Who done it?

Interesting.  I have been seeing a lot of stuff bounced around about the Necron's "leak". Conspiracy theories, insider trading, collusion between a store and a media outlet...  Here is my theory.

It was George W. Bush. And Obama. And Martha Stewart, Madoff, and M. Knight Shamalamalamadan. But all of their strings were being pulled by Bin Laden, Saddam and Bill Gates ghosts.

It's all crazy guys.

First of all, it is just business. As in... mind your own.

Grats to the online retailer that scooped the rest of the world on Preorders. I won't say their name because they refused to sponsor me. But good for them. :)

Grats to Beasts of War for putting out some damn high quality stuff.  It is not easy and they do it quick and great and it all looks fantastic.  BoW please add my youtube channel to your new one. What happened by the way? Did you get shut down? I would love to do something with you guys. Great stuff! BoW does not sponsor me either. I just love their stuff.  Which does compel me to ask... how the hell do you guys make money? Is BoW just a college project? I would love to talk.

I see the point that Spikey Bits Rob makes, sorta.  But does he really have to make it? As if he would have not jumped at the chance at plastering his MBG imprint on those pictures instead! In the "new world" of GW sales practices, what little I know of them, it is not fair to guys like Rob I suppose that the "unnamed webstore" got a month head start on preorders. But again, would any other online retailer have done it different?

"Hey Neal at The Warstore, I'm gona post preorders for necrons a month before they are released by GW. Do you want in on the coup?"

I can't imagine any one would have done different at all. I sure would have plastered Jawaballs all over those pics if I could have.

Thats the good stuff...

Bottom line, except for the few retailers who are truly hurt by what might be considered unfair practice, who cares.  We all got to see cool pics of models a few weeks before GW released them.  Hopefully it is just GW getting on board with the internet for once. But really, who cares. It is a win for us all. Buzz is generated. A great site is promoted. And we all get to take snide shots at every ones favorite bad guy. Who happens to be the guy that makes our toys.  Or sells them. Or talks about them. Argh.  

No more to come on this... 



Doc Railgun said...

What a lot of people on the Intarweb tubes don't understand (this is is not aimed at you, JB!) is that while Blogger X may be famous in a certain circle (40K, Warhammer, D&D, Pathfinder, obscure sports trivia... whatever), the company that makes said product DOESN'T CARE! While some 40K designers might read various blogs, the company itself does not care what Tasty Taste or Stelek (again, not aimed at them) think. It's noise that GW (for instance) is happy to have, because it gets people talking, but we can all be sure that noone at GW loses sleep over what Blogger X will think about the latest press release or other decision by the company.
So, the Necron 'leak' could very well have been something that GW allowed as a way to get some stuff out there in a controlled way. If so, we'll never know because everyone will have been sworn to secrecy by contract. If not, either GW will do something, or they just don't care (because the leak happened just the way they wanted it anyway).
So, I'm agreeing with you, JB. :)
I've never really understood why people insist on complaining about how GW is incompetent (doubtless I'll get flamed by these same people)... HOW much money do they make? They're doing fine. There's a reason that they make the games and we sit around and bitch about how evil and stupid they are for doing this and doing that.

HuronBH said...

I think it was GW that leaked it themselves. Generates buzz about "who" leaked it and people feel like they get a sneak peak a cool new models coming down the pike. Win/Win for GW.

Jawaballs said...

It definitely creates something for us all to talk about! And kudos to GW if they did go through BOW. I'm sad no one has mentioned my exquisite photoshop work.

eldaraddict said...

Great Photoshop work!
I love those pics. I really like seeing models in advance of when they come out. I liked the 'incoming' articles, so you at least knew that your favorite army was on the way.

I like the conspiracy theories, and would be upset if I had a miniature company and was chosen last for being able to sell the figures. Kinda like kickball in third grade. Not that I was chosen last, but those other kids must have felt horrible.

Now lets see some leaked pics of the Void Raven already.

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

For what it's worth, GW did not release the leaks. That is not me saying HA HA IT WAS ME HEE HEE ... I don't have access to crap. I'm excited to see everything, but GW's corporate fall-out and frankly legal liability for leaking prices and pictures and such to just ONE retailer of all of them is pretty significant. Conspiracy theories are almost always dumb.

Man Boy Genius said...

I'm mad, brah. :P

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

lol umad

Michael Hogan said...

I kind of doubt Games Workshop does intentional leaks. I know, it probably does help them here and there, but at the same time, they could just send out emails and accomplish a lot of the same things. It just feels... Too unlikely. It probably hurts White Dwarf sales, too.

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