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Warhammer 40k

If been having a problem with 40k for a while now

i have bought about 7 codexes and i havnt found a army i truly like its scaring me because i really want to get into the army but i cant because i dont want to spend money on a army i dont like.

do you have any tips or a soulution to my problems
the codexes i have bought are as follows (tell me if theres any links between them that might be the reason why im struggling) :

necron (recent)
tau (recent)
tyranids (old)
dark elder (old,recent)
space wolves (old)
imperial guard (recent)
grey knights (recent)

thx for your time
Sent to: jawaballs
I have a standard answer for this. Buy the models you like. My first tank was a Vindicator because I loved the huge cannon on the front.  Then I got a Whirlwind cause I liked the real world type of rocket launcher.  Neither of which would I play now.  If you like a model, buy it and paint it.  Don't worry about the codex being good, or competitive or even what list you are going to play. And don't buy a 3k point army all at once either.  Get a few things, paint them, play with them, and then slowly increase your force.  But the only answer can come from within you. Buy the models you like, and play them.

Army List

Dear Jawaballs

I am new in Playing Blood Angels and couldn´t decide which of those Army lists would be better to play on a 500PT Tournament in a local Shop here in Germany. It especially reveres on my Death Company cause I couldn´t decide if I should give them more Power Weapons or give hem a razorback and don´t use that much power Weapons.
I tried to translate most of the weapons names but some I didn´t know exactly
E-Weapons would be a Power Sword
And I will just call the special Blood Angels Pistol With Melter Profile

Captain/ Commander 100 PT
E- Weapon 15 PT
115 PT

Death Company 5 man 100 PT
2 E- Weapon 30 PT
1 E- Hammer 30 PT
Rhino 50 PT
210 PT

Tactical Squad 10 man 170 PT
Missile launcher 0 PT
Storm Bolter Sergeant 3 PT
173 PT

Total 493 PT



Captain / Comander 100 PT
E- Weapon 15 PT
M- Pistol 15 PT
Melterbomb 5 PT

Death Company 5 man 100 PT
2 E- Weapon 30 PT
Razorback with heavy Bolter 55 PT
180 PT

Tactical Squad 10 man 170 PT

Missel launcher 0 PT
Flamethrower 0 PT

Sargeant Melterbomb 5 PT
Storm Bolter 3 PT
178 PT
Total 498 PT

That Should be my 2 Army lists I was thinking about putting the Death Comp in a transport tank with my Captain so that I can move them freely

I would be happy if you could help me cause I can´t decide and thanks for all your good videos. Would be happy if you will do a painting video again or a Battle Report

Greetings From Gemany, Mckay
Hello to Germany.  Blood Angels are severely hampered at 500 points. They cost a lot and you get very little for the points. Further, most 500 point games prohibit the BA named characters which are their greatest strength.  Instead of trying to critique your lists, allow me to share with you the 500 point list I am playing this weekend at the Battle for Savlation:
Librarian with Jump pack (Preferred enemy and Str 10)
Sanguinary Priest with PW and Jump Pack
Assault Squad x7 PW and Flamer
Assault Squad x5 PW and Melta

Thats it!    I think my list gets you the best the BA have to offer at the points total.  Lots of initiative 5 assaulting power weapons.  Lots of speed and lots of fun!

2000 point list

hey mate I thought maybe it would be good to have the war-master of blood angels help me out =) with the 2000 point list i made


Chaplian - terminator armour w/ stormbolter
Sanguinary Priest- Terminator armour
5 man Assult terminator squad - land raider crusader w/ extra armour

5 man snipers - all w/ camo cloaks
5 man assult squad - melta gun, power weapon, melta bombs
5 man assult squad - melta gun, power weapon, melta bombs
5 man assult squad - melta gun, power weapon, melta bombs, combat shield

vindicator - siege shield
vindicator - siege shield

thanks if you read through this, any advise would be much apreciated

Your list is very much like the one I went 4-4 with at The Nova, and am playing this weekend.  All I would say is drop the vindicators. If you want armor, play auto/las preds.  If I was going to make a change to my own list, I would probably do that.  The list is very points heavy in the HQ, but has squishy troops.  You are best to keep your assault squads as close to your termies as possible!  Assault in force and you will win 50% of your games and maybe more.

