way, so be it. Sooner or later, you will have to face your former pupil. Obi-Wan has taught me well.


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