Warhammer 40k Blood Angels: Baal Predator hand painting for Golden Daemon

Here is a Baal Predator I am painting for an addition to my army. I decided to add 2 more Baal Preds, and drop a Furioso Dread and the Vindicator. Firstly, it was rare that I actually got both dreads into close combat. Usually, one just ended up sitting back and acting as a deterrent, or getting whacked early. As far as the vindicator, 5th edition has rendered them impotent. I dropped a vindi shot square on a squad of Orks... and killed 3. That should have been 15 dead orks... Every thing getting cover saves nowadays just simply makes the Vindi a fun diversion at best... people still remember their power, and fear what MIGHT happen, but the fact is that for every awesome shot, there are 10 that fizzle. The Baal Preds on the other hand... I played 2 vs Fritz and they owned... 3??? Why the F not!

So here is one that I am painting. I decided to go crazy with the free hand. I will probably enter this into the Baltimore Golden Daemon comp this spring at Gamesday. Check it out! :)


Sabb said...

3 Baals is gonna be sick. They're a higher priority for me over a vindi any day. But 3? Ugh. . .

Can't wait for you to see the all bike army I got in progress

BTW, I had SS/TH termies on the objective too :)

jawaballs said...

They were outa range sucka!

Docrailgun said...

Well, I'd have to agree... one shot of anything just isn't working well for me.
The Baal I've been using does a good job of chewing up Eldar, for sure.

Jacob Bodmer said...

To answer your question in the youtube video:

If you're speaking of the Hebraic (Biblical) use, It is pronounced, to the best of my knowledge, like "ball" with a longer "a" sound.
Buh-awl if you will, rhymes with wall. (according to the American Heritage Dictionary, Webster's seems to agree)

Though "bale rhymes with pale" is almost as common and, as far as I can tell, correct. (This is how it's stated to be pronounced in the Random House Dictionary, take your pick I guess)

I prefer the former, so I can talk about slapping my Baals on the table, or getting my Baals to the wall, and so forth.

Heck, you should start using the former, if only as an excuse to refer to your army as the Jawa-baals formation.

RonSaikowski said...

Nice work, I know how time consuming freehand can be but the results are worth it.

jawaballs said...

Thanks Ron! You might recognize the feather style, I swiped it from your rhino. :)

ben said...

But troops will receive a cover save against the Baal as well? So what is the difference?

If changed from two Baals to two vindicators and a LandRaider at 1650.

Nice to see the orks sweat.

What is nice about this set-up is that they cannot ignore the vindicators and usually try to take them out.

This is when I counter-attack.

Simon said...

Great looking Pred thus far. I was trying to watch the movie but every time I start it stalls around 1:40.

jawaballs said...

I found that on average (estimated) I was landing 5 or so hits a shot with the Vindicator. Guys spread their squads out, scatters, etc. Very rarely do I land a square shot that gets a lot of guys. More often, I get none at all... I figure I would trade that scatter, for the 12 shots a Baal can lay down. 4 TLAC, 2 Storm Bolter, 6HB. With every thing getting cover saves, I think "Torrent of Fire" is the way to go. If I had 3 Vindicators shoot at a squad, it could be three huge hits, but it will more likely be 3 huge misses. But 3 Baal Preds can unleash 36 shots on a squad!

Plus they have their Over Charged Engines!!! I will write more in a bit, kids are coming in.

jawaballs said...

Ok, the ratty kids are gone. (I teach middle school art) Back to my Baal Preds. So yah, Being able to move 6" and fire all of their guns, and being able to move 18" if they need to is huge. Even with all their guns off, they can still take down Land Raiders by ramming.

But I keep coming back the sheer firepower they can bring onto a target. When just one fires, I usually hit with at least 7 or 8 of the 12 shots. That alone is almost always more then I get with my vindicator shots, if it hits dead on. Most of the shots will deny armor saves to any thing 4+, and wound on 2 or 3 vs almost all models. Right there almost as good as a Vindi in regards to power. Lastly, range. Heavy Bolters are 36. Soooo, with a 6" or 12" move we are talking Lascannon or better range! (BPs can move fast, to move 12 inches and fire.) If all 3 BPs move 6" and fire, I can put 18 Str 5 ap 4 shots on just about any position on the board. Can 3 Vindicators reach that nasty Ork Loota squad in the back corner that is tearing every thing up? Nope. But 3 BPs can easily!

Oh, and I play a fast attack style. Assault Squads in Rhinos, and other fast stuff followed by Dante and a Furioso Dread. Definitely no Land Raiders. Also, I tend to need precision close fire support for my assaulters. Too many times I have risked my own forces by shooting a vindicator shot right into their ranks. :)

MiCho said...

Nice...I used to run 3 BP's also, but people always called me cheezy for that...but I didn't care, 3 BP's are awesome. Not to mention the screening you can do with rhinos to protect the sides...BP will be pretty tough to take out. And if they focus too much on your BP, then your troops get into CC which they excel at :)

BTW, finally someone other than me and BM are entering GD...we need more ppl's.

jawaballs said...

Heh cheezy? What else am I gona play? A Land Raider that holds less terminators then a Codex marine one, filled with terminators with inferior shields? In my opinion, there is nothing cheesy about my list at all! It is all fluff, and is actually balanced. I have 4 troops, 1 elite, 2 fast attack, 3 heavy support and 2 commanders. But yes, look for me to use my rhinos offering overlapping cover with their smoke launchers. I plan on entering a few things into the GD. I just have to get busy!

jawaballs said...

Jacob, of the 987 or so people who have answered that question since I posted that video, yours was the best answer. I love it! Now I can say "Eat my Baals!" "I shoved my Baals up your ass..." Errr... well not that one... but I love "Jawa-Baals!" :)

Sabb said...

3 Baals Chris? You might want to go to a urologist and get that checked out.

3 Baals isn't cheezy at all.
Cheezy is tricking out your Nob bikers all with different gear to milk the wound allocation rules. Just don't expect to get a soft score in comp if the organizers know anything about marines.

There's nothing wrong with using what is one of the most effective units in your army when you're in a tourney trying to compete along with everyone else that's there.

It's gonna be a list that's tough to beat, and to be honest, the one I brought to Conflict would be in trouble if facing that.

Seeya in a couple weeks

jawaballs said...

I only scored 11 out of 20 on comp any way. But I guess that wasnt bad. One of your guys, I think it was Anthony? Would have won the whole thing but the judge didnt like Vulcan. That soft score is all a matter of opinion based on the experience of the judge. If he is an Eldar player that has been burned by marine army fielding Vulcan, he is going to hit those armies hard. Should I have been rewarded or playing Blood Angels fluff? or nailed for using Dante/Corbulo synergy... Whats worse is that my friend Bobby got less points then I did and he was playing a Catachan Guard army... He had NO CHEESE at all!

Sabb said...

Well, there were some really "ODD" comp scores out there(to put it nicely). But don't get me started on those since the rumor was that the comp scorer weren't big 40K players. Hell, my army had the same comp score as 3 Excersists with the Jumppack sister HQs . .WTF?

Scoring a list based on how "Hard" or "Soft" the units are is a very subjective thing. Which, I guess is another blog topic for another day. However, we discussed on the car ride home that the best thing to do is have someone from each well represented club help score, and then average them up. Cause like you said, it's all based on experiences. I scream bloody murder every time someone shows up with dual Lash Whip and expects to put their nacho-cheese covered fingers on my models.

BTW, the tourney is gonna sellout again, so call the store ahead of time

jawaballs said...

I already emailed Dave, mayhaps I will do it again to confirm, and get the boys to do so as well.

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