Army List

Would this be a good BA list to start with?
Jump Pack
Infernus Pistol
Unleash Rage and Shield of Sanguinis

Assault Squad
Sgt with Power Weapon and Combat Shield
Melta Gun

!0 Man Tactical Squad
Flamer and Missle Launcher
Sgt with Chainsword and Bolt Pistol
Rhino with Hunter Killer Missle

TOTAL- 500pts exactly
So is it good or should i change anything out?
More 500 point love.  Drop the combat shield. Give him a meltabomb. 10 man tactical is a good choice. Rhino, if used well, will be good.  
hey jawaballs I am going to rebuild my ultramarines but I don't know what to put in can you help me?

Guys, questions like this I simply don't have an answer for.  What do YOU like? 

I received this great email in response to a comment on a video.  The comment was a standard unhelpful "You cant' paint you shouldn't be giving advice your stuff looks like poop" sort of comment to which I gave my standard Jawa-answer.  Then I got this fantastic reply:

dear jawaballs

never paint to be good or be satisfied with 'best painted'. When you paint to be good you accept average; paint to be great. Your free handing is very good, your checkerboard is perfect, but your blending is streaky and very contrast-ie which will get you good scores are events. The best advise i ever got and that i impart to you is to never accept good, only accept great. Perhaps my words were too harsh and maybe a little biased. I wish you well in all your endeavors and hope that you impart the best to your viewers. Don't teach them how to score good paint scores, show them how to paint. Im sure you can agree that there is a difference.
That my friends is some of the best advice I have ever heard any where. I agree, there is a difference. This advice was certainly taken to heart. I answered with this however: I believe that there are a large number of you who will never be "great". As an art teacher I know that most kids, no matter how hard they try, will never make it. It is to these people that I aim my tutorials. Most guys will be satisfied with painting average because average is a step up from where they began. The realistic truth is that good is an obtainable goal and great is fairy tale land. So when I give advice and do tutorials, I do them from the point of view of all you guys starting at below average, and get you to good the quickest way possible.  Now, in my own painting, he is right. I need to take my own stuff from good to outstanding.  I believe thought that I am on my way. My most recent army puts my old stuff to shame. Now, that old stuff won me Best Painted at several events including major GTs. But I admit it was not outstanding. My current army is starting to eclipse that horizon.  I think in a few years, I will have figured things out, and indeed be able to call myself great.  Thanks man for the perspective.  Your follow up email was much much more beneficial than your original comment.

Ok, thats enough for now, my after school 40k club just walked in. Time to teach kids how to paint... good.  :)



Student Teacher said...

With comments like, "But the only answer can come from within you." You are going to have to change your name to Buddhaballs or something.


Jawaballs said...

Hah, well as my own 40k has evolved, and I have answered many many emails, (not even a fraction of what I have received, I wish I could answer them all.) I have become more Zen about what to play. My most recent army is a good example. Rather then obsess over the toughest list designed to beat face, I played a list that I thought would look good. Guess what, I was still a contender for Ren Man at The Nova. Perhaps there is a bit of Budha in me after all!

Reid said...

I think it would have been helpful to put your responses in a different color or something- it's hard to pick out.

I would consider myself a good painter. I really just don't have enough time or patience to do the more advanced techniques and I really abhor mixing paint on the palette. I think I have an eye for what looks cool, but my technical skills aren't that great.

Jawaballs said...

Done. emails now in red.

Tordeck said...

Or how about my 500 pt list lol

500 pts - 496
Troops - 361
Death Company x 8
Power Weapons x 8
Plasma Pistol
Extra Armor

Heavy - 135

Tordeck said...

For the Blood God!!!!

wolfmarine117 said...

Jawa Balls i tried sending you and email but for some reason it didn't go through. I was wanting to know what you thought of my space marine army list
Tactical Squad 10men 185p
Seargent with Bolt Pistol and Chain Sword
missle launcher and flamer
Tactical Squad 10men 185p
Seargent with Bolt Pistol and Chain Sword
heavy bolter and missle launcher
Scout Squad 5men 115p
Seargent with bolter
3 snipers
heavy bolter with hellfire round
all with cloaks
Fast Attack:
Assult Squad 5men 130p
Seargent with power fist and bolt pistol
rest are just basic
Land Speeder X2 both with heavy flamers and multi meltas total 140p
Rhinos X2 both with every thing Storm bolter hunter kill missle, and extra armour 140p
Drop Pod locator beacon 45p
Sternguard 5men 160p
Seargent with bolt pistol and lighting claws
X2 storm bolters
X2 melta guns
Heavy Support:
Land Raider 265p
Twin Linked las
Heavy bolters
extra armour
Predator: 135
sponson las
and extra armour

Please help Im new to 40k and in need of much needed critism I live in germany so there are no gamesworkshops in the area that speak english:( or that will play with me

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