The quiet after the storm

It was a quiet week for me after the storm. It only took three days for my power to come back, but my cable/internet took a whole week to come back. Thank the gods. Just in time for The Walking Dead, which I am crafting a post for now. :)

Later this week I will be posting my TWD review and talking about my list for DaBoyz. I have some surprise changes for you! The Tau experiment failed miserably at Mechanicon. I am taking a very different route for DaBoyz.

Oh and for those who have been asking, yes we have some WarTV coming up.  With Fritz working on some big time important stuff necessitating his presence close to home, we have been having a hard time getting together. We were going to do one last week but Sandy gave us a face palm. I think Smurf managed to get some footage up from Historicon the other day.  Check the site!  It is sorta in a holding pattern while I rework the idea, develop a site, and get content providers signed on.

So Fritz maybe I can pop over to your joint soon and we can get in some Talisman!



Will Wright said...

Hey Jawa,where do you live?For some reason I thought you were from Chicago.
But your post indicates your in my neck of the woods.
I am on Long Island.If you had Fios you would of been good to go.
I lived in a no tell motel for 3 days while my power was out.
My fiancé said to get the jacuzzi room,I asked her if she was insane.
Then she gave me her reasoning.
No crap we are not using the jacuzzi but prostitutes and crackheads are not springing for the expensive room.
Makes sense.

Jawaballs said...

I live in CT, used to go out to Brothers Grimm all the time. Fritz lives in Westchester. We should hook up for a game! And no, avoid the Jacuzzi. My little zombie survival kit turned out handy. I luckily had lots of things in there we ended up using. And I also managed to figure out a lot of things I was missing!

Will Wright said...

Isn't that the G-damn truth.
You guys have lines for gasoline?
It is crazy here,I clocked one at a mile long on my odometer.
Now I know I need two 55 gallon drums
One for gas one for diesel,also diesel generators are more gooder than gas ones.
You can pull right up for diesel gas you are waiting 4 hours hoping the tank does not run dry before it is your turn.
Also if you heat your house with oil you can drain your oil tank to run the diesel in a pinch.
My Zombie kit is pretty basic Machette,combat tomahawk,m4 assault rifle
I'd like to get a revolver though,someday when I can be bothered to go throu the hoops.

jerbear said...

Hey maybe we should get a big game going some time, Chris and I team up our Angels vs Fritz and someone else? We could even do it down here in Philly, where we still have gas, power and hooker free jacuzzi suites in our motels...

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