More for sale.

Ok folks here is the first wave of pics and prices set to move. I need cash and it is time to sell. Each of these models, except for Crowe, has appeared in many Best Painted armies. If you know my blog, you know these models!  Email me immediately so I can end the ebay auctions. I would prefer to resolve the sales outside of Ebay. Every thing will be given a once over and touched up before shipping. Some of the models have had parts replaced and need refinishing.

 Auto/Las Number 9: 125.00

Auto Las Number 10: 125.00

Hand painted Rhino A: 125.00

Hand Painted Rhino B: 125.00

Hand Painted Rhino C: 125.00

Crowe 50.00

Corbulo 75.00

5 man Forgeworld Assault Squad with matching TL Las Razorback 250.00

My original 10 man Tactical squad, you know the one: 200.00

Also Available: Space Hulk Factory Sealed 200.00 
Island of Blood opened but brand new on sprue 70.00
Space hulk, unpunched, in box, no models: 50.00
Space Hulk Genestealers 50.00 on sprue

3 more Razorbacks with Las/Plas or Asscan, your choice. 125.00 each
Dante and Sanguinor metallic gold ??
Five painted Metal Blood Knights (Gorgeous) ??
Horus Heresy board game opened, unpunched unplayed
Lizardman Stegadon opened on sprue
3 Iyanden Wraithlords!

My award winning and beloved Assault Marine/mephiston/Sanguinor army with custom
battle foam pack go transport is on the block. I am open to serious offers.

Time to score!  



Ian Johnson said...

Does this mean no more BA for JAWA?

IDICBeer said...

Such a shame you have to sell

Jawaballs said...

Oh no, I have two other armies in the works, plus a TauDar army. I just have these sitting around the table that havn't seen a game in years. Some things are just more important than toys! I can always paint more.

Tim said...

Jawa don't do it man! Money never replaces the joy of looking at your old models after 10 years have gone by.

Jawaballs said...

I hear ya but a mans gota do what a mans gota do!

Will Wright said...

Sell them Jawa,if you were quitting I'd say no save the best.
But I try to sell things I love they way I see it,I give so kid with feet for hands who cannot paint an awesome 40 k army I hope they appreciate.
You can always redo them better,anyhow I am sure when FW gets to the Signus Prime book we will see your hands stained the red of the condemned.

Now I am not sure if you are waiting for a special invitation but Walking Dead has been out for days

Jawaballs said...

:) I just havn't had time to write! Holidays and family and stuff. I cooked a turkey yesterday...

jack boland said...

Hi Jawa,

where can we post offers for the saguinor army?

Jawaballs said...

My email! It is at the top right in a sneaky code.

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